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Hello, Again – Still Alive, But Things Be Different Nowadays

December 25, 2012. 
There was a stillness in this Christmas morning, like a time of newly fallen snow.  …Only, there was no snow outside.  There was only the duskiness of a snowy day.   Postscript on 12/28:  some nice people brought a good dinner.  Some other nice people plunked a good metal table into the place, which immediately got the computer and assorted other things.    Postscript on 12/29:  seems like it was on Christmas day that an inscription inside a candy wrapper said, “You are exactly where you are supposed to be.”  Well, it can be a calming thought and more.  Given a posting, late or not, such wrappers can be pitched.

December 28, 2012. 

There is half of a reason to sit here this evening, or, perhaps, it should properly be called night, for it is after nine “of the clock” that’s official.  There’s also an unofficial clock on Daylight Saving Time.  That’s operational time.  The scooter was running low on energy, which is being added.  It’s not being added rightly.  Things about it aren’t working rightly and can’t even be rightly checked until Sunday.  The re-charger seems to be out of whack.  A homemaker aide came on Wednesday (26th) and did a pitiful job.  A few calls got made on Thursday, like about the doctor bill.  Today some activity was directed to mail.   

December 29, 2012. 

A cold, wintery Saturday morning … more or less wasted on a stupid card game.  Well, it should have been one that could be won, and with the utmost tenacity it was won, but at the cost of maybe two hours instead of fifteen minutes.  The score was pitiful, but it did knock the win percentage up a point, a useless success if there ever was one.  There finally was some snow visible on house tops and the ground.  Up the pike there was a half of a foot of snow in places.  Locally it was maybe half of an inch.  Additional waste was in the form of a waste of scooter energy to go downstairs.  Better that than a severe case of cabin fever. 

December 30, 2012. 

The night before New Year’s Eve….  It’s rather as if the world has stopped.  And, year end reviews abound.  Astrologists are having a field day with year-long predictions.  The fish predictions are always nebulous, but poppa’s Scorpio turns out to be right more often than not.  The look there was the last thing needed since the prediction started with the death card.  A request was sent to a library for obituary information on an aunt.  Maybe that’ll take care of things.  The rent has to be paid tomorrow.  Scooter re-charger is still not fixed although there was work done about it for maybe a half of an hour. 

December 31. 2012. 

What are people talking about?  All sorts of things that are totally unfamiliar, not just from present times but from the past as well.  And, if something is unfamiliar, what can one say in reply?  Maybe just try to direct the conversation to something familiar, which seems to be less and less each day.  New Year’s thoughts….  Ancient Chinese proverb:  pay all debts before new year begins.  For good luck, one should eat pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s eve (that’s what was in a lunch that was sent).  Mother said, whatever you do on New Year’s you’ll do all year long.  (Must plan carefully.) 

Well, Happy New Year 2013 folks. 


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