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Poetry (?)

When frost is on the car
Don’t leave the door ajar
As winter isn’t far.

Close the windows, too,
And, plan for life anew
In what you hope to do.

Author: me, and, well, it has to be posted somewhere beside the place where it was first posted (and immediately lost in the turnover), namely, facebook.  It was so published November 11.  At least now it’s not completely lost in the gale winds of existence.  And, since it’s here, here’s another:

Only a strong man dares to be gentle.
Only a wise man dare to be still.
Only a great man dares to be humble.
Only a good man dares, and he will.

Likewise author, me.  The second one has some age on it as (if memory serves reasonably well) it was written somewhere around 1958; but, it was not put out for publication until June 6 last year (2016) in a sort of private little message board (“Our Pages” in a hosting site called ProBoards).  The inspiration was my father who’s birthday was November 13.  He would have been 113 or 114 this year.  And, no, this is not the kind of stuff that is usually posted here.  The doctor came totally unexpectedly on Friday and upset the equilibrium.  The Lunch Lady also came Friday, off schedule, and also upset existence as room had to be made for the food. She did bring some eggs.

Young Friend was in the apartment building on Tuesday to see someone else and paused for a moment at the place underfoot — one bright spot in the week.  Another bright spot was Saturday afternoon when it became more evident that the new “Lone Ones” club may indeed be established among the residents (two members).  And, the brightest spot of all was also Friday as the aide from nursing services did a tremendous job of getting yours truly cleaned up.  The standing aide service person was an annoying pain Wednesday, to the point where a request was turned in to cut her time to one hour (in the hope she would quit soon). Older Friend came by three times with his usual helpfulness.

At times it’s time to be different.
Thanksgiving blessings to all. 🙂



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Oh! The Excitement!

The biggest news of the week:  the scooter seems to be broken badly, vitally maybe.  It hasn’t always gone backwards in the last few days.  Older Friend did assessing on Thursday and he will be getting repair parts.  Just maybe there won’t be need for a new one yet, which is a lot of bother.  Friday night at 1:00 a.m. there was a terrific pounding on the door, and soon enough the fire department came in.  It seems a water pipe in the apartment above broke.  They wanted to check around. 

Some long delayed mail finally got mailed.  That’s a “getting something done” as the gubmint problem’s now worse.  It seems their office made a big mistake, and calling can mean sitting and waiting for over an hour.  (Not calling means go to their offices.)  And, at present there are two more gubmint offices that merit attention.  At least the rent’s paid, and there is food in the place.  Today was food truck day and it’s nearing time for a visit from the doctor.  (Maybe he has pills.) 

There’s been another good link to share found, but it will be some other time.  It takes some fiddling to line them up.  An attempt will also be made to find that first one again, as it doesn’t connect anywhere any longer.  The lady doing security checks took a crack at finding aide services.  It did not pan out, but another person may have come up with something.  The Advocacy Lady is scaling back her efforts at such things, and her agency’s expected to send someone new sometime soon. 

When a lot happens, it hard to recall it all.Confused smile 

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New Feature Here

Tuesday was a day for things to go wrong, from simple matters like the TV dinner tray had a crack in the bottom (the liquid ran out) to important matters like the security check screwed badly.  It took all day to mostly straighten matters out with some help from Older Friend to the point of status quo.  What irritating annoyance was brewing surfaced late Thursday.  The thing was addressed but may not be finished.  On the positive side, two nice ideas came to mind.  One’s below with info. 

Come Wednesday there’s supposed be a special visitor bringing birthday treats.  It can’t be a long visit as it has to be in the early evening, but even a short one is nice.  That is the highlight of the week (and maybe even the year).  Getting The Special Project (Aviation Trail offering) off the back burner isn’t scrapped yet, but the world at hand in decent order’s a top priority.  Lunch Lady brought eggs.  Advocacy Lady letter did get mailed.  Older Friend came.  Sales reps this week.   

As many know, there are two blogs posted.  The other’s called The Diary’s Blog (link at right).  It was created because one day it was noticed that this one (meant to be more like that) was full of computer and internet stuff.  It was decided that there should be no mention of either.  It’s the rule with The Diary’s Blog.  Sometimes there’s a something to be passed on, here’s one and, it’s gotta be here.

