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A Bit Better … ?

At least in the past week there was adequate aide agency service.  There were even plans for it to be organized service.  The lady came Thursday.  She was just supposed to do the “homemaking,” but being the office manager she was also looking over things.  And, it just so happened that there was an “event” very early Thursday morning, so the agency was called with a suggestion that an hour of personal care be added.  She could look that situation over as well.  She agreed but did not stay the entire time.

Tuesday the home nursing service assessment nurse looked over the situation.  Little is expected from that agency.  Wednesday Lunch Lady stopped by with some of her gifts.  The food the Lunch Lady used to bring was again brought by the same man who brought it before.  Evidently he’s permanent.  Friday, Saturday and yesterday were days of frantic racing amid normal stuff (like eating).  Supplies and money are and were low.  There was a need in there to change clothes again, so a need for laundry again.

The debit card was in the mail picked up Thursday, but even as of this afternoon there was no opportunity to set up the card, and with the banks closed over the weekend, no other way to get money.  The week ahead promises to be a frantic mess apart from the aide agency services, which are now at least scheduled comfortably.  The rent money orders still have to be done, and a big bill, the post office box rent, is in that.  The food truck, Lunch Lady bringing gifts, and agency aide were all due today.

Constant change often isn’t good.  😦



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Looming Ahead….

What looms ahead is Daylight Saving Time.  Personally speaking what looms ahead may be a lot of medical stuff and plenty more service problems.  Most of the past week was both.  From Monday, after publishing time or there wouldn’t have been anything posted, until Friday, almost as late in the day, there was a hospital stay including a lot of tests as well as confusion.  Most of this afternoon was spent in a new doctor’s office, including more “blood work,” X-rays and medical paperwork.

Included in today’s trip, provided by a wonderful organization out of Cincinnati that has concern for and provides services for people like yours truly, there were a few stops for some basic needs (cigarettes, toilet paper, a carry-out sandwich, etc.).  The policy in these pages (in case it hasn’t been noticed) is “no names,” but if someone wants to know more about them, if a note’s posted in the comments for private discussion, maybe something can be worked out.  “Young Friend” was part of it.

The service problems pretty much consumed the time from Friday night until it was time to leave for the new doctor’s office with replies to emails sent about the usual stuff, that is, homemaking, errands and personal care.  There was a clean-up in there, but even two days of presently unneeded email is too much.  Nothing is sorted out at the moment, but at least the debit card should be in the mail picked up.  Nice Neighbor took care of some things like getting some water on the plants.

The unexpected does arrive.  🙂


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2019 Continues With Bad Stuff

A new month has started and with such come the activities of the beginning of months, like getting bills paid.  In this case that’s in between medical stuff and service problems.  And, an essay getting posted today is no less than a small miracle.  The weekend had a super important disaster in that the Direct Express debit card was “eaten” by the ATM machine.  (The last time the card was lost it took about three weeks to get a new one.)  In the meantime there’s no way to get money out of the account.

This morning three hours of difficulty in breathing — bad enough to consider calling 911 — resulted in an “event” that was bad enough to re-consider calling 911.  The food truck, Lunch Lady with some of her kind of gifts and nurse’s aide services were all due.  Lunch Lady looked at the pile of trash and offered to haul it out.  At least the week’s garbage is out of the place.  The nursing service called to say the aide wasn’t coming.  Furthermore, they couldn’t provide a back up.  A new nursing service is in order.

Tuesday the assigning agency representative came for a review and threw out a threat and some insults.  Wednesday was clear and good.  Thursday physical therapy came and so did someone from the neglect/abuse hotline as the nursing service (for one, anyway) had called in a report.  Friday was very upset as supplies of most commonly used things were low and Nice Jewish Lady could not go for money or anything else.  She did get enough money for some things before the ATM ate the card.

Tomorrow’s always another day.  😦

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New Week, New Hopes

A sliver for hope for some stabilization was found Saturday morning, just a sliver of a positive nature after months of deteriorating circumstances.  Having the nursing service CNA for personal care helps; but, among other things, someone said the “can’t-prove-it-was-her” thief was being moved out.  That doesn’t mean she be the only one who might walk in and take something useful, but she be a known one.  There was a real help from activities coordinator on Thursday, too.

