New And Old Things

Nursing services were scheduled for Tuesday.  She’s a good “visitor.”  Aide services were scheduled for Wednesday, Friday and today.  Friday was terribly disorganized.  The  aide had a doctor’s appointment so unexpectedly came an hour early to stay an hour and come back later.  The come back was late so there wasn’t full service.  That visit didn’t go very well.  Another neighbor volunteered to take the insurance check to the bank, make a small deposit, use some of the rest for some supplies and bring back the rest.  There’s cash in hand, but not enough to last out the rest of the month.

Easter came and went.  It was expected that there would be two Easter dinners around, and if either materialized it wasn’t near the nest underfoot.  That was okay as for quite a bit of the time during the week what was high in mind was the availability of 911 and the phone to call them.  Between breathing problems (as has been mentioned the congestion seems to have changed) and bathroom problems there was little opportunity to be doing much in regard to Easter.  These days said phone is falling apart and being held together with bits of tape.  The money on it should last out the month.

Food is due this coming Friday and next Monday.  Neither takes long to manage, but so little gets done due to things like the tiredness and breathing even fifteen minutes is valuable.  The “New Neighbor” on the scene might ease up the concerns in regard to Nice Jewish Lady not being able to get things due to car and health problems, but that has yet to be determined.  The weather has also been nice enough for people to go places, which makes a difference.  If the weather is bad, no one wants to go anywhere not absolutely (and personally) necessary.  Payday is more than a week away.

Life only lasts so long, often depending on the support.  🙂




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Changes, Possibly

Tuesday is recalled as better than usual, and Tuesday usually isn’t much good at all.  The morning especially was good, enough so that it’s worth special note.  Wednesday, on the other hand, was a disaster day, but aide service was due so it could have been worse.  The continuing (fundamental) problem, since March 31, has been the plug for the newest scooter battery re-charger getting stuck in the battery cases, especially the newest one.  Wednesday, after a confused bunch of calls that took plenty of money from the phone account, someone came, looked and took both parts to see about repairs.

The state of deterioration is likely to continue for several reasons.  A notable one is that reliable and helpful Nice Jewish Lady said she was expecting to move.  While she won’t be too far away, anything outside the apartment building is nearly an impossible contact physically.  A second is that costs seem to be increasing, which means there’s a need to do without previously commonly used things.  Telephone costs haven’t particularly gone up, but not using it saves money; therefore, life is more complicated by the need to run out to the apartment building lobby to use the free community telephone.

Food was scheduled for Friday and today — fairly good deal in both cases.  Aide service is prompt and at least adequate if not good these days.  Life itself is being maintained.  The scooter, however, is going to be a continuing problem even if the equipment is repaired to keep it moving.  The deck broke months ago and is held together with duct tape, and one of the bolts holding the arm rests was lost somewhere.  And, the emergency contact business is hanging by a thread.  Medically, as has been mentioned somewhere, it seems the congestion has changed and so has the energy level, not to the good.

Which way to go can be a ticklish problem.  🙂

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New Problems

The police came by the place Saturday night.  There was a moment of fright as they said there was a problem on the eighth floor, which is where Nice Jewish Lady lives.  It was at the other end of the hall, and evidently the whatever turned out okay as they left empty-handed.  The great event of the week was the visit from the folks based in Cincinnati.  As a result there is cash in hand, money orders for bills and some essential stuff that might last out the month.  Saturday wasn’t the best of days as there seemed to be evidence of a stomach condition but all seemed well enough by the day’s end.

Aide service was good during the week.  No food deliveries were due for either Friday or today.  The only stuff to eat is what’s already in the apartment none of which is exactly interesting.  Some of the medications have been accidentally missed due to the turmoil over several things, notably the scooter batteries but several other heavy things as well, which might be discussed some other time.  At least the rent’s paid and money for the internet should have gone out today.  A reliable emergency contact is still in the works, needed as the possibilities that turned up aren’t working out well.

There was an online incident that probably isn’t settled yet.  There was no word about the personal pet project, rather surprisingly.  The “loners’ club” meeting was cancelled again.  There may even be a problem with the laundry soon as Nice Neighbor who does it mentioned something about having another operation a couple of weeks ago.  There could be a visit from maintenance to do something about the stopper in the bathroom sink which has never worked since it was installed; but, if they wrote up a work order, no word has come about it.  Nice Jewish Lady has medical troubles.

It doesn’t hurt to get stuff writ down.  🙂

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Ah! April!

Remarkably, what stands out in the past week was that important things were forgotten or nearly so.  Case in point, ordinarily the rent is paid before the first of the month.  Even if the first is on a day when the leasing office is open, the worry and difficulty of being sure to get there suggested long ago paying it earlier, in the current case, planning to get there on Thursday.  Yeah.  Well, it was forgotten until near midnight Wednesday.  So was watering the biggest plant in the place.  Friday was partly forgotten as a Friday, a day for once a week medication remembered too late for normal.

Part of the reason for the forgetting was switch around nursing service scheduling.  It was and still is unreliable scheduling.  People on the calendar not showing up as logged on and coming some other time or, for that matter, in some unexpected way.  It will probably continue like that for as long as it lasts (which may not be much longer).  Aide service showed up all three days and did a pretty good job all three days.  The Lunch Lady’s kind of food came Friday, another thing forgotten but adequately managed when it came.  It seems like Nice Jewish Lady brought stuff.

