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Time To Sort Things Out

Nothing like fate, confusion or maybe people re-arranging someone’s life….  The foot doctor was scheduled to visit the apartment building.  Such does not come often and there be a dire need here.  First, the wrong day was what was kept in mind.  He was scheduled for Friday and what was planned for was Thursday.  Nursing service was notified and instead of scheduling for later in the day Thursday, the nursing visit was moved to this week.  At the hour in mind, it was learned he was due Friday.  Nursing service was notified aide service would be best late.  The message got lost.  The aide arrived early, which was okay as the doctor’s appointment had to be moved up two hours….  There was a presentation of services on Thursday, none of which was needed, but a plate of cookies was given away and gained.

A new housekeeping aide was sent for Wednesday, a young man.  This is for nothing but errands and cleaning and the like, and in the hour on duty the only thing he got done was the errands (par for the course).  The mail at the post office (including the small check coming) did get picked up.  He’s okay, however, a problem is foreseen if personal care starts being sent through that agency in a couple of weeks when nursing services is likely to end.  It would take two aides, one for each service, to do it right, which seems unlikely.  Tuesday as well as Wednesday is recalled as pretty good for a change.  Saturday from some unfathomable cause began like hanging onto a rope for dear life, in this case the scooter.  The instability was substantial but was survived.  The day’s scheduled “event” was the loners’ meeting.

Yesterday a new friend went to get money and a couple of other things needed.  He gets gas money for sure and the stuff was pretty essential.  Bank accounts still aren’t in the best of order, but at least there’s a little cash in hand.  Rent payments and internet service be matters for this week.  The nurse’s aide for getting cleaned up was scheduled for today.  Lunch Lady helpfully promised some stuff again beyond the call of duty.  Trying to replace Older Friend has been so time consuming that the Christmas decorations still haven’t been taken off the fir tree.  To make things worse, the air bed needs replacing and there’s no way at the moment to do it.  There’s only a substitution at hand which is only a “possible.”  Money comes Thursday, but the post office box rent is due in March.

January can be a time to just survive.  🙂


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More Downhill

By Friday morning there had been enough turbulence in the week to forget all sense of basic order.  Case in point:  Lunch Lady was due Friday.  Her usual time is near noon.  It was remembered to make out an order Friday morning for next time and have room in the freezer for incoming stuff.  Nurse’s aide service was also due Friday.  She can make it early, like near noon, or late, like around 4:00 p.m.  As there was no messy emergency, it didn’t matter which time she picked.  There was a need to get some rest Friday morning.  A hop into bed near 10:30 a.m. turned into a relaxed moment when no word came from the aide by 11:15 a.m. … after which the Lunch Lady was remembered.  Well, hop to it, kid.

The Lunch Lady coming was not the only thing unceremoniously forgotten.  In addition, some things, like the post office box mail (with probable check in it), simply had to be let slide.  The housekeeping aide just plain didn’t show up; so, there was no going to the grocery or drug store, either.  Meanwhile, it turned out that the nurse from nursing services had ordered occupational  therapy, physical therapy and casework services; and, if she said anything about it, it wasn’t heard.  Said people started showing up in essence totally unexpectedly for interviews.  Neither therapist claimed to be able to do anything.  Today was food truck day in addition to the nurse’s aide help, to continue the racing around for services.

Young Friend holds down two jobs and can just barely find an hour a month.  He can’t help with much beside what he’s been doing.  With the homemaking services, which includes errands, and Older Friend out of the picture, getting stuff, money included, is nearly impossible.  No one in the building wants to do errands (or clean) not even for money.  Something like hauling out the trash can also be a problem since the trash chute has a limited capacity — if the trash includes things like a pizza box it has to be personally taken to the dumpster, which is at the foot of a steep hill and not easily accomplished on a scooter.  Important emails, like to law offices, haven’t been answered.  And, no phone for long distance.

Waiting for the next problem isn’t good.  😦

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Hectic Times Again

Hectic is an understatement.  Wednesday was especially bad.  The single regularly scheduled soul was the housekeeping aide (who announced she wouldn’t be back as she had quit the job).  The building management had scheduled a mandatory residents’ meeting and the doctor was scheduled to come.  That did all get done, but one of the mini-disasters happened Thursday morning.  Fortunately the nurse’s aide could be re-scheduled for Thursday instead of Friday, but for the sake of convenience the nurse had been re-scheduled for Friday.

