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Inspections (Michael’s Answer!)

In yesterday’s comments, Michael wanted more information about the constant “inspections” business.  And, after a bit of trying to be more informative, it was obvious that it would be impossible to be brief enough for a reply in the comments.  To start with, regardless of the ownership (private, public, or combination), landlords have a right to inspect the property and for any legitimate reason.  It’s all indefinite.  And, to the best of the very limited knowledge at hand, the only laws are local ones (varying from town to town). 

The laws can specify how inspections are to be carried out, as in, the tenant is to be given two days notice of a coming inspection. A common idea (not law) is that an annual inspection of a place is reasonable, but if the landlord is looking for something (as many have been doing recently because of the bed bug plague), he or she can toss out an inspection every couple of weeks, best run by the tenants under different names.  Maintenance needs are great reasons for visits.  They’re unofficial inspections. 

Leases were mentioned in the question.  In a given building, pretty much the same thing is applicable to all tenants, but leases also vary from place to place.  Some leases may indeed have inspection clauses; but, there is no recollection of any past lease ever going specifically into inspections.  They’re pages long and detail things like tenants’ responsibilities, such as keeping the garbage disposal working (see other blog on that one), in which case that becomes a reason for inspection.  More on the matter another time. 

Housing is complex. 


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A Special Message….

Dear Friends, Rovers, and Countrymen….  It was clear you stopped by on this past Sunday to view the babbling here, probably several times.  It’s in the very unidentified stats that people clicked on the place; and, while there are a few readers, there are not that many as turned up in the numbers.  Some people looked twice or maybe even three times.  And, unbeknownst to yours truly there was not a thing new in view.  See, there was indeed something done Saturday night for anyone who looked in on Sunday. 

What happened Saturday night is a mystery.  The intention was to post the essays for both weblogs at the same time (one first then the other, of course).  The system went through its motions and the Internet Explorer properly came up.  The only likely possibility is that the posting got derailed somehow enroute (it happens with email at times) and went off to space unattached to all necessary parts, but it looked like it was all right because the browser page properly materialized. 

The essay for today (Monday) was written for yesterday (Sunday) and was all done, it just did not publish.  That wasn’t discovered until late yesterday afternoon when there was a quick review of the site. It seemed like a relatively good, proper essay, so the decision was to post it today even though a break in a continuation isn’t too good, and put up this explanation for tomorrow.  There’s a good feeling when it’s seen that someone tried to look.  Any friendly visit is appreciated. 

Nothing’s perfect. 


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People In Our Lives, Cont’d

Sometimes it’s hard to decide just exactly who are the people in a life.  The first assumption is blood relatives, and from there it can be extended to in-laws or other legalized relatives.  But, are they really the people in someone’s life, sometimes even in regard to a child?  Is the grandmother who baby-sits a child while the parents work on a par with a neighbor’s kid who baby-sits for money?  Or, is that grandmother really more a part of a child’s life than parents who are elsewhere? 

A couple of people can sleep, eat do their thing and so forth inside of the same four walls and not really be a part of each others lives. They might each do certain things contributing to a common goal and still not be a part of each others lives.  In something like senior citizen apartments occupied mostly by lone individuals, divergence (for want of a better description) about the matter is quite clear yet nebulous.  It’s thought to be one way but it’s actually another, and to the detriment of many. 

The apartment building management most likely has a paper filed away listing someone as next of kin.  Said next of kin may show up as regular as clockwork a couple of times a week and do assorted important things.  They may be mentioned somehow in every chat in the hallway.  But, they are less a part of the life than the person in the next apartment.  It becomes very evident when the person in the next apartment makes a lot of noise, raises suspicions in some way or otherwise is forever in mind. 

Relatives can be strangers. 

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People In Our Lives

The most valuable thing anyone has in this world is the people in their lives, primarily those that have a thoughtfulness of others but to some extent anyone who is not antagonistic or anti-social.  Very few people could manage to survive on their own in a wilderness.  Most people survive on an interdependence with others.  If it is a good interdependence among a number of people, it becomes a community.  The point has come up again in everyday living.  It seems almost a perpetual topic. 

In the last three days, yours truly had to tackle four different things when it is usually a big production just to handle one.  There was a weekly dealing with the groceries and cleaning a little.  There was a monthly trip to the bank for money order for the rent (today). A visit from the agency providing the homemaker aide comes either quarterly or semi-annually to update everything.  That happened Wednesday, too.  And, there was the management’s housekeeping inspection yesterday. 

