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Getting With It

Since, at the moment, there’s internet “connectivity” all the way into the apartment, there’s a need to hurry and get some things done (like a message).  Since tomorrow is a business day, “connectivity” just may be gone by daylight tomorrow.  It’s just a hunch there’s a relationship to some business interference, but at times it does seem to be the case.  Seems like it’s been a couple of weeks since it wasn’t necessary to load up the computer and scoot out into the hallway somewhere for a twenty-minute grab at something online.  Sitting on the bed is a bit hard on the back, but it is so nice and soft for the sitting. 

But, there are odds and ends of living that are important, at times, very important.  Case in point:  What was brought into the place in the beginning was two pair of pants, one old.  Homemaker aides were sent to buy new, but there’s exactly one pair of pants in the place that fits good and is wearable.  Weeks ago a tiny spark burned a pinpoint size hole near one knee.  It could have been sewed up long ago, if things were more convenient, etc.  Gradually the hole widened to a slit of about a half of an inch.  Although yours truly was terribly tired and could barely see, the hole was finally gathered together Saturday.  It’s noticeable, but maybe all right for everyday wear. 

And, there’s always a question of what to do first.  For a moment – just a little bit this afternoon – it seemed as if yours truly had gotten enough rest for a while.  There was a sense of invigoration, which meant maybe even reading something a bit heavy was a possibility.  But, the grocery advertising was likely to be needed.  It wasn’t in the box yesterday afternoon.  A trip downstairs was reasonable, but it would be using up the scooter battery again.  The scooter was not out of energy; but, it didn’t hurt to add to what was there since there seemed to be a state of momentary invigoration, which meant it might not be so bad to get around without the scooter.  Recharging the battery Saturday afternoon worked out well.  So, there’s ad, battery and message, but nothing was read. 

Time reveals the worth of decisions. 


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Maybe Pre-Occupation

Friday afternoon the landlady left for the weekend, which, when the head kicked into gear, was mentally identified as a long weekend.  By early afternoon the regular rather insane instruction sheet about what to do because the extermination services would be arriving on Wednesday (June 2) was under the door.  The orders have not let up for nearly six months.  And, by evening the June calendar was at the door.  The office staff had finished their work and were gone.  But, the long weekend would not be a free and easy time.  What telephone access there was is gone, and the mind is mulling alternatives.  The residents’ association has a cookout planned for tomorrow and some people are in a bit of a to-do.  

Friday evening seemed like a good time to try to post a message, but yours truly was going very slow.  The spray bottle used for alcohol disinfecting needed replenishing.  The scooter battery needed recharging.  The free pictures from seven days prior were still not checked out and were timed to expire.  To make matters worse, a bug discussion group was recently joined and a posting thought to be helpful raised a rash of irritated replies  And, nothing got done except the pictures.  The scooter was riding on little by yesterday morning. 

And, now it’s Sunday evening.  There’s more to the going slow than is known.  Several hours yesterday afternoon were spent asleep.  Nearly two hours with the heating pad on the back today did not result in a sense of it being warm enough. The scooter battery was not replenished until yesterday from late afternoon to night.  Since the replies tried in the group brought no peace, this evening it was dumped.  The only helpful thing that turned up in the last few days was that the internet connectivity reached the apartment.  It will probably be gone in a day or two; but, for the moment, it’s possible to get online without resorting to a hauling out into the hall. 

Alternatives can be scant. 

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So, Live Another Day….

Well, as already noted, the community telephone is not working.  A bit of investigation (i.e., asking at the office what the state of affairs was) unearthed the information that someone cut the telephone line.  The further explanation was that what might be put in was an emergency only (911) direct line.  Period.  While yours truly doesn’t use the telephone much – one call a week to the drug store with a call back about fifteen minutes later for a bill total, one call a month for a taxi to go to the bank, sometimes calls to check prices or products and/or maybe something special – the lack of a telephone does crimp the style some. 

Naturally there has been meditation and consideration of life as a whole without telephone, even to the point of wondering if one should be put in after all.  The concerns for today, however, had to rest with calling the drug store and calling a taxi to go to the bank to get the money orders for the June rent.  The thought yesterday already was to skip the drug store as, if there was any bumming of a telephone from someone, the most important thing was a taxi and going to the bank.  There were only two opportunities left for that:  today and tomorrow. 

The papers and checks were pulled out to at least get them ready and try for today; if it was not “achieved” there was still another day.  Then it was only a matter of getting stuff together to leave and get up the nerve to go ask someone for their telephone.  And, at that point, what knocked on the door was caseworker stopping by to see how things were…and, well, yes, she could go to the bank and cash the checks, etc.  There was no need to even go along.  The impetus to be going somewhere stayed.  Eventually the going was to the basement to explore the vending machine things, from which there was a wandering into a Bible study group. 

Unexpected places can be easy to find. 


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Talk About Loss….

From the looks of it, it was at least 50 years old.  Based on the height of it, maybe it was even 75 years old.  It was just a few days ago it was described in these pages in the Pretty Days messages.  It was the beautiful green in the scene.  Yesterday there was some noisy sawing outside of the window, and it was on the tree.  Today there was some more noisy sawing.  The tree was not being trimmed.  The tree has been cut down.  The view is now the back sides of some elderly houses. 

