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New Week, New Hopes

A sliver for hope for some stabilization was found Saturday morning, just a sliver of a positive nature after months of deteriorating circumstances.  Having the nursing service CNA for personal care helps; but, among other things, someone said the “can’t-prove-it-was-her” thief was being moved out.  That doesn’t mean she be the only one who might walk in and take something useful, but she be a known one.  There was a real help from activities coordinator on Thursday, too.

This morning, however, was a serious mess, and the agency assigning the agency doing the presently non-existent services is sending a representative to review things.  The woman is supposed to show up tomorrow for as much as two hours.  The nurse is also scheduled for tomorrow and a request that she come early was made.  What happens tomorrow leaves a lot to worry over, but at least there was the hope of getting cleanish today as well as this coming Friday.

Nice Jewish Lady came to the rescue a couple of times in spite of the weather, and Lunch Lady brought some of her gifts, both of whom help to keep things going.  The search for some substantial back up continues and has widened but so far not too effectively.  The rent and other payments need to be covered in the next couple of days — at least the payments are in hand — amid dealing with a substantial shortage of both money and supplies.  There is food around.

Things get very tight at times.  😦


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Not A Better Week Yet

This be started in a daze early Sunday afternoon, and the daze wasn’t because of the time change.  There be no known reason for it, but when thoughts materialize without subject and verb, that’s being in a daze.  An unexpected bit of a stir developed among Daytonians online, and it really did need to be “handled” somehow, and the matter being interrupted every couple of minutes by computer (mostly mouse) malfunctioning did not help.  There needs to be something done to something.  (It works sometimes.)

One aide service was changed to today instead of this coming Wednesday, maybe just for this week, regardless of the actual inconvenience and partly uselessness of it.  No way is that business anywhere near some kind of dependable settlement.  Nice Jewish Lady’s a treasure.  Once again Friday she got money and something to eat.  And, the doctors have told her she only has a couple of years to live.  Lunch Lady’s another treasure who came with her kind of gift again today.  (Survival’s based on such folks.)

Young Friend should be coming by sometime fairly soon.  It’s time to be doing the money orders for next month’s bills.  There is a doctor’s appointment on Thursday, and medical matters are far from settled.  Some patching needs to be done to the apartment, like that place on the ceiling that fell needs more attention.  Some new people may soon be in the overall picture, but to what extent won’t be known for a while.  No one showed up at the club meeting time, but the idea still is not scrapped permanently.

Nervous breakdowns happen to the best of people.  🙂

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Hospital Stay Occupations


historical postcard

This picture is of the manor house (or castle) in the village in Europe that some ancestors left.  It’s in a rather collapsing state now.  Some  of the village images do not look much different from what one might see in the Midwest.  One “stay occupation” is to look at something far away.  Other pictures may be coming.

So what can be said when the week’s events amounts to sitting in a hospital bed?  Maybe not much, believe it or not.   Was there accident?  No.  A calamity, like a heart attack?  No.  The personal opinion is that it simply a case of being all worn out after years of battling sometimes negligence if not incompetence.  One goes to the office or whatever for example, and meets idiocy.  That was certainly the case with the bugs.  See it Sunday, report it first thing Monday morning, they’ll spray around on Wednesday because they spray on Wednesdays.   If one has to live with insects running around the place a few extra days, so what? 

The deal now is to see about going someplace else, like back to the apartment – at least friend paid the rent and carried out the trash, so there is the apartment still available without a lot of to do.  There’s a decided feeling of not being well enough to go back to staying there alone.  There is food in the freezer unit and such to get started again.  One big question is where to go from this point on as that system that was never really set up will not do any more – the need is no longer there.  And, for the moment at least a couple of things can be forgotten.  How it might work out isn’t even in sight. 

The end may be near any time. Coffee cupFingers crossed

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Coming Out Of The Big Freeze

Tuesday (Delayed)….  The Diary’s Blog article for the day seemed inadequate as it was begun.  Much of the day was spent concocting follow up with very little in actual accomplishment at the end of the day.  Word came that a new person was coming to do the homemaker aide stuff at the regularly scheduled time.  At least the mail will get picked up and the trash will get hauled out.  What else she might do has to be sorted out over the next couple of weeks.  The cold weather is still a thing of concern, not so much personally as the place can be kept warm with the oven, too, if necessary, but in regard to those that come.   

Wednesday (Delayed)….  A new homemaker aide was on the scene today.  She is a nice enough person, but the aide business is rather up in the air presently.  The need for a nurse’s aide exists and that is a confused situation as Medicare covers nurse’s aide services.  The homemaker aide services are senior services.  Friend surprisingly did not come by.  He hasn’t been around since December 29.  Trash accumulation has not been the only concern.  The insurance check also needs to be cashed before it becomes a stale check (in a few days) and cigarettes are still being rationed – no money to buy several cartons. 

Thursday (Delayed)….  Regular friend came by, late, too late for it to be of very much use, but he did go get cigarettes and money, both of which were low.  The quarterly insurance check was due to be cashed days ago and was considered a lost cause, but he was sure “his” bank would cash it, so  it was handed over.  It’s not impossible, just not likely.  The final visit of the nurse was expected; about the time she was expected word came that it was moved forward a day.  A drug store call is needed because one of the vitamins is about out.  That isn’t vital, of course, but the medicine is also running low. 

Friday (Delayed)….  This was the last day for nursing services as such.  There’s a nurse’s aide in the works, it seems, but at this point that’s still all confused.  The agency for nursing services, per the nurse, was properly notified.  However, she was saying things that didn’t jive with the homemaker service.  Serious attempts have been made to get the stuff coordinated in the past.  The last attempt was in the email sent last weekend.  The drug store was not called.  Staff housekeeping, it seems, is authorized to take out trash if someone is stuck with it like when the aide someone has doesn’t show up – learned by accident in a passing chat.   

