No New Big Problems!

This week’s “visitors” were mostly the usual — friend (twice), lunch lady (four times), Avon lady’s husband (delivery week is every other week), homemaker aide service (twice, still disorganized – two different people scheduled for the two different days turned out to be one that came on Tuesday and on Friday).  Friend did extra in that he got basic groceries with a list given last Sunday and took care of the plants.  The lunch lady began a week’s vacation yesterday, so substitutes are due.  The new aide seems good, but the question is always how long will she be around?  A neighbor did the laundry. 

There, of course, has been no improvement in the internet access business.  It apparently is more than a matter of the scaffolding around (reportedly most if not all of that’s gone), but there’s no real constant hotspot except at the end of the hall.  Sometimes it materializes elsewhere, but not predictably.  There is no new working system; obviously one needs to be devised.  The weblogs are done in the complicated pre-written method.  Simple things like seeing email can be frequently done via the cell phone mobile unit.  But, several months of the free pictures have been lost as well as host site updates. 

The doctor has not yet been around this month.  (He is expected.)  The property management may be instituting new stuff.  First there were  monthly fire drills to do little besides remind people not to use the elevators.   Thursday a notice came about a standard inspection (check faucets, disposal, etc.).  Last month’s similar notice makes it strange.  Such inspections usually are annual.   One does wonder if they are looking for something in particular.  Getting services for bug problems was like pulling teeth.  While there’s no intention of moving prescriptions, more drug stores are being explored.

Once in a while things are manageable.  Fingers crossed


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