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More Upheaval….

A frantic Saturday morning it was.  The light bulb burned out again in the kitchen.  While it’s not impossible to see, when something like that burns out, it takes maintenance to do the replacing.  It’s near the ceiling.  Best alternative’s a tall man willing to be helpful.  As maintenance would be days away most likely today (at the earliest), there was the hunt for a tall man.  It did get done.  Older Friend is tall enough, but due to serious commitments he could not stop this weekend. 

Lunch Lady was off sick.  Stuff came okay.  She said she’d be back today.  Her eggs were all gone.  Avon’s coming this week and the food truck’s next Monday.  Young Friend may be around come Wednesday.  The doctor’s due soon.  The scooter is worse presently.  There is a flurry of activity about aide service; advocacy is debatable at the moment.  A guess says it will be stewing in some way until at least mid-May if not later; and, nothing positive personally is expected out of it at that. 

The rent has to be paid this week.  Although the cash on hand again (yet) is in disarray, at least the rent money order’s a thing in hand.  So’s the current insurance check.  Once again too much is going on the cell phone.  If it keeps up, another payment will have to be added soon.  There is one bright spot amid the negative.  The residents’ association’s very vaguely considering a job bank which may turn up enough help to scrap the aide service matters.  That’s to be cleared this week. 

It’s hard to believe some things happen.Fingers crossed 


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Taxes And Easter Done

There was a sense of finality in the air as 5:00 p.m. came in view on Thursday (no idea why).  The week had a lot of papers for housing in the clip by the door like “make an appointment for” and assorted messages.  One two-line note at the end yet was about parking in the parking lot.  That meant immediately hunting up Young Friend (as someone was coming yesterday with Easter stuff), Older Friend (coming any time) and, since Avon was due that afternoon, catching him entering to warn him. 

As frequently happens, given the personal problems along with such things, the week was a blurry mad dash of details missed that soon take on sizable importance.  A most alarming one is when the cell phone re-charge is forgotten until late as it’s not sure for the night if it’s not charged.  The pull cord in the bathroom would be the other way to get EMTs at night.  It may be twenty feet to that.  By Saturday night a few items of concern got sorted out, but not well.  Office visit to do. 

Lunch Lady made a special visit with eggs.  Young Friend’s to visit possibly tomorrow.  Older Friend thoughtfully brought a dinner from his family’s feast as well as helped in the usual ways.  Another possible aide service popped up Friday and (as before) disappeared.  Advocacy Lady needs to be contacted but she is out-of-state on important matters.  Food truck day was today.  Avon needed to be emailed as there was too much to-do going on Thursday.  A Good Neighbor came back from a trip. 

Problems can be more complex for old folks.Work 

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Some Things Are Okay….

Young Friend managed a visit this week; the rent money orders for May are safely in hand.  He might manage to come a second time this month, he said.  He will be badly missed when he at last has a chance to follow his dream of a career in the U.S. Navy.  That should happen by the end of the year.  A lady was interviewed to be a new Helping Lady.  She seemed interested, but it is not all cut and dried.  She had to cancel her first visit.  This month’s inspection for pests (bugs) was done. 

The telephone (cell phone) got a lot of use again for various offices this time most of which wasn’t worth the effort.  The mention here is only because it was done.  Older Friend as is usual these days watered the plants and brought some supplies for the week.  This time he also got the prescription for the inhalant gizmo, the only prescription that’s really used.  So the monthly stuff is covered including a payment for the cell phone.  Avon is due this week, the food truck next Monday. 

Health-wise things were quite bad over the weekend (Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday).  The doctor is supposed to come around near the end of the month.  Among other things, energy seems to be waning.  If it doesn’t clear up, a drastic change (like moving to a different type of housing) is in mind.  The place underfoot doesn’t maintain some services (like security checks are from the outside world).  There has been no chance for the likes of good links or “The Project” in this week. 

Happy Easter to all.Bunny 


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Oh! The Excitement!

The biggest news of the week:  the scooter seems to be broken badly, vitally maybe.  It hasn’t always gone backwards in the last few days.  Older Friend did assessing on Thursday and he will be getting repair parts.  Just maybe there won’t be need for a new one yet, which is a lot of bother.  Friday night at 1:00 a.m. there was a terrific pounding on the door, and soon enough the fire department came in.  It seems a water pipe in the apartment above broke.  They wanted to check around. 

Some long delayed mail finally got mailed.  That’s a “getting something done” as the gubmint problem’s now worse.  It seems their office made a big mistake, and calling can mean sitting and waiting for over an hour.  (Not calling means go to their offices.)  And, at present there are two more gubmint offices that merit attention.  At least the rent’s paid, and there is food in the place.  Today was food truck day and it’s nearing time for a visit from the doctor.  (Maybe he has pills.) 

There’s been another good link to share found, but it will be some other time.  It takes some fiddling to line them up.  An attempt will also be made to find that first one again, as it doesn’t connect anywhere any longer.  The lady doing security checks took a crack at finding aide services.  It did not pan out, but another person may have come up with something.  The Advocacy Lady is scaling back her efforts at such things, and her agency’s expected to send someone new sometime soon. 

When a lot happens, it hard to recall it all.Confused smile 

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