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No Nothin’

Thursday morning as March ends….  No scooter, no computer, no bed.  And, for that matter, no water in the jug or coffee in the jar. Also, of course, no headlines (no computer).   There was light – the last element of the three-way bulb, the extra lamp, kitchen light – in fact too much light as the daylight grew. In truth, a few specks of that which was “gone” were left, just enough for one cup of coffee, a look at email, a brief rest after getting things set up to go again. Going on foot is difficult, but not yet impossible.  :-) 

Thursday afternoon as March ends…. No ordinary trip to lobby (no scooter). Lobby trip later, much longer, special mail received, good discussion. No proper lunch but later supplement.  Brief computer. Still no hole found in air bed, but air is escaping faster.  Yes coffee in jar (put in).  New water jug set up earlier used.  Yes quick news headlines, one fascinating (brief computer).  Abbreviated rest and on to the government calling (clarified; they want, but not what was thought).  Rest at last, and much to be found in old, old mail. 

Thursday evening as March ends….  Direction clearer (government chat). Bed inspected again (still no hole); replacement considered. Extra lamp turned on again (a three-way bulb is on hand for when the one in the usual lamp burns out, but why change it until it’s all gone?); light bulb rescued from pile apparently intact. Trash upset; scooter wheel disinfected.  Weblog entries. Apartment too cool, too hot, too cool (etc.); day chilly. Soft drink buy interrupted soul going to Bible study.  Two cigarettes at once – ? (very rare). 

All days end; months, too.     


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So Much For Plans….

The hole in the air bed has not been found. But, then, maybe it will be found by the weekend.  Then, if possible, it can be patched.  If it is not possible, well, there has already be thought of saving such a one to make patches as the manufacturer only provides so much patching material – enough for about three quarter-inch holes. The thing was very seriously needed this afternoon.  Nothing was ready for the homemaker aide as of last night. In addition a payment had to be gotten into the mail – all to be done this morning. 

The lady came and the usual stuff was instituted.  “Usual stuff” only lasted until the minute she left.   Mail brought back included one of those “greetings” from the government. As suspected, the business of a couple of weeks ago was not all settled.  They newly said they need a paper. A call was planned for a shade after 3:30 p.m. just to clarify it. After 3:30 p;m. the wait time might not take six dollars off the pre-paid cell phone.  A shade before 3:30 p.m. what came unexpectedly was agency checking on homemaker aide services. 

The call to social security was made anyway at around ten minutes before their office hours ended, and it was impossible to talk as an echo or feedback of some sort got into the works.  It was horrible, as every word yours truly spoke was immediately repeated back to the ear and the man simply would not say something like, “Yes, you can call back tomorrow.” The only thing that can be guessed is that he didn’t hear it.  Obviously tomorrow cannot be a sick day, bed or no bed.  It snowed some in the morning.  That suited the mood. 

Mental activity is good for the elderly. 


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Maybe Something New

Doings, indeed!  Now that the scooter has enough energy for a day (maybe even two), necessarily and most inconveniently re-charged yesterday, another perpetual concern surfaced most definitely the first thing this morning.  The top air bed evidently has a tiny hole in it somewhere.  It’s very tiny, as it held up all night although a vague suspicion was already there last night. There’s a brand new one (in box) that should be okay.  There’s a patched one (in corner) which might be okay.  The one in use might last as is at least tonight. 

There is another sort of “throw away” thing on which to sleep, but it is more expensive and probably no better, just more durable. With the idea that “moving” should be possible in a car, the air bed deal is better as they can be deflated and folded up.  There aren’t any plans to change to something else. The bottom air bed seems okay as it has been.   When the top one gives out, yours truly sinks down to the bottom one and, since that is not quite a foot off the floor, it is hard to get up. A single one layer one is enough except for that.

Perpetual things eventually become a rut.  And, the rut is getting to be a real “pain.” Since the opportunity materialized during the noon time trip to the downstairs world, there’s been an attempt to get a little better acquainted with a lady that seems to be a kindly soul – a substantial change from the attitude that brought on the yelling of yesterday, not to mention much about some other things.  Attitudes that haven’t changed in two years won’t.  She’s been around for a while but not many years.  …Nice after yesterday’s yelling. 

Being open to suggestions leads to opportunities. 

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Plenty Of Doings

Well, yesterday in the time online a real break-through in regard to bed bugs was found.  A bill for a federal law was introduced in the U.S. Congress that should change things for people like yours truly. So, spread the word, and how, when there’s other stuff, like today there were supposed to be people in the building with applications for another place to live…. At 2:00 p.m. the latter still hadn’t come as scheduled.  The scooter energy was just enough to get back to the apartment.  Then they showed up overly late.  Downstairs.

