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Unstable Service

Homemaker aide service brought an upset to the day.  Last week the woman was at the door at 11:00 a.m.  The three previous weeks – three different woman – it was later.  Last week the woman said she was new on the job.  It was assumed the permanent person would be new on the job. The two before her were too good to be permanent.  It was determined that service would ordinarily be at 11:00 a.m., that is, that’s what she said.  Breakfast, etc., was all out of the way for 11:00 a.m., but no one arrived then today. 

Under the circumstances there are two options, call the office and make inquiry or sit and twiddle thumbs.  As the person may just be late, it’s best to sit and wait rather than go through the stew of making inquiry.  In reality, that’s something a person might do every week. Call often enough and one is classified a problem to be unloaded if possible.  One must find something to pick at that can be left until later while waiting. Any ideas about a noontime nap or lunch after she leaves, of course, were shot down. 

The lady, one of the good ones from previously, arrived a little after 1:30 p.m.; so, there is no need for any thumb twiddling or other action for the rest of the week, and some essentials got done.  However, she, naturally, did not get done until going on 4:00 p.m.  After the women leave, there are usually a  few things that need attention – a little finishing up.  The most important of that was done although not all, and, obviously, the day’s commentary wasn’t finished.  Better late than never (sometimes.) 

Time can be priceless to the elderly. 


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Good Sunday

Sunday is a day for someone to stop by and pay a friendly visit to see if all is well or at least adequate.  That came off okay. It’s also a day to clean out the in house mail box.  That was forgotten until it was time to put it down here.  That went all right after it was decided what to do about the low scooter energy.  It can be time to pick up the week’s advertising.  The newspaper box where the packs were put every week is gone.  The ads were on a bench (at least until morning).  One has to wonder if the new management is aware of the community telephone. 

Yesterday the residents’ association held a Hallowe’en party.  There is too much to be pre-occupied with in the apartment underfoot to be into such. Today there was a notice at the door from the residents’ association about a raise money sale (no bulletin board, although at times in the past those were taken door to door).  Today, what the homemaker aide might do tomorrow should be figured out.  It won’t be.  Today yours truly took a deep, nervous breathe and with painstaking effort managed to figure out the downloading of pictures. 

Tomorrow is Hallowe’en.  It will escape attention, if possible. Tomorrow may be a difficult day not just because homemaker aide service is due but also since the scooter battery re-charging should run well past midnight.  It doesn’t help things to be up half of the night even if it is a common thing. Maybe – just maybe – The Diary’s Blog will get some attention tomorrow. That depends on a lot; but, in fact it didn’t seem like this one could be caught up on today. And, here it is, even with more in it than often happens.  Savings pictures was a concern. 

Plans aren’t certainties. 

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Long Gone Bulletin Board

It was almost exactly 7:15 a.m. as yours truly dropped the letter through the slot for the outgoing mail in the lobby of the building.  Back when substitutes carried the mail at one house because in it’s wisdom the post office had cut it into a place for part time trainees who went on to better things, the mail carrier came at most any time from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If something is not in the mail by midnight there’s a doubt about it going out the next day.  The regular carrier could be sick or on vacation, leading to a substitute on overtime. 

Regardless, since the usual state of exhaustion prevented getting the mail piece together before very early in the morning (it included money, and a clear head’s important when dealing with money, so there had to be some sleep beforehand), 7:15 a.m. was the best that could be done.  The regular mail carrier comes much later.  There was a passing thought about going downstairs again later to see if he did come later (that’s how bad it is – the mail service “back then” was erratic for years creating great inconvenience). 

Upon starting to take the thing downstairs, the thought was, there will  be no one in the hall, but will there be anyone downstairs?  There’s a sense of “all alone in a big empty office building” if there is not, although somewhere around there are a hundred or more people.  After sliding out of the elevator and turning around, a mild shock hit as the wall where the bulletin board had been was seen without it.  Such is evidence of people around, even if not right there then.  Since not a soul was in sight, it was more empty than ever.  (Must remember:  no bulletin board.)

Things can have a strange importance.

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Happy Little Happenings

There’s a time when a “nice” or “positive” surprise has an added impact to it.  It’s when all hope about something reasonably or logically is gone and it’s set aside if not completely forgotten, then later it happens more or less as intended initially. From that point, things continue as if there had been no stoppage in the thing, so the principle isn’t there if something has been substituted.  It’s true only if things are taken up where left off, there’s no harm done or loss and it involved pleasant or good things. 

A practical example of that in action happened today.  Actually there have been three incidents of it in the past two weeks or so, but today’s is practical and good and not too extra-ordinary.  The food truck was due today. The driver is prompt and scheduled for arrival sometime between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., which is a good time but which came and went while he didn’t.  When 2:00 p.m. passed by thoughts drifted to alternatives, but nothing was set into motion.  He showed up at 2:30 p.m. instead of the usual 12:30 p.m. 

