Mostly Medical Time….

Computer’s still a bit iffy, and due to the medical stuff and more there’s been little chance to really look into the matter.  It does look like it was at least partly a bad mouse thing.  One Christmas gift was a new mouse.  Once that was plugged in, the computer started working better.  A very late internet payment finally got into the mail Thursday between chasing after Nice Neighbor for laundry service again and dealing with a long visit from the agency aide service, part of which will be discontinued for two months.

The interview for in-home nursing services (two months) was Wednesday and different aspects of the “home care” should start this week.  The nurse visit was Friday.  The aide service part kicked in this afternoon.  Fortunately there was no food truck visit due today.  Two more interviews (today) were needed for the nursing service to be all set up.  There’s a nurse and an aide, physical and occupational therapy and a social services caseworker.  The aide is supposed to be coming on Mondays and Fridays.

Couldn’t breathe and more yesterday so called for the nurse on call to come and check on things.  The Lunch Lady’s stuff, now via someone else, is due Friday.  The Lunch Lady herself is still coming by with gifts.  Nice Jewish Lady is still getting things if/when it’s possible for her to drive or get a ride.  The added costs around have flattened one of the bank accounts and it’s not even mid-month.  Fortunately February is a short month and there may be a chance to get supplies as birthday presents in March.

Change is a part of existence.  😦


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Life Goes On Precariously

Yesterday afternoon was spent in the hospital emergency room.  In addition to the usual problems, an infection has entered the picture and new medications have entered the picture both for it and for the “regular” stuff.  The medications were a matter for today (in addition to the food truck, dying plants and the satellite bill) as the drug store was closed by the time it was all over.  Nice Neighbor was a great help both with getting to the hospital and getting back.

As has been stated, it would not be surprising to see “sick leave” as a week’s essay, but not at this time.  There’s more involved than getting the medications, such as notifying the current doctor’s office about the visit to the hospital and maybe (if good fortune prevails) getting some better aide service from an actual nursing service.  At least there’s plenty of food in the place as Lunch Lady’s stuff (now delivered by a replacement it seems) came Friday (and at a bad time).

In regard to the week past, aide service did not show up on Wednesday, so none of a very long list of errands was done except piecemeal over subsequent days by anyone in the building that could be found in-between things like the personal care by a new person on Thursday.  Young Friend’s former organization did send a person on Friday, and the rent money orders for February are in hand, if they can be found in the mess that exists due to the missing aide upheaval.

May all good people have a good week ahead.  🙂

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So What If It’s New Year’s Eve

Old Chinese saying:  pay all debts before the new year begins.  It’s not the same new year’s day, of course, and not a bad idea, but it ain’t gonna happen for various reasons.  Much of yesterday was spent running around the place trying to line up someone to go after money today.  The aide service of the past week still is unbelievable.  The personal care visit turned out to be nearly two and a half hours long (far too much effort) with much of it spent discussing prior and possible agency service which isn’t likely to be happening or even workable.

Young Friend hasn’t been in contact since he left the group, which is a bit surprising as he suggested he would stay in contact.  The group brought a lovely Christmas dinner as usual and some valuable gifts for Christmas Day.  It was a good visit.  The rent got paid but not all the bills have been covered (the internet bill isn’t due on the first anyway).  The computer is mis-firing, but there is a new mouse at hand to try in the hope it’s the mouse that’s the problem.  What can be done if the computer goes out isn’t figured out, but, if so, there won’t be postings.

There is something to eat in the place, but at this point the food delivery’s all mixed up and not clear.  One 2019 calendar is up, so that much is in order.  Several weeks’ mail, however, is not sorted out.  Some of it is important, and it is more or less up to date as homemaker service was provided Wednesday (at least the trash got hauled out).  The thief was sitting around in the lobby yesterday evening to put a damper on things.  It looks like more death is hanging over the plants and there’s little chance to do much about  it.  It’s a sad New Year’s Eve.

May the future be bright for all who stopped here.  🙂

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Sad Christmas Eve

Christmas presents have come.  The bank had stadium blankets and ice scrapers for car windshields as well as calendars.  The assigning agency brought assorted stuff including a new mouse, some cookies now gone, and some things that couldn’t be used so those were given back to give to someone else.  The agency gifts would be appreciated a lot more if the needed services were provided.  More gifts and a dinner are expected some time around noontime tomorrow.