What didn’t get done was personal letters to people.  No one owes either way in most cases.  It’s just a matter of nice people who are the type to do someone a favor if need be.  Those are the kind of people who keep the world going.  Thinking of such always brings to mind that homemaker aides often do what friends would gladly do a time or two; but, because it is a constant thing, it needs to be carried out by someone hired and paid.  Unfortunately that sparks a lack of interest in anything but the money. 

Squeaking by isn’t good for anyone.   

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Housekeeping Inspection

Apartment inspections are variable.  For instance, there is bed bug inspection these days.  Housekeeping inspections may be set just to see if a place is relatively clean.  The most important inspections are to check the equipment – does the stove work, are the faucets dripping, is the rug coming up anywhere and so forth.  And, today was “housekeeping inspection day.”  Maintenance finally discovered that the garbage disposal doesn’t work.  It didn’t work during the last inspection, either, nor the time before. 

The smoke alarm was tried this time, too.  That did work.  Running water was not heard, so maybe the faucets weren’t tried, although they might have been turned just a tad to see if they turned.  It’s quite likely the stove knobs were checked and the refrigerator was explored since the maintenance half of the team spent some time in the kitchen area. The bathroom sink looked good because yours truly shined it up, having discovered that little homemaker aide did nothing but set the scouring powder there. 

A valuable piece of paper saying the place passed inspection is in hand.  A not valuable disturbance to replace the garbage disposal in a week or so is on a schedule.  A possible valuable thought is in mind to ask about another homemaker aide.  Rare indeed is one that dig’s into housecleaning, and that’s half of the job.  Whether they can’t see a mess or whether they can’t comprehend that they are to help clean it up is not certain.  Would you mind dusting that or sweeping there is a common directive. 

Days with peaceful endings are a treasure. 

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A Value On Things

While there is no question some people can get too attached to the material world, getting carried away about obtaining material items at extreme costs and so forth, there’s another side to the material world.  We need the material world to survive.  Housing protects as does clothing.  Cars (transportation of any sort, really) make it easy for accomplishments for an enormous number of people. Tools to make things are extremely important.  A tradesman who knows his or her craft is acutely aware of tools. Care of such is important.   

The matter came to the top of the heap of interests this afternoon.  Expecting the bathroom to be somewhat spiffy (little homemaker aide who isn’t particularly little was given assorted instruction for it, since there’s a housekeeping inspection due tomorrow) yours truly scooted in there late today to find the place was not dusted at all.  It looked like she was doing it.  Well, it seems she didn’t have the good sense to dampen the paper towel so it would collect the dust where she did go over things.  The dust was still there in clumps.   

It is hard to believe a grown person has so little understanding of something so ordinary as dusting.  There’s a heavy suspicion the understanding is present; there’s a reluctance to be doing it to the point of going through the motions with scant intention.  In the case at hand, it’s an almost certainty.  There was enough dust already to give the white fixtures a gray cast.  Anyone who couldn’t see it would have to have very bad eyesight.  Yet the sink was ignored.  It might be different if they weren’t nice fixtures.  They are. 

No one can have everything. 

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Abbreviated Time

It takes time to write something.  Even if the thought is fairly clear, a piece about as long as the ones in this weblog take about a good hour to compose.  And, that’s only if the thought is fairly clear.  If it is vague or uncertain it can take two or even three hours to write as the words get re-arranged to put it another way or add an aspect that fits.  It’s quite likely someone younger and with more vigor could do it in less time, but maybe not much less.  It’s also likely some people would need more time. 

At any rate, yours truly has to figure a minimum of one hour if the thought is clear (and simple).  The hour doesn’t include the likes of re-reading it to make corrections or devising a title.  It just means putting down a half-way clear thought.  Now, if there were anything like actual reporting involved, or worse yet, interviewing, that easily slips into about four hours.  The point is, under the circumstances at present, there isn’t much time to do more most days.  Last night there was a hunt for something and no search bar. 

Well, tomorrow not only does the homemaker cometh but also the agency in charge to review things.  Not only is the grocery list not ready, last week’s still hasn’t been sorted out although most of the things brought in have been used.  Thursday the landlady will;be around to see that everything is neat and clean, while the odds are that the homemaker (as usual) will do precious little cleaning.  To make matters worse, the air bed is about gone and a toothache is formulating.  The only placed to scrimp is with the writing.  

Life goes on without us. 

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