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Nervous Wreck Time

Much of the week was spent with banking problems.  One item’s the fact that somehow a mysterious $500 (and some odd change) got deposited in one of the bank accounts.  More phone calls, over several days, were carried on than the incredible number used to sort out the doctor’s appointment recently.  It’s not sorted out yet.  This was gubmint stuff.  It even included an appeal to an elected representative.  While it’s nice to have $500 just handed to one, an explanation seems reasonable. 

Awakening in the middle of the night (about 3:00 a.m.) one of the days this week (maybe Friday) led to a discovery of a big spider in the middle of the living room.  Once dead (it tried hiding behind the computer recharger yet, got hit with it) an idea was to take it to the office for a viewing.  A container was scrounged up by Older Friend, who also got the spider off the wall.  He came as expected on Sunday and also on Saturday with groceries and the P.O. box mail as letters were due. 

The Advocacy Lady came by to try to help, but she did not get the main thing she offered to do done, so she is going to try another visit tomorrow.  Word came yesterday that part of the Avon order won’t be in until next time.  Lunch Lady’s sub had poor timing, specifically during a serious bathroom visit (as delivery was by a woman, it wasn’t as bad as possible).  Food truck comes in a week.  Rent has to be paid this week; that’s best done later given the spider.  A new list is created. 

Old people don’t need the unexpected.Wilted rose 


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Birthday, Plus

Wednesday was birthday number 81.  One grandfather, and he be all that is known, lived longer.  He lived to be 82.  It is a scary thing to outlive parents at times.  If they died due to natural causes one would have to wonder.  A grandparent’s but one fourth of one.  Young Friend’s people visited and brought fresh flowers, some gifts and a little cake.  The flowers are still alive.  The cake, of course, is all gone.  There were a few cards as well from unexpected people like office staff. 

While what might be called “close in” folks made the birthday nice, there are and were problems beyond, like aide stuff.  A really nice offer was made by Advocacy Lady to do some of the more important errands and more this week.  She’s supposed to come by tomorrow for that.  Older Friend put in extra time as well as his usual Sunday visit again.  Lunch Lady will not be coming this week as she is taking vacation time for important personal matters (she did bring eggs).  The Avon came okay. 

Today was food truck day.  It was most timely that he brought some extra bags with the order (as he sometimes does).  Every week one is needed and what was around was all gone.  (That’s considered last of the birthday gifts.)  On the whole, things were extremely hectic throughout the week with some confusion about banking stuff.  The “sick leave” sign almost got posted for today’s message.  Avon had to go by email again.  There’s been another big round of telephone calls to vital offices. 

Old age can lead to slow thinking.Confused smile 


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New Feature Here

Tuesday was a day for things to go wrong, from simple matters like the TV dinner tray had a crack in the bottom (the liquid ran out) to important matters like the security check screwed badly.  It took all day to mostly straighten matters out with some help from Older Friend to the point of status quo.  What irritating annoyance was brewing surfaced late Thursday.  The thing was addressed but may not be finished.  On the positive side, two nice ideas came to mind.  One’s below with info. 

Come Wednesday there’s supposed be a special visitor bringing birthday treats.  It can’t be a long visit as it has to be in the early evening, but even a short one is nice.  That is the highlight of the week (and maybe even the year).  Getting The Special Project (Aviation Trail offering) off the back burner isn’t scrapped yet, but the world at hand in decent order’s a top priority.  Lunch Lady brought eggs.  Advocacy Lady letter did get mailed.  Older Friend came.  Sales reps this week.   

As many know, there are two blogs posted.  The other’s called The Diary’s Blog (link at right).  It was created because one day it was noticed that this one (meant to be more like that) was full of computer and internet stuff.  It was decided that there should be no mention of either.  It’s the rule with The Diary’s Blog.  Sometimes there’s a something to be passed on, here’s one and, it’s gotta be here.

Some moments in life need to be recalled.Camera 

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Progress And Confusion

Young Friend did indeed come Wednesday.  The money orders for the April rent are now in hand and off the concerns list.  He also took in the insurance check as a deposit (sometimes it’s near the expiration date before it’s cashed) and an order for new checks sitting in wait for almost too long already.  And, some food and cigarettes (another thing out of the way) while not so important were bought.  He even changed wall calendars displayed to March.  He might come back again this month. 

The doctor’s office called to set an appointment.  He did not come.  It took seventeen telephone calls to sort matters out, but, admittedly, given a recorded message, the phone was just hung up.  He is supposed to come, eventually.  Lunch Lady was kind enough to bring more of her kind of eggs.  The Avon came just fine.  Older Friend came as expected and then some.  The security checks went just fine.  Advocacy Lady seemed to have some problems with a letter, but it should work out okay. 

With Daylight Savings Time coming, the expectation is for new confusion ahead, but both the food truck and the Avon are now out of the way for the time being, so there is a chance to be ready for it.  There is, however, a birthday event supposedly upcoming next week, which will take out a day.  The HVAC unit malfunctioned again yesterday morning, the air bed started to collapse Saturday and the computer presented curious activity Saturday but seems okay now.  The first two took actions. 

The ancient Greeks said nothing was static.Thinking smile 

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