That’s not the only loss.  Yesterday there was a trip down to the lobby to call the grocery to ask about a product.  The telephone was not working.  Something said it would be a good idea to go down again later to see again about the working (or non-working) of the telephone, as there could be no calling anywhere until there was working.  If need be, a telephone might need to be bummed from someone.  The entire telephone and some attendant nasty notes were all gone.  There will be no order from the drug store tomorrow. 

“Visiting Physicians,” a doctors’ service, scheduled an ice cream social or something for this afternoon.  What all that included was unknown, but there’s an interest in medical services.  There were plans to attend.  An announcement on the bulletin board early today said it was cancelled.  A homemaker aide showed up at 11:17 a.m. and without any notice.  Since yours truly was in the community room getting a blood pressure check, had she arrived when they scheduled her (11:00 a.m.), there also would not have been a trip to the store.  At least the blood pressure reading was better than the last time. 

It’s sad to lose beautiful things. 

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A Step Ahead, Three Back

The bed-sitting has done wonders for the sore behind.  While sitting on the scooter can still get a bit painful at times, with care and as little use as possible, things have gotten immensely better in that respect.  The bed-sitting has also, apparently, done some good in regard to the swollen leg.  While that often still looks a shade larger than it should be, the balloon-like expansion hasn’t been there recently as immediately and firmly.  And, the lesion around the ankle looks far better than anticipated.  And, what’s likely to happen is the incessant use of the air bed is going to wreck it…. 

While yours truly has been active with rather desperate hopes in regard to the foot, leg, rear, hands and for that matter breathing, other things – disillusioning things – have come to pass for certain.  Yesterday (Friday) there was a dash into the bathroom.  There, near to in the middle of the floor, was a dead bed bug.  How it got there is a mystery.  Did the air carry it?  Did it fall off the pants?  Or, was it perchance alive enough to crawl that far from some hidden place before it died?  If so, yesterday suggested there are still some around. 

Today provided a most sinking feeling.  After being up and about for about four hours, which included going down the hall with the computer, there was a pause for a cup of coffee at noontime.  The cup was set on the table as is normally done.  A cigarette was fished out of the pack.  Suddenly across the black rim of the coffee cup a white pinpoint like fleck zipped along at astonishing speed.  The first thought was it was a play of light, then a baby insect – white spider.  No, it was probably not a spider, but a just hatched bed bug fallen from somewhere like a gloved hand.  Knocked to the outside of the cup, it disappeared only to reappear on the Coca Cola can makeshift ash tray.  It disappeared from there, too. 

It is important to remember the positive. 

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Nowadays Things Are Different

It seems like in the past, like forty or so years ago, unexpected things rarely happened.  That may not have been true everywhere in the civilized world, but it was for yours truly.  Once in a while there was something, even something life-changing, that was not foreseen; but, after some picking up of the pieces (or whatever), life continued peaceably with maintaining personal living, looking a bit to the future, and maybe helping a neighbor or friend with a little something like shoveling the snow.  It doesn’t happen that way any longer.  The change was gradual; but, now it seems hardly a day passes without something unexpected. 

As has been mentioned, it was decided it would be best to do without the homemaker aide service “until further notice.” Now, in canceling the thing, it was stated to be to the tune of two or three weeks; but, there has been no follow-up message sent to restart it.  On Wednesday, a few minutes before 1:00 p.m., there was a knock on the door and it was none other than a homemaker aide, for whom there was no advance notice nor any preparation.  The thing uppermost in mind was the swollen leg.  In the background there was an assortment of things from the essential of getting to the bank to incidentals. 

Well, the woman was present.  The woman had been scheduled by the agency or agencies.  And, most important, it wasn’t the same woman who had left the client high and dry and so forth.  There wasn’t much need for things from the grocery – food had been mostly figured out – but there was one letter missing from the mail picked up last week.  And, there were a couple of things in the apartment that were were getting worrisome, like sweeping the carpet.  Now the sleeper sofa was thrown out as being buggy weeks ago.  Any sitting has been on the scooter or the bed.  In the grocery advertising there was a special on lawn chairs.  There is now another place to sit. 

Opportunity does knock.   

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Previously Understated

The titles recently (“a bit disgusting” and “more pitiful by the day”) were more positive than the last few days.  While it seems things can always get worse, it would be nice if things evened out on a slightly higher plane.  It sure would be enlivening to figure out how to arrange it.  The strange part is, yours truly cannot figure out from where the current state of eroding deterioration is actually eroding.  The only possible answer is that several things are in a more advanced state of “decay” than apparent or previously thought.

Thursday, after the lady from the drug store left, given powerful motivation, yours truly was determined to sort out a few things.  There is a little basket that comes with many if not all mobility scooters.  It sits on the front of the thing.  A person can carry a lot of smallish items in it.  Some essential stuff is rarely if ever removed including a pen, a magazine to read while waiting for whatever, a couple of cough drops or bits of candy, and various other useful odds and ends.  The paper lining in the bottom was so shredded already that little in the bottom could be found.  It had to be cleaned out.

Having gotten started, by about midnight not only was the basket sorted, but the hands got cleaned and were given new medicine and new gloves, the scooter battery was recharging and more.  None of the little jobs were done completely.  There are a couple of letters still in the basket, the swollen leg was not attempted, etc.; but, there was a start with the expectation that at least that much would be in order Friday morning and would last, if luck smiled, close to a week.  Although a message got posted Saturday, by afternoon, the battery was half dead, the hands looked and felt as if they hadn’t been touched for a week and more.  (The hands had to be re-done.)  Sunday the trash was not packed up….

Sometimes it’s hard to find the positive.


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