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Lost Week

May 22, 2013 … (Delayed) 

This be Wednesday.  Heaven only knows what went on Tuesday beyond some scooter re-charging that is alarming because the time is getting shorter, i.e., the batteries are dying.  The aide came and did okay at the supermarket.  The job of helping with “The Project” was explained to her to be explained to her brother.  Luckily the simultaneous visit by her supervisor was re-scheduled to the 29th over the last couple of days.  There probably would not have been a chance to go into it otherwise.  Friend went to the bank for needed money orders for the likes of the rent.  He’s not too well physically.  Thursdays be for catch up now. 

May 24, 2013 … (Delayed) 

Today was a day for the food truck.  The young man didn’t realize the last time that he substituted more expensive sandwiches for the ones ordered.  It took a bit of insisting to get him to understand that he was owed six dollars, but it seems he finally figured it out.  He usually comes an hour or more later than the other permanent driver, and it’s often a problem staying available for him.  He usually does okay without personal attention.  There’s a big concern developing over the scooter as the batteries seem to be dying very fast.  Getting around without it is nearly impossible.   Friend’s church was called to get him help. 

May 25, 2013 … (Delayed)

There isn’t time to write or to do much of anything else.  As noted the scooter situation is alarming as the batteries seem to be dying fast.  The guess is they’ll be well spent in about week, maybe two.  Insofar as possible repair services were hunted.  The thing is, places are not too readily available on any Saturday, much less so on any long holiday weekend.  Three places were found.  One of the three answered the telephone, and they said they couldn’t do anything until Tuesday.  Saturdays usually are a chance to really get some rest, so the head also wasn’t in the best working order to actually explore even that…. 

May 26, 2013 … (Delayed) 

It finally happened.  The scooter stopped dead more or less never to move at all in a normal fashion without help.  It stopped a short distance from the bed and it was possible to sort of stagger there.  Friend had replaced the dying batteries in the hope of doing something with them with the old ones which a few weeks ago did last at least a day.  That was then, and that evidently is no more.  He had to come back and put it back the way it was.  At least there was no desperate need to get to the bathroom, and it happened between meals and with nothing else in desperate need of attention. 

May 27, 2013.  

It’s ten minutes until the witching hour as this is started.  The entire week since the last posting is gone and all the other messages are in a “delayed” state.  It’s Memorial Day 2013.  The days of cutting bunches of peonies in the backyard to decorate the graves at the cemetery are gone.  They are remembered.  There may even be the results of a few seeds that survived years ago.  The day itself was just used for lunch, rest, a few looks online and other ordinary stuff.  This is begun with the intent of finishing at least one day this week in a timely fashion.  It is so done, and The Diary’s Blog is already done.  Smile 

Time never stops. 

POSTSCRIPT:  Evidently two copies of this week’s postings went out.  Apologies for the duplication. 


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Another Week Passes

May 15, 2013 … (Delayed) 

Three things of importance happened today.  Homemaker aide came, of course, and today she was sent on a deliberate buying errand with instructions about  getting a receipt and exact change.  Before she kindly rounded off transactions for the old lady, etc.  She did as wanted.  About half of the paper bandages got replaced with gauze.  Exhaustion prevented doing the wrist areas.  The back up friend had such an office problem that he couldn’t stop by.  It’s clear for a couple of reasons that he can’t do as much as was hoped, and what to do about it is going to be a study item for some time ahead.  The aide buying will help. 

May 18, 2013 …. (Delayed)

Starting Thursday morning (the 16th) the medical state turned overwhelmingly bad. Nearly first thing there was a case of intolerable itching especially on the right hand soon followed by a serious inability to think at all. The stupor-like condition lasted through Friday and included bathroom emergencies. Decent bandages helped a lot. This morning, however, the attack was apparently over as the thinking was as clear as normal and getting around was easier.  Seems like there were mushrooms in the green beans in the lunch on Wednesday.  A few strips shouldn’t have made that much difference….

May 19, 2013 … (Delayed) 

Although the blog entry didn’t get finished before the witching hour, this has to be considered a fairly good day.  Most notably the plants got watered in a timely and efficient manner – there was no great effort needed or midnight realization of that needed to be done, too.   There are a couple things that will need to be done, but they can’t be done at the moment.  One alarm clock died due to dead batteries.  It helps a lot when waiting for a friend to bring needed stuff can be avoided on Sunday afternoon.  The stop at noontime  to see if there is still life is enough.  It also helps a lot if the scooter doesn’t desperately need a re-charge. 

May 20, 2013. 

It’s miserable hot in Covington.  An email note received Thursday needs to be answered.  It was a toss-up whether to do that or this first.  This won out as that is already past due while this is approaching the imaginary deadline.  The day has been close to ordinary – not much desperate rushing because something had to be done, no people but the lady with lunch and the couple of things properly finished off yesterday made for a state near peaceful existence.  It is time to line up things to get money orders for bills, and the scooter will need a re-charge in a day or two, and a the rent receipt (although that was paid) still has not arrived. 

The horrible things happened elsewhere in the world. 

