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Gee, July’s Over With….

Well, first the apology to those followers who last week got version #1 of the posting.  This literary masterpiece may be read a half-dozen times before “publish” is hit, including a preview.  How that “strange wording” in the second paragraph got overlooked is not clear and a real downer.  It was a bad week is not really enough explanation.  It was corrected.  A correction even five minutes after the fact still doesn’t do much to alter things.  Fortunately it doesn’t matter much. 

The computer’s both communications and information (the news reports and the like).  A computer problem throws email plus other things into a sort of limbo.  The baby hasn’t work too well recently.  If it collapses, there won’t be any postings either here or in The Diary’s Blog of course until there are adjustments of some sort.  It seems like this is a good time for a “Thank you for being around!” to those who follow.  It can make life worthwhile to an extent to know you’re here. 

Friday was a horrible mess, and Helping Lady was too sick to help this week.  Older Friend came to the rescue with extra- ordinary help.  The rent got paid.  Young Friend is expected tomorrow for some important things.  The Lunch Lady’s due to come this coming Friday (it’s lucky she didn’t come the past Friday).  Avon is sitting on the back burner presently, with The Project and the “good links” (not to mention too much on attempts at bringing the checkbook “up to date” and such). 

Time goes fast when one is slow. Clock 


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And, More Confused Living….

The doctor came.  He said he would be back in two months.  It was three months between visits before.  Lunch Lady will come every two weeks instead of every week as of Friday.  There be minor changes, a couple, in the essentials of living (such as pill time) as well as that rather substantial change.  Rent’s gotta be paid sometime this coming week as getting there next Monday feels “iffy” for some reason.  Older Friend came extra this past week (no grocery list on Saturday, his birthday). 

Today was food truck day, which now involves a problem.  That reschedule of Lunch Lady should have been set on this Friday, rather than last Friday so there would be room in the freezer unit.  And, changing it would cause a heap of other problems, therefore, it’s going to be a concern every other week.  And, presently that’s a minor concern considering that the scooter that’s used most of the time isn’t working right.  There’s an excellent chance there’ll be a need to buy another scooter. 

There’s been no chance to do more about the advocacy business still sitting undone.  At least the Security Check Lady’s all right in her contacts.  The post office box mail has not been picked up again for two weeks.  It’s becoming a problem.  The Helping Lady came on Thursday and worked on long-standing and important concerns.  There’s a vague possibility she might be able to get the mail.  Young Friend is not expected for about two weeks.  A special visit from his people may be pending. 

Confusion never helps some matters. Coffee cup 

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Life Has Bright Spots

Young Friend did indeed come, one of the few things that went well in the past week.  He got money orders for upcoming rent payments (a most important concern), some cash for purchases, the mail both in house and post office box (that three weeks’ accumulation and something that needs attention), gathered up and hauled out over a week’s trash and did some needed things with the plants.  A summer treat from his people was supposed to be yesterday, but by Friday it was obvious that was out. 

For several days computer problems interfered with what times could be spent with it, which is a very bad situation as both information (news and weather) and communications with others (email) relies on the computer.  It’s still not clear what is wrong and no reliable computer service has yet been found.  A terrible situation developed Wednesday that kept Helping Lady around (going back and forth as she needed) until about 10:00 p.m. from mid-morning getting your truly cleaned up “some.” 

The building-wide plumbing stuff is evidently done.  Based on notice it looks like there’s still individual apartment stuff pending, but presumably the water won’t be off.  Unavoidably, Lunch Lady was late but she brought eggs.  While Young Friend and Helping Lady were real “bright spots,” a delightful thing was another dead light bulb.  A floor lamp three-way (hard to reach) blew.  At times only one element of those goes and one did before.  Yet one “way” was left, no deal with the lamp. 

Small joys can be unusual. Open-mouthed smile 

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High Days Of Summer

Trying to maintain a routine is bad enough ordinarily, but if things are difficult (or something) it may be impossible when variations enter the picture.  There have been variations.  A big thing (in addition to the water being shut off Wednesday) was Older Friend coming by (unexpectedly) Saturday instead of yesterday.  He brought the groceries, looked over the scooter and thought he could come by on Wednesday to take it apart to see if he could fix it.  Even getting up needs the scooter. 

Young Friend’s expected tomorrow.  Lunch Lady came (as usual) Friday with eggs and today was food truck day.  The Avon buys are all mixed up and there’s little time to sort it out.  The matter needs to be all lined up again.  Given things like the emergency situations, that can’t be at the moment; items like the creams are very useful.  (Things are confused enough that once again it was almost the sick leave notice for the week’s blog postings.  Something’s different in the medical ways.) 

Light bulbs were burning out in this week, not just one.  The kitchen light can be changed by anyone tall.  Finding someone can take some time, but it’s not a big problem.  The bathroom light, however, needs maintenance.  A third one out just sits on a table.  Maintenance means being disturbed, and when July 4th (or any holiday, really) comes mid-week, it upsets a week for many, something not needed in the High Days of Summer.  A huge thank you surely to all that is holy for Helping Lady! 

Perhaps miracles do happen. Work 

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Life Goes On….

The Fourth of July frequently means fireworks.  It seems like that’s noise that’s inescapable and here it’s a mostly across the river thing so anything ground level is not seen.  Ground level stuff can be great.  Helping Lady came yesterday due to emergency situation.  One can chalk up the blogs getting done due to her coming.  Older Friend brought groceries, etc., but he had to make two trips due to the emergency.  The trash was enormous.  No doubt about it, things ain’t goin’ too right. 

The Security Check Lady called as expected.  She’s good.  The Advocacy Lady matter is not finished.  Lunch Lady, of course, didn’t come as she wasn’t scheduled.  Avon has finally come a week later than expected.  That’s a confused situation, and a present (as mentioned last week) is needed for Older Friend’s birthday; it is in less than two weeks.  Young Friend’s visit should be soon; he usually makes it early in the month.  Rent and wireless bill should be in order, although cash is not. 

The residents’ association is apparently still organizing but the new building manager’s evidently now on the job.  A water shut off’s again planned for Wednesday.  Last week’s shut-off was survived okay, but that doesn’t mean the next two will be easy.  The doctor’s due this month, the food truck’s due next week.  The Project, of course, got little attention, and that promise of worthwhile links also has to wait a bit.  Even the calendars have yet to be changed (important and forgotten). 

May everyone’s Fourth of July be good.Sun 

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