Two new friends are on the scene.  One came yesterday, a gentleman from a church not far away.  One, a lady, was due today.  The first can’t do a lot of things, but it seems he can help some.  How it works out will take time to determine.  The second is even more of an uncertainty.  It, too, will take time to determine.  The food truck was due today.  Getting ready for it was more of a problem than usual.  Someone from the group in Cincinnati is due to come by on Thursday to take care of the money orders for May and maybe get some things.  A new person may be doing that soon.

With luck, April may be an okay month.  🙂

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Some New Developments….

It’s been another upset week.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were horrible messes.  Physical therapy due Tuesday didn’t “officially” set an appointment as of 11:00 a.m. and was sent an inquiry.  As another doctor’s appointment was needed, setting that up was started before the note to the therapist.  Therapy said she wasn’t coming at all.  She would  see about a sub.  Communication with the sub was disorganized and repeatedly interfered with setting the doctor’s appointment.  The assessment nurse due Wednesday also had no “official” appointment.  Calling put that on Thursday.

By Friday it was most fortunate aide service was due to come.  She did a clean up, hauled out the trash and sorted through some food.  Most importantly, the air bed seemed to be dying with some kind of small leak.  The aide set up new one.  There was email sent in regard to The Project Friday night.  It remains to be seen whether anything comes of it.  Friday was also a landmark day in regard to the emergency contact search.  Contact was made with someone who might help with it.  He came for a visit yesterday to look things over.  If nothing else, he might help if not become a part of the matter.

Saturday morning was a special mess.  Casework services ran up the phone bill to say nothing, while Security Check Lady didn’t call at all.  That’s the second time she hasn’t done it in recent times.  Nice Jewish Lady ran an errand and the price they said over the telephone was less than what they charged her — she had to add money and she does such errands for free.  Last but not least, the rear end started bleeding.  It stopped or another trip to the hospital would have been needed.  It’s not the first time there’s been some blood showing up, but usually it’s not an actual bleeding situation.

As they say, tomorrow’s another day.  😦

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Age Now 83 And More

Well, a few days have passed since the Ides of March and other notable events, one of which, personally speaking, was the 83rd birthday.  That makes it the start of a new path in the recent family lineage as it means having outlived both parents and all four of the grandparents, as is known.  The birthday was on an involved day.   There was the Lunch Lady type food due and two hours of service by the aide agency as well as the little party put on by the Cincinnati people.  By nightfall there was a state of near collapse.  There were some lovely birthday cards and a few small gifts.  The cake was beautiful.

The week ahead promises to be rather overwhelming.  Wednesday a nurse assessment is due to see what services (if any) will be continued by the home nursing service.  Physical therapy is scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday.  In addition to an hour this afternoon, four more hours of aide service are scheduled, two each on Wednesday and Friday.  Both Lunch Lady with her gifts and the food truck were due today, and the money situation has hit a real snag.  Per the information learned late Saturday, it will not be possible to electronically  transfer any money from the debit account to another bank.

Efforts were made again in the past week toward lining up an emergency contact person, which efforts were presumed to be a waste of time and money but they were not nailed down as a certain (sure) waste of time and money.   The doctor’s appointment had to be cancelled as the transportation hit a snag.  That as yet has not been re-set.  Mail at the post office hasn’t been picked up since March 1.  It’s hoped Nice Jewish Lady will be able to get that and what money is available in the debit account; but, she does have car problems, so it’s likely some complicated arrangements need to be made for cash and mail.

Ides of March birthday dinners on Lenten Fridays aren’t great.  😦

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New Era Here

There was a doctor’s appointment today (rather late afternoon).  That be a massive deal (or “production,” if that be a better word).  Among other things, it involves getting into a car twice and riding a wheelchair (wheelchair seating is lower than the scooter).  It also means taking extra stuff along (like clean clothes in case they’re needed), not to mention much about things like pre-arranging transportation.  Aide service scheduled for today was re-scheduled for tomorrow (if she comes).  Today’s weblogs, logically, were written in advance.  Any “corrections” will have to be posted next week.

Yesterday being the start of “Daylight Time,” the entire week ahead is expected to be in a state of serious upset just on that basis.  Fortunately, there are no food deliveries due in the immediate future, except for the expected “birthday dinner” on Friday.  There are, however, tentative visits scheduled for physical therapy and possibly more as well as the “adjusted” aide services.  There’s a hope to “re-try” the debit card funds transferring business as it didn’t work the first time, but first there’s a need to try to find out what happened.  It’s also hoped a new aide will be assigned as soon as possible.

The past week was no less upset than previous weeks and just as subject to lack of some clear recollection of what all happened.  Nice Jewish Lady got most of the groceries and a fast food sandwich on Friday.  The current aide seems to get confused, so it’s not a good idea to send her after things.  A neighbor picked up one important item yesterday.  The physical therapist and a social worker from the home nursing care agency came.  Both did in depth assessment of the situation at hand.  The social worker is not due back for a couple of weeks.  What else transpired is downright mystery.

Sadly, plans don’t always work out.  😦

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