A notice by the door (found on the way out, incidentally) announced “spring housekeeping inspection” in April, very inconveniently dated for a Wednesday morning.  Based on past experiences, the arrival would be a half hour before the homemaker aide (who does sweep and such) would normally arrive.  The call to their office just might engineer a rescheduling to before the staff shows up to inspect. As to how it shall be done is yet to be seen. The person in charge was not there; but, the request is.  Someone else’s service time?   

As expected, the light bulb burned out during the night.  A second light was left on, so at least it wasn’t dark enough to trip on things. That part was good. A nice frozen dinner was shoved into the oven to compensate for the cheese and potato chips of the grab it lunch. Some yelling in the community room during the half hour of useless waiting was definitely not good; but, if a certain person is around it is not possible to say “Boo!” if it somehow includes the word “Ohio.” Nothing’s done for Wednesday, of course.  

A lost temper is hard to regain. 

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Down Time

It snowed last night in Covington.  It’s past time for snow; but, truly, it’s okay, because there was little or no snow when everyone had it up to their knees or wherever.  Again, it was not a great day.  Real strange was the fact that there was the usual Sunday clearing out of the in house mail box, and in the process the keys to the place got left on the counter there.  That’s never happened before. One idea might be that a dog attached to a woman trying to take it out while pushing one of those walkers with wheels was a distraction. 

There was no resting in the afternoon despite time up at night time again. The ankle got so bothersome it was necessary to get up and put some medication on it.  The only relatively bright spot was that the internet connectivity held for a while again.  Re-registering now and then is necessary with the anti-virus in use.  That got done like just four days before it expired. The usual browser got updated as well, so the computer may be only barely usable, but it is current. The scooter needed re-charging and it wasn’t. 

The forgotten keys shouldn’t have been forgotten although the dog and owner were a distraction.  The woman didn’t have a tight hold on the dog.  (Dogs normally aren’t that much of a concern.)  Apart from the ankle, which is still swollen but not itching like it had a few dozen mosquito bites, the next likely concern will be the light bulb of the table lamp burning out.  It’s been flickering – which could be the wiring in the place as well as the light bulb. It’s usually the night light.  The keys and the ankle were the most depressing things. 

One must think positive (insofar as possible :-))

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What is This Fate….

The strange, confused morning began around 3:30 a.m. again. It’s declared “strange” for a reason. While it seemed to be one of those quickly passing “old age” pains that did the awakening, for a totally incomprehensible reason the first thought that came to mind was a name, the name of an elementary school classmate.  Due to sort of unique things, such as being shipped to Indiana for summers, most often yours truly really had little to do with classmates beyond days in school in class itself.  And, in class one sat and “learned.”   

There were fifty-six children in the eighth grade class, almost all of whom had spent all eight years in the place.  It was over the state’s limit for classroom size, but there wasn’t much that could be done. Only two of the class lived anywhere near our house. Where the girl in question lived, is not known.  If one word was spoken to her, it is not remembered.  She was a little, rather pretty blue-eyed, blonde and an “A” student.  Why she should come to mind in the middle of the night is strange.  So was a notion to consume a soft drink. 

Even in the hallway the internet connection was barely there both at 4:00 a.m.and nearer noontime. Wide awake at 4:00 a.m., an entry for The Diary’s Blog was started. Sleepiness finally came four hours later.  The morning was well confused.  The trip to the lobby didn’t help as the elevator got stuck on the fifth floor (luckily the door was open). Back in the apartment, near 1:00 p.m., internet connectivity took hold just long enough for the pictures from last week, still not expired,  to be downloaded. (!) One hour, that’s all, all day.  Fate?

Some things cannot be explained.   

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Yahoo Nederland?

If there is maybe ten minutes of connectivity down the hall – it’s not a good idea to figure on more, although it might be more – a good idea is to sort of estimate what might be done.  Email will include a notice from WordPress for any weblog comments, a notice for most (often all) notes posted with Facebook, notices of private messages in some places…. Email can take the whole ten minutes; but, if any chance exists, the British Broadcasting Corporation’s home page of news highlights world events and can be set to be read later. 

Well, plans may be thus and so, but today was “choice” in regard to “wrong stuff.”  The computer was shut off last night so it could rest. (Sometimes it helps to let it rest.)  The regular browser didn’t come up in a usable state.  The second isn’t set for the use.  Desperately the third was fished out, the http for Yahoo was typed in and what was presented was Yahoo Nederland. Time was very limited – the water was due to be shut off and the scooter needed re-charging. So, what can one do but sit and listen to the fire alarm go off? 

Lunch was around 4:00 p.m. (the scooter was re-charging, and it’s easier to deal with things like getting food if sitting).  At least Yahoo Nederland led to U.S. email once there was a login.  Nothing was to be answered right then, but at least there was a glimpse of where answers were needed.  With the plumbing supposedly finished, the fire alarm may also be finished unless there just happens to be fire somewhere.  There was a second trip to the lobby just to get away from the apartment to where something might be happening. 

Animals need exercise. 

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