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The Year Is Ending

The event of the week wasn’t Christmas.  The event of the week was visitations from the police department.  The police department takes precedence over all celebrations.  The (reportedly) two visits from the police department didn’t do any disturbing of the personal Christmas as they were not immediately at hand on Christmas Day itself.  The police were down to some substantial business as there were two police cars outside.  It does happen that they are needed.  They were not the only events, of course.  There was the personalized Christmas, of course.   There was also some confused therapy (now finished).

The substitute aide was great.  She also will not be back.  Come yesterday, for this moment, things be back to normal.  And, naturally things will be back to a disrupted status by tomorrow.  Some action was finally taken in regard to the assorted medical bills.  Although it’s the dead of winter, there hasn’t been any snowfall to make it wintery, which is all right at the moment.  Although a new calendar did get put up, there is nothing else done to switch to a new year.  At present, the one thing to keep in mind is the rent to be turned in today, office closed tomorrow.  One other thought:  always remember the good.

Dover Holiday 20

May you have a happy and prosperous new year.  Peace


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Solstice Time

As of recently the darkening days (dark days) have ended.  The night is always full of mystery.  There is often a softness about it as well making it a good time for enchantment.  (That’s the positive aspect for liking the dark days, there  is more to things than that, however.)  Between the hospital visits (two), coming holidays, disruption of service and the additional medical activities almost all dark days’ experiences were missed.  As they won’t be around again until next year, it’s a discouraging day, regardless of how enlivening otherwise.  The last week was somewhat confused.

The lunch lady and friend have been most reliable even if a bit late.  The aide service was cancelled abruptly and this week a substitute is expected.  There seems to be no hope of getting anything worthwhile out of the aide service, a thing others also seem to find difficult to manage as well.  As expected nurse, therapists came, the therapists two days.  That all will soon end.  All they can really do is observe the ability to do their exercises.  A big concern at present:  the hospital bill, which is considerable.  That will take some paper work that hasn’t yet been figured out.

Thought for the week:

Dover Holiday 15 Copy

May you have a very happy Christmas.  Note


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More New Aspects

The past week has experienced another trip to the hospital – that of course was the biggest event of the week.  The pain in effect hasn’t been an unknown; it is a matter of thirty seconds usually at the most.  This time it did not vanish quickly and after more than an hour of it, it made sense to call for help.  Tests for about five hours decided things were not critical.  The aide service was bad again, and this time it was not just in regard to errands.  Available options don’t exist, as is known.  There was also a “new” trouble in the apartment.  Water came dripping from an upstairs apartment (broken water pipe).

The Avon delivery went well.  The lunch lady was extra helpful.  Friend was the outright salvation of sorts as he did the return from the hospital.  He also was a help in other ways.  Given that dripping water (Tuesday) and a complaint about the lack of proper attention to it (Tuesday) maintenance was sent (Wednesday) during the aide time.  The concern was the water was dripping along the area of the light fixtures for the kitchen and the entryway.  It did not hurt to expect it to be checked even though by then it was probably thoroughly dry.  Fixing a closet door also got done as a result of the “visit.”

Nurse, physical therapist and occupational therapist assessment also came and established additional service for this week.   There’s a feeling there’s too much activity, but it’s supposedly medically needed.  Some Christmas cards got sent, insofar as people in the building are concerned, which is a little different.  That hasn’t been properly done for several years.  Where the energy is coming from for all this isn’t quite understood. The hospital bouts just may be a result of the increased activity.  There’s sneezing present, but the runny nose is not running as badly as recently.

Being at a loss isn’t good.  Coffee cup

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Trying To Get Situated

The week flew by in a most confused state.  The aide service was cancelled due  to the uncertainty as to when the medical people would be arriving.  Instead of just starting up where they were before, the medical people have acted like the services had been canceled rather than simply put on hold.  Friend, lunch lady, the food truck and staff came pretty much as expected.  However, without the aide service the trash had to be gathered up (it got done Friday), and of course things like the mail didn’t get picked up from the post office.  The one medical service for occupational therapy did not contact at all.  That needs follow up.

Two things of note are:  1.  the bill from the hospital arrived and 2. there was a little messing around with Christmas-y things for a change.  That magnetized clip for distributed papers having been stolen, a trip to the office was in order, but they didn’t have any more.  That left the problem of what to do about one unceremoniously handed over by the gentlemanly neighbor when he was told  about the monkey business.  It couldn’t be handed back with explanation that the office had extra.  Neither was there an inclination to just put it out as if no thief had been there.  It was decided to use it as part of a Christmas display.

The ailment that developed last weekend was still under consideration during much of the week, but it seemed under control by Saturday, although it’s still being watched.  The money situation seems to be okay at the moment, but it’s early in the month.  The Avon has to be sorted out, the bill figured up and the money set out for Thursday.  The nurse comes today.  Physical therapy is due today and Thursday; aide service is expected for tomorrow.  It’s near time for hearing from the social security office.  A notice might be in the mail already, waiting to be picked up at the post office.

It can be difficult to keep track of everything.  Fingers crossed

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It’s After Thanksgiving….

The night comes early these days.  …Not everywhere, of course.  Far, far to the south it comes later now.  But here it comes much earlier and by now is starting to stay late in the morning.  Man and animal alike think to re-adjustment.  Look around for a fast evening meal, and there is an assessment that a light would be helpful.  And, when one sits down to eat it, there’s a clear realization there is no daylight through the window by the table.  It’s night out and it’s 6:00 p.m.  Add   the early cold and notions of even sitting outside after supper are not sensible.  There’s nothing to do but watch television or some other nothing. 

It seems the latest apartment woe  is thief in the hall.  Thieves do get into these places not only as outright intruders but also as visitors and residents.  “A safe place” is something that doesn’t exist no matter what some people might think.  True, some places are a bit safer than others, but none are certain.  The thief’s interest was a little unusual in that what was taken was the magnetized clip that is supposed to be on the door frames for papers.  The thief was on the scene on Thanksgiving morning.  Thanksgiving afternoon brought a new house plant, a violet.  It was transplanted Monday morning by the plant lady. 

Getting back to the week that was….  Thanksgiving Day was good.  That whole weekend was suitably cloudy for autumn.  Those leaves have now lost greenly shades, but a lot of them are still hanging on the trees.  Sunday an illness came on the scene that hung on through the night and yesterday which prompted an excessive number of trips to the bathroom and a call to the doctor’s office.  It may or may not have something to do with the head not working well.  As aide service was by the one that made the mistakes, there was trepidation about it, and justified.  It’s cancelled for this week. 

Peace does make rare appearances.  Fingers crossed

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