Friday the Lunch Lady rather unexpectedly came by with eggs although she had no lunch delivery.  The nurse came shortly after the Lunch Lady to check on the bloody behind, during which nursing visit maintenance showed up.  Inspections and filter changes had been scheduled for “some time” this week.  By evening the temperature dropped considerably.  It was snowing and the wind was blowing so much it was nearly horizontal.  Calls were made on the lobby phone, notably one an aide assigning agency referral place that was closed.

Saturday was club meeting time, which institution is not going as well as hoped.  Whatever jammed up the computer (again) was never figured out, but at least there’s been some roundabout internet access or this wouldn’t be here.  The nurse’s aide for help getting cleaned up was due today even though it is a legal holiday.  The bedroom light bulb burned out again, but luckily a neighbor was near to replaced it.  Thanks to Young Friend at least the rent money orders are in hand, but cash is still in disarray and getting stuff’s not likely to be clear soon.

Tomorrows can be fearful times.  🙂

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What To Do? What To Do?

Well, the little nurse’s aide had an emergency Tuesday, and she did not make it in Friday, either.  The nurse manager did come Thursday.  The situation was survived, but not really that well.  Getting along without Older Friend is not particularly easy as, among other things, he not only got some groceries he handled some money matters.  Young Friend is expected tomorrow, so at least there’s a chance to get some things done then.   Older Friend also helped some with the plants, and it’s to cry about as a special one in precarious state given to the care of someone else died.

The temperature has been around zero (Fahrenheit).  Many people simply aren’t prepared for such weather, so it’s not surprising that it’s practically impossible to find offices functioning more or less as they should, never mind someone willing to do an errand.  However, it is possible some legal-type help has been found, but that won’t be clear for a few days anyway.  Basic supplies were running low by mid-week and assorted (useless) chasing around looking for an available soul for errands took up much time.  Doing without coffee is difficult, never mind also doing without cigarettes.

It’s been 2018 for eight days, but the world’s still not operational.  With the phone in the state it’s in, it’s necessary to use the lobby phone.  Rarely is that used without trouble, like the place being painted on Friday.  The housekeeping aide came Wednesday, got the mail for the week and the prescription for the month.  At least the prescription stuff is done.  Today was food truck day and a day scheduled for the nurse’s aide.  There’s a computer problem, of course, and a bloody behind, but the doctor’s due.  Presently things are adequate, but lack of toilet paper is a looming problem.

Looking under rocks is a last resort.  🙂

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Out Went The Old Year

Tuesday was eventful.  A neighbor got a few groceries to last a couple of days until more of “Life Without Older Friend” is figured out, which is always being figured out now.  The nurse’s aide, badly needed by about 1:00 p.m Tuesday came very late.  As Mondays are her regular day, while it is understandable, it wasn’t very comfortable.  Friday was a regularly scheduled day, but, of course, she was off again today.  A check was made with the drug store regarding their current delivery schedule (it was disrupted for a while) and their merchandise (some things weren’t available for a while).  Real panic started Wednesday when a burning cigarette was found on the floor, but there was no fire.

Somehow with the help of the nurse’s aide, the trash of nine days did get hauled out on Tuesday, but how that can be handled in the future hasn’t been figured out.  Neither is the plant care figured out.  In addition to the other concerns, both the air bed and the scooter battery re-charger reached the end of life expectancy.  A new air bed has to be found, and they haven’t been too available.  Outside it snowed a noticeable amount.  The temperatures were near zero, and it’s a bit surprising people got around.  Lunch Lady was apparently heaven sent on Friday as she came with an air filter and clean-up alcohol even though she had no lunch delivery.  The clean-up alcohol from the drug store is another kind.

There was a “Lone Ones” meeting on Saturday that ran over-time.  There was also some confusion with a subsequent and unexpected visitor which knocked the “breathing treatment” capsule business three hours off schedule.  While that didn’t seem to have a major effect, it is best to have something like that at a more or less regular time.  Yesterday morning had another “middle of the night wake-up” and something different was tried, which didn’t work.  The apartment rent is paid and the food truck did come all right on Saturday.  The big thing looming in the week ahead is whether the internet and storage payments have been made,  and, if not, getting them paid as well as getting ordinary stuff.

May it be a good year for all. 🙂

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