Some moments in life need to be recalled.Camera 

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Not Being In Boston….

April 17, 2013 … (Delayed). 

The apartment management sent a notice that the refrigerator, which worked okay, was to be replaced today and everything had to be removed from the one in place.  Right?  And, there was a race to the office to see if the replacing could be done amid the housekeeping of the day.  The homemaker aide didn’t show, which led to another race around the place with a hope of finding a more able-bodied resident who would do it for a small gift like five dollars.  Mission accomplished by evening, but the extra running downstairs used up enough scooter power that the scooter had to be re-charged. 

April 19, 2013 … (Delayed). 

A powerful week it has been.  In addition to the upsetting matter of changing the refrigerator and the additional scooter re-charge (and the national news from Boston), the top air bed collapsed and had to be replaced, the three-way light bulb went out and much later the bulb in the smaller lamp used for the plants, most of the trash of course is still in the place, and the prescription for pills (because the infection situation got worse) got confused by the lady delivering same.  It is now Saturday night.  Friend came by and took care of the lights and got some groceries.  The pills are being taken according to a guess.   

April 21, 2013. 

It’s Sunday night and it continues to be an eventful time.  What was carried in today was some more “new,” a lamp and a table.  About three years ago there were two large table lamps (identical) to be set on the two sides of something like a sofa.  One got knocked over and it broke.  The place where it was has been dark ever since.  The plant gifts have been growing and had outgrown their “stand” (a large tub).  Both the lamp and the table have been mentioned in case anyone had time to go get same.  Someone finally did, unexpectedly, as she was shopping in the vicinity of said items.  They were dropped off this evening.     

April 22, 2013. 

A note came up on the computer screen speaking of a Trojan Horse, not the historic kind.  A scan would seem to be the thing to do.  One was started in the new security system installed a couple of days ago (highly ranked company).  Six hours later the scan was still operating.  Now, along with the scooter that again needed re-charge (there was little use of what was put in a few days ago), the swollen leg, etc., the common effort (surely it is) to follow Boston Marathon business (it ain’t all settled yet) and “smaller” things like lunch being late as the lady bringing it had to go to the doctor, it was anything but a manageable day. 

One can’t always take a lot of change. 

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Seven Days This Time

March 26, 2013. 

The new government payment system is only “sort of” set up.  It’s possible to get money out of the account (that was tried already); but, doing anything online, like checking balances or whatever has hit a snag.  The “create an account business” didn’t work when tried today.  This is not good as it’s supposed to be possible to deposit funds into one’s bank account via the workings.  Taking cash out of an ATM and carrying it physically to the bank is not what was in mind.  The housekeeping assistant due tomorrow, the nurse-doctor is due Thursday; and, the physical condition seemingly continues to deteriorate….   
March 27, 2013.

The witching hour approaches.  The scooter has been re-charged.  A computer malfunctioning item has been fixed by the powers that be.  The hands are a mess.  The nose is about to drip.  Eighteen dollars is likely gone because the aide bought the wrong thing.  If she does take it back next week, which is a loss of valuable time, it seems unlikely that they will give her the money back as she didn’t get a receipt.  She’s good, but not for errands.  It’s not the first time she didn’t get a receipt.  The nurse-doctor is coming tomorrow morning too early, if things go as scheduled.  The light went out in the kitchen again.  

March 28, 2013. 

For a change, today was a very good day.  A day with little scooter worry is a good start, but a few other things went well, too.  The nurse-doctor listened and promised more attention to concerns than the previous people did.  Apparent sensible prescriptions coming tomorrow.  The light bulb in the kitchen was replaced, and since there was a need to go to the office to get that done, the opportunity was also used to check on the moving to another apartment (the office was politely nagged!).  Setting up an online account service in the government’s new money system was finally achieved.  It took a good while. 

March 29, 2013. 

