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The Great Move

It’s 2:31 a.m. Monday, May 26, 2014.  There is no internet connection except at the end of the hall.  Furthermore, it’s sure there won’t be any for a while.  Why it is no longer present in the lobby is unknown, but a possible reason is the worker scaffolding for the construction work is right outside of the window and it looks like it’s metal pipes that may be jumbling the wireless signals.  That will be there for a while.  In the meantime for sure and maybe thereafter any getting online is going to be in tiny bits on the cell phone or at odd hours down the hall maybe as much as an hour at a time amid any people coming and going. 

In the past week everything in the apartment was hauled to a new apartment on the first floor.  While the lack of internet was unexpected, it’s still a worthwhile trade off for getting out of the endless southwest sun and resultant heat.  (There is likely to be a way to find the internet.)  However, there will be radical changes in internet activity at least at the present time.  There’s no smoking or drinking while sitting in the hallway; so, doing so while playing an online game is activity of a past life.  In addition, there is now no need to go stay at a hotel or whatever because the construction workers are occupying the apartment. 

As is recalled, friend did the whole move Tuesday, from mid-afternoon to near about 1:00 a.m.  Most things were just unloaded along walls.  The aide came on both scheduled days; and, Friday, since she could be met at the building’s entry easily, some “enlightenment” was cast on some matters in regard to service.  It seems there’s some office ineptitude to ferret out somehow (as suspected).  All the stuff needed for a move to another place is just as much in play even if only from one apartment to another.  Friend, who came yesterday but who couldn’t stay very long is supposed to come by later today to help sort out things. 

There are many kinds of “new worlds.” 


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A New World Of Sorts

As this hits creation and publication, things are in a moving stage.  By the end of the week the world underfoot is expected to be quite different, even though that actual place is still in the same building.  It’s a move to another apartment.  How things will be is open to question as there are serious problems in sight; but, one underfoot is even more serious as summer approaches.  About fifty percent of a wall is windows and they face southwest.  The place is extremely warm during a day with sunshine all afternoon.  The air conditioning unit is new, but it can’t do much to cool the place off. 

During the past week the aide came both days, but, as usual, part of the allotted time was lost in her getting in and out of the place.  It was so bad that the list for Friday was scrapped and what was not done on Tuesday was done on Friday.  It had to be that way as some of the stuff has been put off before.  An attempt was made to see the new apartment, but that wasn’t done, either.  It was a matter of take it sight unseen.  It was agreed it could be seen, but when it came to actually doing so, another “just like it” was not only showed but was said to be what was available.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense. 

There’s a need to leave the apartment by the end of the week as construction of the new windows is finally supposed to take place.  When word came that going to a hotel for the interim might be avoided, friend was immediately called to be in on things as he’s supposed help.  He said he would be by Tuesday, but he was not around until Sunday.  Sunday he was going to pick up the mail before going to work as it wasn’t done Friday and get water and alcohol.  That didn’t work as expected, either.  He did go get the mail and supplies in the late afternoon.  The whole deal is a big mess. 

It’s bad when one realizes one is yelling too much. 

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Life Goes On….

It’s Monday night at the end of another seven days of confused, tiring existence as has been for too long.  The seven days are a blur.  The aide managed to get to the apartment both days and may be getting more acclimated to the system.  Of course there was lunch person every day and the food truck on Friday.  Neither have exactly the desired food, but ninety-nine percent of it isn’t too bad.  Given the circumstances, it’s a case of being lucky.  Friend did not stop on Wednesday as family concerns got very serious, but he did come Sunday.  At the moment it seems things are adequate, although the plants didn’t get watered Wednesday. 

Two bright spots appeared on the scene.  On Friday the mail included brochure materials from Aviation Trail to give to people, a part of the real world instead piddling life in the old folks’ home.  Today, unexpectedly, the building manager showed up to say that the possibility of another apartment exists.  It’s not at all certain as a trip to the office said the person hasn’t left yet.  However, it sounds like it would be a good spot, and there would be no need to “relocate” for work on the windows.  The down side of life includes a bill from the doctor’s office – unresolved for about two weeks now.  And, the computer’s acting up again.

Due tomorrow is lunch, the aide, the doctor and friend.  It’s tiring just to think about it.  The bill and the possible move have to be discussed with the doctor, and the possible move has to be mentioned to everyone.  The reason friend is coming by tomorrow instead of Wednesday is to discuss it.  Due to that, plant care is going to be hit and miss again.  The outside temperature is getting very warm already which makes it hot inside the place, which also makes it hard to think clearly.  Furthermore, as it’s only the beginning of May, the summer’s a good bet to be impossible.  Things are even more upset than usual. 

Life can easily be a matter of simple survival. 

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There is no way to put this week’s message other than as a composite.   The aide dutifully came both Tuesday and Friday and worked much of that allotted time doing much of the stuff to do, but not all.  From the viewpoint of the apartment underfoot, things are still at the stage of the person getting familiar with what is to be done.  Meanwhile, it has been a week of things going bad, from collapse of the air bed and important light bulb burn out to further break up of the scooter footrest.  It been so bad that a couple of times evening meals were at something like 1:00 a.m.

Friend came as expected on Sunday and on an emergency basis on Tuesday.  In checking the month’s finances, it was clear it was time to go buy some things for the apartment.  This included two tables and the base of a futon on which to put the air beds.  Because the air beds can’t be very firmly inflated or they crack, the things don’t provide a lot a firmness for getting up.  A futon base should provide needed firmness, but that has yet to be seen.  It’s not worthwhile to set up either the tables or the futon at present as the last reported date for relocating was this coming Friday, in which case it would all have to be taken down again.   

The computer system had internet connection problems a couple of times.  The mail, both email and the U. S. postal service, brought unexpected things in need  of sorting out as money is involved.  On the other hand, email sent has not been answered.  Construction work continued with infernal noise by the windows the decent days that windows needed to be opened.  Now, as an example of the state of affairs, it’s about like this:  a grocery ad from the in house mail was pulled out of the scooter basket with effective sale date from December 20, 2013 , through January 2, 2014.  It was thought to be the most recent one. 

Some things are beyond help. 

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