This morning, however, was a serious mess, and the agency assigning the agency doing the presently non-existent services is sending a representative to review things.  The woman is supposed to show up tomorrow for as much as two hours.  The nurse is also scheduled for tomorrow and a request that she come early was made.  What happens tomorrow leaves a lot to worry over, but at least there was the hope of getting cleanish today as well as this coming Friday.

Nice Jewish Lady came to the rescue a couple of times in spite of the weather, and Lunch Lady brought some of her gifts, both of whom help to keep things going.  The search for some substantial back up continues and has widened but so far not too effectively.  The rent and other payments need to be covered in the next couple of days — at least the payments are in hand — amid dealing with a substantial shortage of both money and supplies.  There is food around.

Things get very tight at times.  😦

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Still Mostly Medical Stuff

It’s been two weeks since the trip to the emergency room, and the medical stuff has taken up most of the past week.  It’s still not all arranged, but nurse is due tomorrow, physical therapist is due Thursday and nurse’s aide was due today and is due again Friday.  The food truck was also due today and likewise Nice Jewish Lady with stuff from a drug store and the post office.  Something from the ordinary agency, like a “homemaker aide,” is not expected Wednesday as that was screwed, but it’s not impossible.

Efforts are currently being directed to finding a new doctor.  Some things happened that makes it a sensible move.  And, of course, there is the seemingly perpetual need to find an emergency contact to replace the now long gone “Older Friend” as well as the later supposed volunteers.  This is in the midst of money problems, since a neighbor or such willing to go get something needed really is entitled to some gas money while there have been a few unexpected expenses.  The post office box rent is due, too.

The predicted temperatures for last night were finally a shade under zero for a couple of hours and the weather reports keep talking about bad weather, so it’s always a question of who will be out in the weather to do whatever.  The social worker from the health team visited on Saturday, and it was not a good visit.  The Lunch Lady with her gifts has a concern about coming, although the stuff she used to bring did arrive okay on Friday, and transportation to whatever doctor’s office is in the works.

It’s hoped everyone had a good “King day.”  🙂

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Mostly Medical Time….

Computer’s still a bit iffy, and due to the medical stuff and more there’s been little chance to really look into the matter.  It does look like it was at least partly a bad mouse thing.  One Christmas gift was a new mouse.  Once that was plugged in, the computer started working better.  A very late internet payment finally got into the mail Thursday between chasing after Nice Neighbor for laundry service again and dealing with a long visit from the agency aide service, part of which will be discontinued for two months.

The interview for in-home nursing services (two months) was Wednesday and different aspects of the “home care” should start this week.  The nurse visit was Friday.  The aide service part kicked in this afternoon.  Fortunately there was no food truck visit due today.  Two more interviews (today) were needed for the nursing service to be all set up.  There’s a nurse and an aide, physical and occupational therapy and a social services caseworker.  The aide is supposed to be coming on Mondays and Fridays.

Couldn’t breathe and more yesterday so called for the nurse on call to come and check on things.  The Lunch Lady’s stuff, now via someone else, is due Friday.  The Lunch Lady herself is still coming by with gifts.  Nice Jewish Lady is still getting things if/when it’s possible for her to drive or get a ride.  The added costs around have flattened one of the bank accounts and it’s not even mid-month.  Fortunately February is a short month and there may be a chance to get supplies as birthday presents in March.

Change is a part of existence.  😦

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Life Goes On Precariously

Yesterday afternoon was spent in the hospital emergency room.  In addition to the usual problems, an infection has entered the picture and new medications have entered the picture both for it and for the “regular” stuff.  The medications were a matter for today (in addition to the food truck, dying plants and the satellite bill) as the drug store was closed by the time it was all over.  Nice Neighbor was a great help both with getting to the hospital and getting back.

As has been stated, it would not be surprising to see “sick leave” as a week’s essay, but not at this time.  There’s more involved than getting the medications, such as notifying the current doctor’s office about the visit to the hospital and maybe (if good fortune prevails) getting some better aide service from an actual nursing service.  At least there’s plenty of food in the place as Lunch Lady’s stuff (now delivered by a replacement it seems) came Friday (and at a bad time).

In regard to the week past, aide service did not show up on Wednesday, so none of a very long list of errands was done except piecemeal over subsequent days by anyone in the building that could be found in-between things like the personal care by a new person on Thursday.  Young Friend’s former organization did send a person on Friday, and the rent money orders for February are in hand, if they can be found in the mess that exists due to the missing aide upheaval.

May all good people have a good week ahead.  🙂

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