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Thus And So

And, as expected, it all happened again.  An anti-virus update that came through apparently was strong enough to cause connection; a systems update then came through, and for that the computer was automatically shut down absolutely breaking it, although the dialog notes hint at some traces. The connection did stay for a while. And, it is now about 12:15 a.m., Thursday.  This part of the workings is “on time.”  Publishing will boil down to catching the brass ring on the merry-go-round.  So will some of the writing.  

The mail brought some nice things, like a little notepad gift.  There was little to buy at the store except the weekend disasters used up almost all of the paper products on hand.  The weekend disasters did do some continuing, and it turned out that the breakfast items were left off of the list for the grocery.  Fortunately, there are other items around that can do for breakfast, and maybe it’s time some of those where used up.  So, it’s no waffles or French toast.  There is oatmeal and the milk may still be good…. 

And, at this point in time it is no longer the most early hours of the day, it’s evening. The scooter is sitting in re-charge with yours truly sitting on it.  Payment for the telephone was poked in the account. In view of the mis-adventures, the rent money order was taken to the office a day early just in case there’s more. The positive side to that is, with that out of the way for a few days, doing something for the computer is back to the near top of the heap.  There was no connection until 10:50 p.m..  (Written Thursday, June 30, 2011.)

What’s written in history is written in life. 


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More Connectivity….

So, yours truly really got ready for a “black out” (for lack of a better description) and one didn’t develop. Well, the commentary written, although pre-written and lacking current specifics, wasn’t bad.  As to what actually took place on Tuesday, as of 3:00 p.m., not much beyond the discovery that there was a problem with the telephone (no mobile web connection) and there might be a problem with the agency service requested (another call was made to see about it as well as to make sure the first one was received). 

Now, there were some relatively important things to do, namely get the letter mentioned written, make the telephone payment, and, of course, get ready for the homemaker aide service already in place, none of which was done in the morning or early afternoon as it was discovered there could be commentaries published for Wednesday as the internet connection remained.  The letter could be carried to the post office, the telephone still had some time on it and so forth, even though delaying things is not a good idea. 

So, the present moment is just Tuesday afternoon, not Wednesday, day or night.  The Diary’s Blog already has a commentary set to be published Wednesday (for Thursday morning) and soon one will be sent off for here, too, provided the connection holds on for a short while yet.  It is current events in the apartment underfoot, even if it is not exactly on or from the given date.  One has to make do with what one has. It is a confused time in all sorts of ways hereabouts. And, onward to the expected … maybe. 

Some things need constant adjustment.      


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In Anticipation….

The moment of taking computer under hand isn’t either a Tuesday or a day after. It’s going on 6:00 p.m. Monday, the day before this Tuesday.  If the internet connectivity dies in a short while, there will be something to read come Wednesday morning. If the connection somehow stays alive, even if something monumental occurs, which isn’t likely, it can be mentioned later.  At least that seems to be the way this will work out okay.  (Well, it’s worth a try; even if it doesn’t work out well, there’s no great harm done.)

So, anyhow, this is Monday evening.  Commentary for Tuesday has already been written and posted in The Diary’s Blog. Another anti-virus update just came through, and those only hold things in place for so long.  There’s plenty of mess to clean up in preparation for Wednesday’s homemaker aide visit as nothing was done Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  A letter has to be gotten into the mail, which is a likely Tuesday chore unless it can be done after this is finished. A payment for the telephone also has to be poked into that system.

And, so what if it is a “pre-posted” commentary?  It’s only guessing at one day. Furthermore, unless yours truly drops dead (it’s always a possibility) or the building explodes or some such thing so those that survive have to be relocated, there isn’t likely to be much that is different from any other Tuesday.  The one thing that might take place is that the person from the homemaker aide service who can set up the additional service might show up; but, it’s not expected at the moment.  It’s not even sure she got the recorded message. 

Life goes on for the living. 

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Obviously, Back For A Moment

Now an idea at this Monday very early afternoon was to have lunch, as one is supposed to have lunch. There was no dire hunger. Since there was no dire hunger, there was no bother about much – just a ham sandwich and coffee.  Well, coffee can go with a cigarette and a little time killing, such as a fast little computer game (reading any papers around is too much effort). So… Yes, anti-virus update was on the way.  It would no doubt have been missed had dessert and slaw been included in the lunch. 

And, of course, not anticipating a connection, the cell phone was in use earlier using up another dollar and a lot of thumb effort on the mobile unit.  Also, the post lunch nap – the past two days were too troublesome to discuss beyond the fact that a call was put in to the homemaker aide service business to see about some more service, like maybe an hour or more per week – was set aside to see about posting a commentary for today.  A nap can take place later.  And, never mind that complex wording; something’s being written. 

Nothing has been done toward getting ready for Wednesday, which is due soon (like in two days), except the weekly advertising packet was picked up from the box.  Indeed, the stuff was picked up near to midnight Saturday night as yours truly decided it would be good to update the notice on the bulletin board for Sunday, lest that fine soul that loves to clean off handwritten (trashy) notices would come along early Sunday.  See, this is a high class joint where some folks think bulletin board notes should be formal announcements. 

Some thoughts can need censoring. 

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And, Still Waiting For A Connection

Sunday….  Strange need for rest existed all afternoon.  There was no connection to the internet, as before.  And, tomorrow is another day that might bring an anti-virus update (maybe the foggy head will be gone by then, too).  :-)  (Written for Sunday, June 26, 2011.)

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Obviously, No Connection

On this Saturday, equipment failure was not the only disaster, and to tell the truth, yours truly doesn’t really want to even discuss it.  Had some connection very early in the morning, but didn’t get to writing anything before it gave out.  One can only hope for better tomorrows.  (Written for Saturday, June 25, 2011.) 

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Hello, Again!

It is a Friday afternoon and there was a thought to play off a couple of brief games while finishing off the lunch coffee.  Some stuff to be handwritten out (the printer is not yet set up) was done to be taken to a couple of people in the building (not that it’s expected to do a thing but waste time), but there was still some coffee left….  Those deliveries shall wait until later.  The anti-virus had an update.  The computer got connected to the internet.  How long it will last is yet to be seen.  Maybe long enough for something fast. 

So, is anyone still around?  Any comments are forwarded to email, so they will be read. That’s easy to get to via the cell phone mobile service.  It’s just that there’s not a lot of hope there will be much of a continued connectivity so that there’s a way to answer.  At least it is not likely to be an answer that comes very soon.  This will not be published until the “standardized” 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time, if there is connection long enough to get it written and sent, so no one will see it until several hours from this moment. 

It’s been terribly stormy in Covington during the last few days, so a couple of trips outside were a bit damp.  There’s an awning over the entry way (like at a sort of posh hotel) that’s over the driveway, but rain water drips off the edges and a few places like where the supports hold it up.  There are dry spots here and there, but not if the rain is heavy.  The food truck came today, so along with what was brought Wednesday, there’s plenty to eat.  Recent events?  If possible tomorrow.  It’s hoped there’s time for the pictures. 

Some opportunities are brief.   


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