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End Of The Month Woes

The end of the month always takes a lot of extra physical effort.  Firstly, landlords do not want either cash money or personal checks.  That’s understandable.  Personal checks have a long history of bouncing for insufficient funds; and, if there are, say, a hundred units to an apartment house with each tenant handing over about five hundred dollars, the landlord is sitting there with enough cash to interest many a thief. 

The landlord wants something like a money order.  That means go buy a money order.  While some people can do that the morning the rent is due, yours truly can’t count on that.  Further, if the first is not on a business day, all plans need to be moved up, even though it is usually preached that the rent is due in the first five days.  It isn’t wise to put too much faith in talk, especially if things run on a monthly basis. 

Food and other basic purchases is another concern.  Even a town the size of Covington has thousands of people getting checks at the beginning of the month.  That means they have money to buy things.  Merchants don’t have to run certain specials to bring in customers in the first half of a month.  One has to calculate purchases.  Even people who get paid weekly need to take such things into consideration. 

It helps to have things in order. 



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Little Miracles

So, okay, the procedure for yours truly has been to gear up as if actually going somewhere and scoot out into the hallway to get a little time online.  It be an uncomfortable time at that.  One must imagine one of those mobility scooters with a seat for the behind and a steering apparatus in front.  There’s not a lot of space between the two; in fact, the steering apparatus is between the knees. 

The way to handle it has been to turn the front to the side a shade out of the way and put the feet on the floor.  That makes things a bit low, but there is then room to open the computer.  The computer is fairly secure, but there’s no place for the mouse except a little corner of the computer case.  The mouse cord flips it around.  (When in motion, the mouse is in the scooter’s basket so it doesn’t land on the floor.) 

After a short time it’s necessary to return to the apartment to recharge the battery which takes a while.  Just now, while waiting for this recharging, it was notice that one of the wireless systems is in play and in the apartment.  It’s been almost two weeks since that happened.  Maybe it’s not all gone after all.  And, certainly the opportunity is currently being used. 

Life rides on hope.  

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A Real Thing

A real salesperson can sell things on a street corner.  A real lawyer can operate out of a car.  A real doctor can cure someone from the contents of a little black bag.  A real mechanic can fix things with anything that will turn a screw and the like; it doesn’t have to be with a fancy set of tools.  A person not sure of what he or she is doing needs things like a desk, lab table, assorted wrenches or whatever. 

Perhaps posting messages while sitting on a scooter in a hallway makes yours truly a “real” internet user.  At least that’s the most positive thought about the way this business is working these days.  But, if that’s the only way it can be done at the moment, presumably that’s the way to do it. 

At least there is time for a quick message amid efforts to find a better arrangement.  There apparently isn’t going to be much time for much.  The computer battery runs down fairly quickly, evidently especially so if there’s a need to run a search.  And, then it has to be re-charged….  In between there has to be the usual stuff, like making out a grocery list, and nowadays some unusual stuff, like finding new furniture. 

Spring is the season of new growth. 

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The Way It Is Now?

It seems yours truly can sit at the computer on the little shelf-table from now until kingdom come, and there will be no internet “connectivity.”  One explanation would be that someone nearby got some equipment or something.  But, having suspected such already, other places to operate have recently been tried, like the apartment building lobby by the window. 

Well, it seems there is a sort of frequency of some “connectivity” in none other than the hallway a few feet outside of the door, where it intersects with a hallway that runs the length of the building (but not right to the door).  It also doesn’t seem to be the wireless that was previously used. 

What is being done is, the electricity is disconnected from the computer, which is loaded on the lap and hauled outside the door to be operated in the middle of the hall.  The sit-down is on the scooter.  Someone is sure to complain to the landlady soon.  And, the battery doesn’t last long. 

Making do can be an art. 

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So Rare Indeed….

The near to hourly check (including through the night to some extent) for internet “connectivity” has found nothing available for some days now.  There are two to three unsecured wireless systems available when they are available.  Part of the lack of access might be the new location of the computer, but yours truly can’t do anything about that at the moment.  The bug business is not finished.  Neither is the government or social services for that matter. 

Until there seems to be some change in the interference or whatever it is that denies a connection, it’s difficult to write a current message.  Whatever is written is timely, but the next day something else is likely to happen to take precedence.  So, a short synopsis of sorts of some highlights to Thursday, March 25, 2010,  much of it done about 1:30 p.m. Saturday, March 20, 2010 (while lunch was heating): 

The living room couch is gone and the seating possibilities included the scooter, the likes of the deflating air bed or edge of the bathtub, until the hole in the air bed got so big it held no air even with paper stuffed in the hole.  Something else to sit on has to be found and bought.  Much has been done with some of the government, but they still want one paper that couldn’t be copied until today.  The daily record keeping is a mess.  The landlady has already been by to say the carpet has to be cleaned. 

Some recollections are very depressing. 

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The Art Of Waiting

Things wear out; they have a life span.  With attentive care they may last longer than if just rather ordinarily used, but no amount of care makes something last indefinitely.  Living things wear out, too.  Some obscure element, especially if the being wasn’t originally well built, gives out; and, that leads to other parts failing.  Since life itself is thus limited, anything “done” has to be done within the (unknown) time frame possible. 

Biding one’s time until something falls into place (herein, as often mentioned, notably internet “connectivity”), can be aggravating.  The secret of still getting something done, of course, is to have something else equally important to do in the meantime.  Well, as everyone knows, one can keep occupied for a long time then one day realize “it” is not going to fall into place.  Then there are two choices:  forget it or try a different route. 

Reluctant to “forget it” with some essentials such as the homemaker aide services which hit a massive snag last week, yours truly is more seriously considering different routes.  That could lead to more time for things like these messages even with the current very poor “connectivity,” like the ten minutes for in here this past week. 

Alternatives are essential to accomplishments. 

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And, Things Unfold….

Doing things just under the wire has been the order of the day for a couple of days, and “new” things keep surfacing.  Tuesday maintenance came quite unexpectedly to change the air filters.  Following the normal procedure of three floors at a time starting with the 9th floor, they should have arrived on Wednesday.  They couldn’t help but see the two foot dirty-from-walking place on the rug usually under a throw rug.  There is likely to be an order to have the rug cleaned in the near future. 

At least maintenance didn’t see dead bugs laying around as yours truly, who has much difficulty in pushing a sweeper, managed to sweep the carpet Monday.  It’s rather difficult sweeping the carpet while sitting in a scooter.  Practically speaking, the sweeping was a waste of time.  Wednesday pest control arrived and killed and scattered about some more insects.  (The couch has to go.)  The computer has to be completely shut down to sweep the rug (to use the outlet), and it has to be completely packed away for pest control. 

So, everything had to be packed up for the pest control (which is coming back, so there’s no sense in unpacking), and as much as possible will need to be hauled out into the hall for the rug cleaning.  It’s not a good idea to just keep on going and go out through the front door, as there is yet nowhere else to go short of a motel.  The uninformed have the insane notion this is fun and games living. 

Staying alive is an accomplishment. 

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