Recovery from the robbery is still in play, and even though money is offered for things like the cigarettes sought, the neighbors are probably getting tired of all the repeated requests.  There was no aide service at all in the past week, which left considerable garbage in the place and, of course, no errands got done.  The mail at the post office was last picked up on the 12th.  Nice Jewish Lady did kindly get water, toilet paper and paper towels for cleaning up on Friday.

A still unbelievable situation arose.  Friday morning there was an incontinence event.  It took most of the day and a great deal of effort to get cleaned up, but it was managed by late afternoon.  The daily chores were mostly done, but exhaustion said lay down for a while, which led to falling asleep until about 1:00 a.m. and waking up with a second “event.”  It took the entire night to get cleaned up again.  Inhalant capsules to aid breathing were missed three times now.

Holidays can be troubled times.  😦

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Newer, Bigger Troubles

The thief came in the day pretending to find work for pay.  That was one of Friday’s events.  When the thief is next to you, no longer in secret, it’s a time for quiet alarm, careful handling.  Pretending she was innocent and kindly seems to have worked.  Whether that will continue to work is unknown.  Thursday’s event was someone’s groundless accusations to the management being discussed (at least a good witness was at hand), however, that’s not all settled yet.

Young Friend’s gone to another earthly world.  Nice Jewish Lady’s car still doesn’t function as it should.  Lunch Lady’s also at least partly transferred to another earthly world.  Her rescheduled from next week delivery was brought by a man (on Friday).  When asked, he said he would be doing the deliveries henceforth.  It’s hoped she can continue to bring her priceless gifts that keep things going in the nest underfoot.  What the thief took, of course, is gone.

Some folks all enthusiastic about helping in emergencies didn’t (again).  And, although they have at times in the past, it’s not a good situation with them as it’s not reliable action.  Some nastiness showed up Friday, and the matter was just an ordinary kind of messy “event” to clean up.  Remote based aide service came Tuesday and is expected tomorrow; the regular local person came Wednesday and is due Wednesday.  There’s money in hand and clean clothes.

Tomorrow should always be a sign of hope.  🙂

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Not A Happy Time

Bumming toilet paper Thursday morning from Nice Neighbor was near the week’s most unusual event.  Seldom is there any bumming.  Other people have to pay for stuff, too, and if there’s a need to ask if they have any whatever they should be reimbursed then and there.  Although toilet paper is usually kept around in copious amounts, the supply was low and aide service on Wednesday (to be sent to some store) was cancelled by the agency.  They could send someone Friday, which would have been too late for certainty about having adequate toilet paper.

Toilet paper and paper towels were also bummed from Nice Jewish Lady much later (it was going fast for various purposes), all of it paid back in kind by Sunday afternoon as another neighbor was kind enough to go to the local grocery Saturday evening.  (Nice Jewish Lady hasn’t been feeling well.)  He wasn’t asked to get anything but the two paper products and drinking water.  By then even water was almost all gone, so the situation was more desperate.  It wasn’t late, but it was dark, cold and an unexpected request.  Fortunately he wasn’t doing too much.

More serious troubles are definitely descending.  Not only is Young Friend gone from the money routine, there’s a threat of sorts about an eviction based on a false complaint.  It should be possible to get help with that, but a serious medical matter is hanging over the witness needed.  At a younger age the solution would be to simply get out of the place to some other place rather than go through a lot of rigmarole to deal with someone around with a substantial dislike.  And, sadly for some unknown reason the plants aren’t doing very well at all.  Some seem to be dying.

Life only lasts so long.  😦

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Getting Sicker, Maybe

“Sick Leave” is not the best thing to put here, but that’s extremely close to what was going here.  It’s Monday, and what was just finished was nearly three days of a miserable state of affairs, and there was nothing substantial to interfere, like aide service, or even food deliveries.  It’s unknown at this point what happened about the scheduled club meeting.  Evidently the security check on Saturday turned out all right, although how it happened is unknown.

Young Friend came Friday, took care of the banking and errands and explained that he would no longer be doing it as he quit the organization effective this coming Friday.  He hopes to keep in touch, but that part of his visits was an organization thing.  What will happen for January is unknown.  The food stuff’s back on schedule and the Lunch Lady is due this coming Friday.  The rents have been paid, but not all the bills as there wasn’t a chance.

The plants are evidently in dire need of attention as two of them have apparently died and three others look bad, but what to do isn’t known.  Homemaker aide service did show up on Wednesday, but not much got done.  The personal care due Tuesday didn’t happen — no show.  It’s due tomorrow, too.  Nice Jewish Lady is still around, but she’s been a little busy with another friend.  The recent days have been bad enough that a call went to 911.

Maybe there’ll be more next week.  😦

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