It’s “Good Friday” 2013.  Many people (not as many as once, and not all by any means) have special events in mind.  The events aren’t very cheerful.  To an extent the people aren’t too cheerful, either.  This is not a favorite time of the year be it with a promise of lovely weather in the air or not.  Life for many is miserable as it is; they don’t need depressing celebrations regardless of how hopeful the intent is.  Medicine came today.  Food truck came today; it did not have something picked to try.  There is some more to do with the government’s electronic payments. 

March 30, 2013. 

Once again the witching hour approaches.  Once again it is a time of a Christian High Holiday.  Like a calendar new year, two big ones have their event in the middle of the night.  All is still.  Some are preparing for early celebrations.  And, no doubt some are out earning a living, while some have no interest in either the Christians or their events.  But, on Monday the attitude — that’s “attitude” — will be dealing with spring firmly in place even if it is snowing outside.  There was one last March business, and that was done at about 7:15 a.m.  It should have been done at about 9:00 p.m. last night, but it wasn’t.  Small greetings were sent.

March 31, 2013. 
And, now it’s Easter Sunday, and at the moment it’s a matter of a wait for a promised Easter dinner.  A new pill was started this morning.  Now there are three to take, but two of them are only vitamins.  The new third one is prescription.  There were only three prescription pills ordered, three pills sent in the bottle.  Each one is to cover about half of a week.  It’s fifty degrees per the temperature gadget and cloudy outside — not a very pretty day for people celebrating either the holy day or spring.  And, it’s only a hope the man bringing the dinner can get himself into the building.  Happy Easter! 

April 1, 2013. 

For all practical purposes there has been no sleep for almost twenty-four hours….  The scooter needed more re-charge again.  It could be the batteries need replacing again.  Regardless, it was set up last night and upon waking up after midnight and getting up to do ordinary things, another nasty accident happened (it’s hard to judged things when sleepy).  That took until about 3:00 a..m. to clean up.  Being wide awake then, the computer was checked.  There was about an hour’s rest between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. and this evening after 6:00 p.m.  The Diary’s Blog has to be done tomorrow. 

Days keep passing by with attempts at existence. 

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A Little Older And Then Some

March 12, 2013. 

People are talking about spring.  The days and nights are getting more even.  It was a rather sudden realization that that time of year is near when someone mentioned it recently, and the difference in the morning light was noticed.  There was a winter; but,  somehow it wasn’t noticed much.  Of course, being nearly housebound didn’t help matters toward being aware of winter.  Sure, the heating system, which is noisy and blows hot air all over the place, ran more often, but that’s about all the inconvenience there was.  While it’s acknowledged that it’s a bad time of the year, winter has always been enjoyed.  It’s gone. 

March 13, 2013. 

The personal revolutionary event of the day was a trimming off of some hair to create some bangs.  In the apparent permanent absence of a simple clip as long used, there has been a return to a ponytail for hairstyle (the mainstay of school days), which leaves bare the face of a wrinkled up old woman.  The bangs cover a little of it.  And, of course, out in the big world the revolutionary event of the day was the election of a Roman Catholic Pope from the New World (Western Hemisphere).  That be even a bigger new event if he is the first of the Jesuit order to be elected.  What that means is yet to be seen.   

March 16, 2013. 

Well, two days are missing again.  Yesterday there were many people around.  There was the lady with lunch as usual and the food truck as expected.  There were two more people that made a “birthday visit” with gifts of flowers, candy, cake and odds and ends.  Only one was really expected, and the visiting was for a good two hours.  It was enough to wear out a person in better physical shape.  As for the day before, there was a medical appointment as well as the lunch visit.  Somewhere in there the scooter had to be recharged.  Today was spent trying to recover.  There’s stuff to do, but it seems beyond the endurance. 

March 17, 2013. 

It’s Irish day, and at this point it’s almost over like the birthdays.  There were always two of the birthdays to be remembered and two still are, but there is no celebration for one.  There is no Irish in the household, but the things of the birthdays usually have had Irish influence due to the anticipation of Irish day.  And, parts of the world now move on to Easter which is in two weeks.  Then for all practical purposes spring celebrations are finished.  The time is going too fast.  A few food items were hauled in this afternoon, and that was the extent of the day’s activities, apart from looking over things online. 

March 18, 2013. 