The late arrival shot down an important piece of mail that needed to go out, and that shot down the day’s commentaries (started but nowhere near finished), and that’s not good in either case, but commentary (at least this one of them) is here, just late, and the mail may get there adequately.  It might be worse if the entries had been more regular recently and if an extra day had not been figured into the mail delivery.  It hasn’t all ended well yet, but it may. The delay was unavoidable as what held the man up was a highway accident. 

Keep trying is a good approach. 

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Some Scooter Business

The most important thing of the day was the seemingly endlessly repeated chore of re-charging the scooter. To put it into perspective, for a degree of certainty in being able to get around, because there’s no walking around at all, the scooter is needed in an operational state.  To keep it that way, experience has shown that it needs to be re-charged two or three times a week.  It takes several hours.  It isn’t possible to do it overnight due to a probable need to get to the bathroom at some point.  Having another scooter would be a good idea.  It’s just not arranged yet.  

Even used sparingly or with attempted planning is ineffective.  All it takes is one unexpected use to throw things into disorder, such as the need to chase after the pizza the other night or the unexpected meeting called by the management of the apartment building last Thursday. The mechanical contraption (rollator) is very difficult (not impossible, just difficult) to use from a sitting position. It “runs” on foot power and needs some maneuvering to change directions. There’s not much foot power these days, so it’s slow going. 

In order to set up one of the re-charging sessions, certain things have to be lined up.  For example, since three or four hours have to be allotted to the activity, it’s to be set up outside of something like a visitor coming for any reason. If nothing else, it’s necessary to go to the door.  It’s possible to eat something already fixed; but, it’s not possible to be fixing a tv dinner or some such thing.  If it’s sunny out, regardless of the season, the sunlight heat coming in the windows is a concern. It can consume the free time of a day, and it did. 

Medical concerns can be very annoying. 

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Personally Speaking….

‘Tis a Wednesday night.  That’s just about mid-week and a time for a sort of a lull in much of the business world. And, it would seem all is in order in that world for the moment.  A human needs food (and water), clothing and shelter firstly. They seem to be lined up well enough, thanks to Virginia’s “erranding” this afternoon, that is, there are a half of a dozen frozen dinners in the freezer (and three gallons of water on the floor).  There wasn’t a desperate need for fresh duds; but, she did line up the shelter with money orders for the rents for the coming month. 

One of the things brought in was orange juice.  There is almost always some kind of juice around, but it hasn’t been orange juice for quite a while.  Vitamins are on the mind, and orange juice contains an important one. Possibly a new item in the stores is some oatmeal cookies with raisins that were on sale.  There are some of those at hand, too.  Raisins are supposedly good for people, reportedly high iron content.  Last night’s pizza, some of which is still around, had a lot of olives, food that’s also supposed to have something special in it. 

As it seemed like there was no immediate reason for concern on the fundamental level (although there are many concerns to be found beyond the apartment door for many people), and part of an hour was free to do something extra, some time was spent in a look through blog templates in the hope of finding something that “felt” less like April.  If there’s something there, it hasn’t been found yet.  And, it is not possible to do anything like create something out of the pictures again due to none having been installed yet.  There are two templates for December….

At times one needs to say, “Please ignore….” 

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Pizza Change Of Pace

It’s late and yours truly was sitting here waiting for a pizza. It wasn’t as if no food was in the place.  Four stuffed peppers, a pot pie, drumsticks, little sausages and more sit in the freezer. That’s beside the cheeses and potatoes….  Furthermore, a round of errands is scheduled for tomorrow.  Even if for some reason that failed to take place, the food truck is due on Friday.  It just seemed to be time to order a pizza.  A medium with about eight toppings on it is good for maybe three meals under ordinary circumstances. 

A pizza is something different.  As much as little sausages are a delight, they can get tiresome.  As much as stuffed peppers are a favorite (and they are), they can be for anytime as long as they are frozen, and that should be a special time. And, the drumsticks are part of a whole bag of drumsticks.  It took fifteen minutes or so to get through to the pizza house – on a Tuesday night.  After being assured it was not such a busy time that they couldn’t handle it, they got an order, and the man sounded as if he was writing things down very carefully. 

That’s the way it was almost an hour later when a cigarette was lit.  Right then an attempt was made to call upstairs from the entry way.  As the cell phone isn’t on the list in the office, it’s not possible to use the system.  An attempt was made to crush out the cigarette.  The scooter was directed to the lobby, which had no one waiting.  Delivery person had gone to the wrong apartment then left. Eventually the pizza was gained and the apartment didn’t catch fire. Today homemaker aide agency business was also unexpectedly checked. 

There are times when things don’t work.     

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