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Well, Often Delayed

May 8, 2013 … (Delayed) 

Well, two days are here.  The doctoring nurse ordered some things over which a problem arose.  Attempts to figure it out didn’t succeed yesterday and today the homemaker aide came, which took up the better part of the business day.  Then friend came along and what became evident was that friend is very ill and in no shape to be asked for favors like bring a couple of gallons of water….  Change is about to appear on the horizon, and to what is unknown.  Meanwhile there is the nagging suspicion that there is something amiss somewhere in the workings of the government.  Besides that, it is nearing time to think of rent money orders. 

May 9, 2013 … (Delayed) 

Today’s unwanted “event” had to do with the homemaker aide’s referral.  The staff person from the agency that’s in charge of coordinating things sent a letter titled “May check.”  There is no monthly checking in this business.  She had part of the aide services “on hold” (not ordered or something) meanwhile the agency that actually sends the people has sent the woman for a couple of months.  The day’s need was to call the doctor’s office, which had to go to the back burner in favor of sorting out (maybe) the aide services.  The aide is essential.  She can be sent to get the mail and groceries.  Housekeeping might get done otherwise.  

May 10, 2013 … (Delayed) 

What went wrong today was different.  The food truck was due today.  The list got made out and taped outside of the door and all that, but the man was terribly late.  A visit to the bathroom was put off until absolutely necessary, and that’s when he came.  Although he was talking, it wasn’t possible to understand what he was saying.  Well, he made a mistake (or substituted) in the order and what was unexpectedly found in the kitchen later was two dozen cheeseburgers.  They’re in the freezer.  One was eaten.  Another disturbing letter about the homemaker aide arrived.  The supervisor wants to come over and “watch her work.” 

May 11, 2013 … (Delayed) 

The big concern of the day was another scooter re-charging.  They only last about three days, and that’s if there is not much use beyond rolling around in the apartment.   As usual getting started in the morning amounted to some doing, but somehow things got squared away soon enough that by early evening that “activity” got set up so it would be finished before the likes of midnight.  The light bulb burned out in the kitchen again (it happens about once a month), so there was immediate need for extra scooter use to go to the office Monday for maintenance….  Seems like there’s no way around sudden desperate need. 

May 12, 2013 … (Delayed)

It’s Mother’s Day in the U.S.A.  And, that’s all the farther this got on Mother’s Day itself.  Friend came by as usual on Sundays shortly after noon.  With great joy it was learned he would try to change the burned out light bulb in the kitchen.  He had to stretch quite a bit, but it got changed saving the newly re-charged scooter energy that would have been used going down to the office to express the need and the annoyance of keeping alert for maintenance.  There was time on the computer, and from very early evening onward it was more or less sleep.  Friend took money to get stuff to be delivered on a later day. 

May 13, 2013. 

Having awakened from yesterday’s long evening nap about an hour after midnight, the first idea was to change the bandages on both hands.  That has been a need for a good week.  Twelve hours later it still isn’t done.  The plants did get their Sunday watering in the middle of the night.  Medical people have come by and taken away some blood.  Friend stopped by with the goods — alcohol for wounds, cake for spirit, scotch tape….  The lady with lunch has been by and left a cheeseburger and more.  It’s the noon hour, and one finger hurts, which is unusual.  A little is getting put here so there is something to read. 

Precision is for robots. 

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A Little News

April 30, 2012 … (Delayed) 

This “delayed” stuff is not good.  However, as the infection seems to be creeping on an increase, it only made sense to try to get some real bandages on a few places rather than stop-gap stuff like wrapping pieces of facial tissue around troublesome areas.  It took an astonishing four hours to get one hand “fixed.”  It’s difficult to work with one hand (in this case on the other), but there was no expectation of it taking that long.  It did make for easier use of the hands.  Of course nothing got done.  And, a couple things needed to be figured out, like squeezing in a trip to the office to pay the rent. 

May 2, 2013. 

So, May Day was missed.  Well, the household helper came, and made a mistake with the laundry.  The thing in mind beside getting the place a little cleaner was paying the rent; it took scooter energy and that was low.  And, after the helper left it was also necessary to try to find someone to re-do the laundry.  It was a day that sloshed over into today so badly that last night’s supper was consumed at 6:00 a.m. today.  Life didn’t allow for much sleep, which in turn didn’t allow for much good use of today.  An after hours call to the doctor’s office provided an unexpected notice that the doctoring nurse would be around Monday. 

May 5, 2013. 

It is going on three days with no internet again.  And, as expected, the scooter needs a re-charge again — the business takes four hours and lasts about a half of week.  And, it can’t be just any four hours.  It has to be done when there’s presumably little reason to move an inch.  Friend went to the store and brought a load of paper products.  Those are going fast as the persistent cold (if that’s what it is) has increased in it’s intensity and activity.  A few medical things like gauze were bad enough that Friday it was forgotten that the doctoring nurse is due to come tomorrow afternoon. 

May 6, 2013. 

The doctoring nurse did indeed come today, investigated matters some more, said she was ordering some more medication and would be back in a week.  She was early, but that was okay as the scooter was desperately in need of re-charge.  That had been the primary intent of the day until the message came through that the doctoring nurse was coming.  Instead of taking to the bed for the four hours, since the computer got access to the internet again. it seemed to make sense to do some computering.  Somehow, there has been a drift into another weblog.  There are now four, this, The Diary’s Blog, one on the family and the new one. 

It’s easy to get into some things. 

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