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Ah! More Adjustments!

Another week is at hand.  This one’s different.  With the 4th of July being Saturday, people will get Friday, the 3rd, as a holiday.  Neither the food truck nor the lunch people will be coming this Friday.  The food truck driver stopped by to find out if anything was needed today.  On Friday the lunch people dumped off a two weeks’ supply of lunches.  A call to them in inquiry on Thursday promised this in passing, so it was known a day ahead of time.  Making room in the freezer was needed. 

Friend came both yesterday and Wednesday, and Wednesday was a most unusual visit.  A neighbor lady agreed to do the laundry as the aide wasn’t doing well, but she had to do it late.  It was supper time, and the door was left open so she could just bring in the laundry.  There was a need to visit the bathroom and sounds indicated someone had come in.  It wasn’t her.  As it was too early for friend, it was assumed it was a stranger until friend came Sunday to report it was him but he left. 

Avon brought a pizza pan, not that there will be anything but baking a pre-made one.  There was a bit of socializing with a few residents hanging around outside during the week.  It’s a rare enough thing (takes energy, scooter and personal) that a mention is in order.  After today the free copy of Windows 10 is supposed to go into the computer.  If the change from 8 to 8.1 was a preview, it may never be figured out.  Lastly here, a summons has been issued by the activities coordinator.  

Some life only stumbles onward.Pizza


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It’s Looking Worse

Another frantic week has passed.  Once again the aide service was just a bit lacking to the tune of several dollars more or less mis-spent, but perhaps some of it can be overlooked.  At the time she said she was in some pain from a medical concern of note.  Regardless, it took until yesterday to unravel that to a measurable extent given the help of two neighbors.  That isn’t all done yet.  The food truck came but it is not coming a week from Friday due to Independence Day (more adjusting). 

Friend came Wednesday and did some more work on the scooter’s batteries, but yesterday he had a prior commitment.  He is to come Wednesday.  Lunch lady’s route was “screwed” like before and may not be aligned until she returns.  The research thing got off to a bad start and now seems doubtful.  It seems that the young man isn’t really “that” interested.  The worst that surfaced was in the last few days.  Breathing deteriorated to a great extent.  An oxygen tank may be needed. 

While it may just be a matter of being upset about the way in which things have been going, if oxygen becomes needed, there will be need for considerable changing around.  Thoughts have gone into things like a medic alert button, but there has not been much chance to do any investigating into it.  It’s to be remembered that next birthday is number eighty.  There’s sure to be some real deterioration soon enough.  Whether one likes to think about such things is immaterial. 

Seems like the Greeks said nothing is static.Fingers crossed

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Still Changing….

The week was so bad that good sense said to skip coffee.  Any stimulation in addition to the goings on seemed like it might lead to a stroke.  With the lunch lady off work for weeks and service likely to be hit and miss, the request for change was turned in two weeks ago.  The assigning agency halfwit didn’t do it then for some still unexplained reason, and during that visit scheduled for last Tuesday (including director of their department), a re-hash of negation.  Change set up Friday.  

The week included many ordinary little problems, like a light bulb hard to reach burning out and new air bed needed.  A lot of such things are not impossible to handle, they are complex as in:  changing the light bulb amid the plants is easy for a person standing up as one only need to reach over them, but a scooter position has several big plants in the way of a reach from any side.  They have to be moved out of the way and back to where they were.  Getting a new bulb isn’t easy, either. 

Friend came both days and got into a confused situation as he had expected to be working on the scooter batteries; the need immediately was to rearranging the freezer.  The aide was the one to be doing the freezer, but again aide service was amiss in spite of what was assumed to be clear directives.  He also had to set out some water as there was to be a water shut-off Friday morning for four hours (also aide chore).  Fortunately the battery situation can be handled Wednesday. 

Finishing things can take time.ClockCoffee cup 

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A Few Changes In The Wind

The aide service may be momentarily established (it’s always been sort of momentary as it has seldom lasted three months) and adequate.  The assigning agency, however, has now gotten  into a stew over more than a telephone.  They will be coming to visit tomorrow.  There are ongoing attempts to change the way lunch arrives since the lunch lady will be off for weeks due to need for an operation.  When she is off the timing is rather hit and miss; it’s hard to be handy for the lunch. 

Something happened Saturday morning that may be medical, but it’s not clearly understood.  By yesterday things seemed all normal, but like the leg that doesn’t work, it may simply be that something is not being used.  The computer system seems to have problems especially with email.  Things aren’t going well when it comes to sending stuff.  And, a need now exists to put in new malware protection.  A free presumed permanent program expired.  How to take out the old is unknown. 

There may be a new “friend,” a young man to help work on the long delayed research project.  He replied to the last email sent.  This was after a confused introductory personal visit last Sunday.  Regular friend came by as usual and, as usual, helped with a serious mess.  There were special efforts that resulted in nice “sit” and “visit” sessions outside.  That’s been hard come by for a while.  It’s uplifting given that it is starting to get harder to see and more for some reason. 

Another day can be a surprise.Left hugRight hug 

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Another Week Of Odd Events

The oddest event may have been on Thursday.  The weather has been sort of warmish in the afternoons.  It seemed proper to turn on the air conditioning.  After the two minute wait, in good faith, the cold was poked in and the thing went “Whack” several times.  It was shut off during which more “whacking” happened.  Maintenance eventually took it apart to find some parts of a dead mouse in the works.  The creature was surely in there for some time but it took a start up to hit it. 

Friday at a rather inopportune time there came a lady to the door looking for a neighbor lady.  Now, enough people in the past have looked for said neighbor that some time ago a sign was hung in the center view area of the door.  There’s a red ribbon behind it.  It has an arrow pointing down the hallway and a statement saying the neighbor lives there.  Undaunted, after the sign was indicated, the lady still asked if she in fact found the neighbor.  (It’s an old folks’ home.) 

And there was the woman who didn’t understand that having an internet access didn’t guarantee sound if her computer had a problem.  Aide service was okay for a change.  Friend showed up as expected.  It was forgotten that the office hours were changed and an early attempt to pay the rent failed, but the drug store sent a sizable order okay.  The Avon came and was not exactly what was expected.  What looked like a new style of flashlight is a lamp three times larger than expected. 

Some things don’t change muchLightning

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