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Busy Week

A new, unknown creature is on the scene.  It went zooming by near 6:30 a.m. on Friday, a grayish ball of alarming size, finishing touch for an annoying 5:30 a.m. (or so) trip to the bathroom.  Maybe it is just a mouse.   There was, of course, no going back to bed.  At 6:45 a.m., an idea was to sit by the office hoping someone would get in early to send maintenance.  The housekeeper drifted by and agreed to look around; she found nothing.  At 8:00 a.m. the office was informed, and at about 3:50 p.m. the office was reminded a weekend was at hand with no activity from maintenance like setting mouse traps on the assumption of mouse. 

There was a sizable crunch on Friday as not only lunch, the food truck, and the aide were due, but plans included discussing “The Project” with the aide.  Also, the inspection came about, which this time included the manager himself.  The aide couldn’t find an item at the market and got an unworkable substitute, took it back and worked overtime.  In justice that has to be whittled off of upcoming visits.  Tuesday’s visit, however, went well.  Friend came Wednesday but as his family was going for a weekend vacation, Sunday’s “friendly visitor” was a sub that couldn’t be asked to do anything like go buy something needed. 

As usual these days the money did not get sorted out in a timely fashion.  As the rent is due tomorrow and the office is closed on Wednesdays, that needed early payment, like it or not.  (And, no that’s not likeable.)  The internet access is not changed and attempts at some workable system fell by the wayside again, given the likes of Friday.  Maybe it can be tried again this week.  The drug store again was called as a second vitamin was depleted, and they were again out of an item.  The delivery was so late they were called again to see if it was coming.  And, the morning light is noticeably coming later already…. 

Survival is harder in some parts of the world.  Storm cloud


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No New Big Problems!

This week’s “visitors” were mostly the usual — friend (twice), lunch lady (four times), Avon lady’s husband (delivery week is every other week), homemaker aide service (twice, still disorganized – two different people scheduled for the two different days turned out to be one that came on Tuesday and on Friday).  Friend did extra in that he got basic groceries with a list given last Sunday and took care of the plants.  The lunch lady began a week’s vacation yesterday, so substitutes are due.  The new aide seems good, but the question is always how long will she be around?  A neighbor did the laundry. 

There, of course, has been no improvement in the internet access business.  It apparently is more than a matter of the scaffolding around (reportedly most if not all of that’s gone), but there’s no real constant hotspot except at the end of the hall.  Sometimes it materializes elsewhere, but not predictably.  There is no new working system; obviously one needs to be devised.  The weblogs are done in the complicated pre-written method.  Simple things like seeing email can be frequently done via the cell phone mobile unit.  But, several months of the free pictures have been lost as well as host site updates. 

The doctor has not yet been around this month.  (He is expected.)  The property management may be instituting new stuff.  First there were  monthly fire drills to do little besides remind people not to use the elevators.   Thursday a notice came about a standard inspection (check faucets, disposal, etc.).  Last month’s similar notice makes it strange.  Such inspections usually are annual.   One does wonder if they are looking for something in particular.  Getting services for bug problems was like pulling teeth.  While there’s no intention of moving prescriptions, more drug stores are being explored.

Once in a while things are manageable.  Fingers crossed

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Mid-September Positive/Negative

Well, on the negative side this week, the order from the drug store last Tuesday was nothing like what was originally expected.  Of the four things wanted, none of them were available when they were called, something learned when the one thing they did send (vitamins) was a different version.  A call to the doctor was needed to make sure they were okay.  That was delayed until Wednesday as the delivery was very late.  A choice had to be made between doing that and visiting the office about bugs again.  The office trip resulted in a personal squawking at maintenance as proper orders evidently still were not sent through.   

Still on the negative side, Friday’s supermarket trip wasn’t what was originally expected, either.  For that matter neither was the aide as the one expected (the one that came on Tuesday) quit.  A substitute arrived almost three hours later than the appointed hour.  It definitely looks like this aide agency likewise won’t provide much service, which will be substantial problem.  And of course (we’re being negative here) the internet access still does not exist in the place.  Setting up a workable system outside of the apartment has problems like adjustments for the likes of the above. 

