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Maybe Big Stuff Interrupting Life

The big news of the week (it would be nice if some week would have no big news since it always seems to be negative) is the computer may die.  There’s a white line across the screen and friend said the screen may be going out.  Repair?  Expensive, he said, as did another computer knowledgeable soul.  Finding another computer is rather out of the question.  There was an organization that sold used ones.  The aide service sent new, and it’s fishy.  She seemed to think she was a sub. 

The one good thing in the week was that the lunch service was around at a relatively early time on Friday.  Government talk may be done for a while, but that won’t be certain until days from now.  The rent’s due at the end of the week (complicates Friday as both lunch service and the food truck comes).  Most important, the medical situation is such that changes are now in the weblog plans.  At least friend has been by and is into the plant care.  The previous aide over-watered them badly. 

There are actually five weblogs, but only two are “active” at present, this and The Diary’s Blog (link at right).  There is a thought, rather than repeated posting of “sick leave” notes both places, to try to write at least one and publish them on alternate weeks, i.e., do one week here, then next week Diary commentary.  They were combined once before, but differently, and at least that would maintain some activity and possibly a thought or two for someone.  That’s not certain yet. 

The future is always uncertain.Wilted rose 


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Something New

A week ends and another begins.  Psychologists (and the like) have been known to preach to people that there’s a reason for someone to live when someone’s in some kind of negative frame of mind.  Well, there’s been plenty of “reason” for someone a shade less than 80 stuck on a mobility scooter in the special place underfoot to keep dragging through another day, but the past Thursday a new thought entered the picture.  Friend, who came then rather than Wednesday sparked the thought. 

Although twenty years younger, with kinfolk of the generation before, he said he was learning about things by helping.  The enlightening point was, the “learning” wasn’t so much for the kinfolk but for himself.  If one is nearly sixty, it does not hurt to think about such things, presumably, but it was a bit of a surprise.  The endlessly dis-arranged aide service, what can be done about it (incidentally, the same aide came, a new one is now due Wednesday), etc., has some value. 

As for the week, not much is new.  The food truck came as did the lunch service delivery.  The Avon stuff got mixed up some but some things did get done with social security.  They have questions, like with the post office box address.  New people understand simple stuff and busily talk generally about items like Medicare.  Well, it is important, but not in much use at the moment.  However, it might be needed tomorrow if there be a run to the hospital again, which is always possible. 

Looking ahead has some value.Money

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Mid-July, 2015

Another week is coming up (obviously not standard calendar as this is posted Monday night).  Friend was asked for some help yesterday as, among other things, aide service is in doubt as the most recent aide said the past Wednesday was her last day while “official” word has it she is coming this Wednesday.  A number of trips went to the office as several activities that originated there were also confused.  Even lunch service came in disarray on Friday.  The past week was a mess. 

The situation is so bad that last night’s supper was the late this morning breakfast.  However in the confusion of the past week, a few important things did get done.  Medic Alert sites (emergency call buttons) were explored, brochure request sent to two places.  Possibly a worthwhile thing, that has been on the back burner for months.  There was an important half hour discussion with the social security office.  Some information that may be valuable for the research project was found. 

If the information for the research project pans out, there’s going to be a whole new direction in life.  For several years now there has been talk everywhere possible in a search for a helper who could physically go to the library.  Well, no need for any more effort at less than half the expected cost.  The attention to everyday life desperately needed before became a bigger thing recently as reports about bed bugs are worse and they can become a serious problem needing massive attention. 

A trade off in life supposedly exists.Coffee cup

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Summer High Days

The big news in the place is that bed bugs are back and are a matter under serious discussion.  There will be meetings that people have to attend and such.  The big news on the personal front is that the physical condition seems to be worse, but a happy thing is that the research project may be in an “active status.”  That’s not a sure thing yet but it was started.  In regard to the perpetual topic of aide service, the “new” aide has said she was quitting, so another “start over” cometh. 

Due this coming week (at this point) is Wednesday’s uncertain aide service, Thursday’s Avon delivery and Friday’s uncertain lunch service.  Friend should be by.  The times for the buggy meetings haven’t been posted.  They likely will be disruptive to this existence that’s just barely managed.  With July 4 in the past, there are no holidays to upset life and times for a while, so it is possible there will be continued existence at least for a while.  Of course, there’s the Windows 10 stuff. 

As for the past week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday were used for staying in bed as much as possible in the faint hope that thereby there would be no immediate need for emergency medics from the fire department.  That service was most seriously in consideration a couple of times.  Tuesday alone wasn’t enough recovery time.  Net result there, the aide wasn’t checked too closely and the garbage not removed had to be removed to some person who could handle the trash chute (and more). 

There should be perfect days at some time.Coffee cup 

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