Saturday afternoon….  An noontime nap prompted by a feeling of exhaustion by 8:30 a.m. already turned out to be a nightmare time.  It was about moving out of the place for the better part of a week for the window construction.  Along those lines there has been no idea of what to do.  The day was a “free day.”  Lunch was a nice leftover from yesterday.  Things need to be done all of the time just to be alive, including counting and putting away the week’s financial events.  And, the day started with little expectation of doing so.  The nightmare insured that, as it was frightening.  Such doesn’t happen often.  

Sunday afternoon….  Well, regular friend may be back “on schedule” – he came by at about the usual time, watered the plants and went to get a few supplies and a pre-paid cell phone card.  As expected, the insurance check wasn’t honored at his bank as it was past date (what banks sometimes call “stale”).  The only bright spot in the day is that the week’s article for The Diary’s Blog has been scheduled for publishing already and some follow up on the first part has been seen.  Next week promises to be busy with calls needed to the drug store, the doctor’s office and the insurance company. 

Monday (Anticipated)….  The temperature is predicted to be near the mid-50’s, which will make the place hot, too hot to do much.  As noted for yesterday, the drug store, doctor’s office and insurance company should be contacted.  There’s no knowing where the call to the doctor’s office will lead.  Persons to show up then are the lunch lady and the drug store delivery lady.    There may be chance to explore the re-locating business in between them.  That has to be done quite soon as there is no telling for sure if regular friend can come up with something other than what the building management has arranged. 

It can be hard to tell which way life is going. 


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Magic Word–Armenia?

For some unknown reason that name draws a foggy blank. It was today sitting in mind as a misty, white blob in the middle of a mass that would be something like the Eurasian continental mass.  It is a country, a small one, that is somewhere in the middle of that.  The size  (apart from relatively small), shape, background, a noteworthy element or two, etc., all sat as a total blank.  The United Nations list has something like two hundred counties.  Mental references (even locations on maps) can be conjured up about a good many of them, but today not that one. 

It came about like this:  there is an Australian man who decided to go trekking in former Soviet Union countries and nearby Islamic nations taking more or less a few current pictures of life and times there nowadays for posting in a weblog.  It was discovered about when he got to the area of that terrible nuclear accident in Ukraine.  “Hooked” is an apt description for yours truly. He went back home, all intended covered for the time being anyway.  The connection stayed connected. Evidently misplaced pictures of the country were found and posted.  

The  name was recollected, but what, where was it?   Everything was set aside to look at the pictures, which rather assumed the viewer knew something about the place.  More looking had to be carried out – a fast over-view today.  Completely, but completely, alien words about a couple of million people in some mountains, words too alien to even guess to something were there.  It must be for when a lot of time is available.  But, finally, one item was found by which to remember it.  It is said that’s where Noah’s Ark settled after the biblical flood. 

It’s never known what one can find. 

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Some Different Details

Well, at least part of the apartment building had an inspection and had the air filters changed. “They” would normally have come close to 12:00 p.m. as they start at the top floor.  They didn’t. They had lunch before they did the fifth floor. They want to see the bathroom and the kitchen.  It isn’t good to occupy the bathroom until they are gone, especially if one expects to spend some time there, because a couple of reasons for occupying the bathroom involve a measure of being unclothed.  The official papers come tomorrow. 

Fortune, heaven or whatever smiled on yours truly last night as the computer managed to connect to the internet as the commentaries for these weblogs got finished.  They were finished very late and a background question was, would the scooter finish it’s re-charging in time to scoot down the hall to post them before midnight.  They got posted in the apartment. The connection stayed during the day and that was another fortunate thing as the landlady could see that sittings in front of the elevators were not a standard thing. 

What routine there is during the day was, of course, disturbed. The little journey to the outside world was mid-afternoon. As it seemed to want to start to rain, no hanging around outside was possible. A couple of electronic letters got sent.  One could have been done by telephone, but by email is better. One wasn’t necessary, it was just a little polite pleasantness that can make someone happy. One had to be done by electronic means as it went to a far distant land to a person who left no street address.  That one may be needed. 

Small accomplishments are accomplishments.    


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Yahoo Nederland?

If there is maybe ten minutes of connectivity down the hall – it’s not a good idea to figure on more, although it might be more – a good idea is to sort of estimate what might be done.  Email will include a notice from WordPress for any weblog comments, a notice for most (often all) notes posted with Facebook, notices of private messages in some places…. Email can take the whole ten minutes; but, if any chance exists, the British Broadcasting Corporation’s home page of news highlights world events and can be set to be read later. 

Well, plans may be thus and so, but today was “choice” in regard to “wrong stuff.”  The computer was shut off last night so it could rest. (Sometimes it helps to let it rest.)  The regular browser didn’t come up in a usable state.  The second isn’t set for the use.  Desperately the third was fished out, the http for Yahoo was typed in and what was presented was Yahoo Nederland. Time was very limited – the water was due to be shut off and the scooter needed re-charging. So, what can one do but sit and listen to the fire alarm go off? 

Lunch was around 4:00 p.m. (the scooter was re-charging, and it’s easier to deal with things like getting food if sitting).  At least Yahoo Nederland led to U.S. email once there was a login.  Nothing was to be answered right then, but at least there was a glimpse of where answers were needed.  With the plumbing supposedly finished, the fire alarm may also be finished unless there just happens to be fire somewhere.  There was a second trip to the lobby just to get away from the apartment to where something might be happening. 

Animals need exercise. 

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