A “free day” of sorts.  “Free days” are days when no one is expected for whom there needs to be preparations or time to be ready, nor is there anything that needs to be done, such as get downstairs with the rent money because it’s due.  This is important as re-charging the scooter or a trip to the bathroom interferes with the activity to be carried out.  Days to “take it easy” were eliminated to a great extent during the recent medical todo that amounted to nothing, so they are highly valued now.  The lady with lunch has come and gone (and so has the lunch).  Computer stuff has been checked out.  The blogs may get done today…. 

Opportunities are by their nature rather unexpected.   

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A Seven Day Week!

March 5, 2013. 

Apparently the year 2013 is finally established.  The medical appointment that was set up for this afternoon by some meddling by others was cancelled as the nurse practitioner is sick.  It has been re-set for Friday.  Fortunately no regular event is expected on Friday.  Once again that was learned by accident.  The day is “free” and maybe a few important things (like the mess down the chest) can be studied a little better.  In a true surprise, email sent to the social security office was answered and perhaps the money is in a better order.  That isn’t all, but the government decision about paper checks is now supposedly covered. 

March 6, 2013. 

The new “aide” came.  She’s more than a homemaker aide, she’s a nurse’s aide.  That’s the one bright spot in current events underfoot.  Although there were attempts, there was no progress on medical care or housing.  The condition is definitely getting worse, but the little lady did make some things much better.  A thing that was dragging along unattended is now attended to and should stay in relatively better shape.  It snowed a measurable amount in the area.  What all will turn up (or not turn up), however. is yet to be determined.  It seems like most important things are functioning more or less as normal.   

March 7, 2013. 

There was nearly a good hour of sit and wait on the telephone for a social security agent.  And, why?  Well to find out the telephone number whereby to get a live person with Direct Express, the government program for sending one their money.  The explanation that was enclosed with the card just gave a number for automated services.  It was the second such call since the first one a couple of days ago didn’t give out clear enough instructions.  They might be clear enough for some people, just not everyone.  Two hours at ten cents a minute is twelve dollars, but it’s cheaper than seventy dollars for taxi fare. 

March 8, 2013.  

Well, it’s Friday night.  The “doctoring” person came, didn’t do anything of value, said there would be a new person next time around as a new person would be covering part of the area she had and left.  That was followed by one of the “little” accidents that happen too often, and the cleaning up took so long it was not possible time-wise to be checking out some other medical services.  The offices were closed already.  They won’t be open until Monday.  The emergency room is getting closer with each passing day.  The scooter is low on energy again, and the evening and part of the night will be into re-charging — right after eats. 

March 9, 2013. 

Daylight Saving Time is again at hand.  The house clocks were never changed to Standard Time as it’s too hard to change back.  It may be changing that only happens twice a year, but it certainly seems like it’s every time one turns around.  Comes a time in life when it’s hard to just get up, never mind an hour earlier.  The depressing part about it is that it’s not likely to stop happening (and stabilize) in this lifetime.  There is one solution to dealing with the business, and that’s to move somewhere that laws have been enacted to not change the clocks.  There are such places; they would be seriously considered if life were different. 

March 10, 2013. 

Gratitude is something everyone should try to keep in mind.  Even if things are not going well, if they are going at all, that’s something positive.  While the “speed” of progress may never get better even if a few “ifs” are in place, things might go more smoothly.  If things are going at all at least one is doing something toward an end.  In some cases it is, therefore, important to be careful about picking out objectives.  It’s also important to be extra alert to opportunities.  The moaning and groaning sometimes spattered all over these pages are more a matter of simply stating conditions rather than a string of complaints. 

March 11, 2013. 

It’s 12:30 a.m. in this wonderful new time.  A few surprising events are taking place, one is the temperature outside according to the desktop widget right now, which says 62 degrees.  That promises another sweltering summer.  Another is that some supplies are not present as they didn’t come yesterday evening.  Sadly, that included medication.  While the suggested medication might not work at all, at least if it were around it could be tried.  The medical situation is bad.  And, what, exactly, to do about it is a genuine unknown.  There is no wish to go to a hospital for a couple of reasons. 

Wonders do come along. 

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