Good Sunday

Sunday is a day for someone to stop by and pay a friendly visit to see if all is well or at least adequate.  That came off okay. It’s also a day to clean out the in house mail box.  That was forgotten until it was time to put it down here.  That went all right after it was decided what to do about the low scooter energy.  It can be time to pick up the week’s advertising.  The newspaper box where the packs were put every week is gone.  The ads were on a bench (at least until morning).  One has to wonder if the new management is aware of the community telephone. 

Yesterday the residents’ association held a Hallowe’en party.  There is too much to be pre-occupied with in the apartment underfoot to be into such. Today there was a notice at the door from the residents’ association about a raise money sale (no bulletin board, although at times in the past those were taken door to door).  Today, what the homemaker aide might do tomorrow should be figured out.  It won’t be.  Today yours truly took a deep, nervous breathe and with painstaking effort managed to figure out the downloading of pictures. 

Tomorrow is Hallowe’en.  It will escape attention, if possible. Tomorrow may be a difficult day not just because homemaker aide service is due but also since the scooter battery re-charging should run well past midnight.  It doesn’t help things to be up half of the night even if it is a common thing. Maybe – just maybe – The Diary’s Blog will get some attention tomorrow. That depends on a lot; but, in fact it didn’t seem like this one could be caught up on today. And, here it is, even with more in it than often happens.  Savings pictures was a concern. 

Plans aren’t certainties. 


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