Positively speaking, the post office box rent got paid, and money orders for the other rents are in hand thanks to friend.  All went well with the food truck.  The biggest positive is that Autumn is in the air.  A neighbor helped with cleaning up the mess the aide made by over-watering the plants.  Another resident seriously interested in unsecured wireless has been showing up at one of the haunts.  And, it can help to have a kindred spirit around.  The door may now be fixed enough to curtail some of the bug problem.  Friend and a neighbor have said they could help a little with things the aide service is not getting done. 

There’s always a chance there’s a tomorrow. 

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Well, September….

New things should be good and welcome.  One new thing in sight Saturday was new, unwanted insect.  One solution to the bug problem, since the spraying by maintenance (when it is shook loose) is not working, is to move.  That prospect would seem to be one chance in several thousand.  There is at least a fifty-fifty chance another place would likewise have bugs.  Calling an exterminator would make sense.  Homemaker aide service is still in a dire state.  The aide that came Tuesday paid little attention to things being said and more, like the scooter.  An incident report claiming her foot was run over came to be.  Sadly, it is possible. 

The reliable lunch lady came as expected, but friend did not come Wednesday, even  though that was verified, nor did he come late Sunday as expected, but he came unexpectedly on Friday.  That was due to concern about missing the visit on Wednesday.  He also was later than usual and unable to do much at the usual time on Sunday due to an emergency with someone else.  Things aren’t in good order with what he might do.  He has plans to be away for nearly a week later in the month.  There’s not much time when he can do anything.  At least there was no problem with the Avon delivery on Thursday. 

There were several trips to the office on Friday to discuss services which could have been done by the building activities coordinator.  It wasn’t until 4:00 p.m. that the office was free of people.   The manager was irritated, apparently at not being able to leave.  He didn’t pay due attention.  There has been no change in the internet access situation.  Thoughts about changing the format here as well as methods are riding high.  The cell phone mobile unit has a cost daily.  While it’s not much, there’s no end in sight.  Sunday’s attempt at a new system didn’t work too well.  Things is not good in River City. 

Sometimes hope has to be generated. 

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Very Little New….

Suddenly it’s Friday.  The food truck is due.  The homemaker aide is due.  The lunch lady is due.  Maintenance has work to do and might even show up.  And, because yesterday when the rent was due be a holiday with offices closed, the rent needed to be paid, too.  Plus it was due to be 90 degrees outside, therefore 89 or so degrees in the hall and no place to be sitting trying to use a computer.  The fast food French fries bought Friday before last, saved for later, are still in the refrigerator.  Likewise slaw, unopened.  Expectations of using them at the latest sometime this past week didn’t materialize.  Days were a blur. 

The days started getting blurred last Tuesday noontime when the new little aide arrived.  As the trash was being picked up, a centipede ran by her.  There was already a big dead one on the floor.  No one wants to work some place that’s full of bugs.  Tired or not, it was necessary to go infuriated to the office as it’s closed Wednesdays.  Maintenance came to finish that left undone last week.  Friend’s visit Wednesday had no word of an errands person, a matter a-float for weeks now.  The little nurse was sure such existed.  Thursday was partly spent running it down.  Saturday’s disruption was a careless soul knocking on the wrong door.  

Well, the French fries were eaten Saturday.  The errands persons business was finished off with there isn’t one on Thursday.  The holiday yesterday came and went, with the little flags decorating the parking lot where there was picnic-type stuff Sunday and friend coming early.  Sadly, one of Dayton’s last county fairs finished a day’s run early amid little available internet news service.  Regarding the aide services, there’s no way of knowing what will come today.  The little supervisor doing the chores on Friday said she would be coming back Friday.  And, arrival word came from  Avon. 

Sometimes things are never good in River City. 

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