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Problem Solved–II

To continue (this is part 2), “The Project” was initially envisioned as something in the way of a job – given some “right” circumstances eight hours per day along with all the standard break time, lunch hours and whatever else.  If that were the case, the thing might have been finished off in a couple of months.  That was not the case even remotely, and not just because of a lack of any computer skills.  In the beginning what was realistically estimated was something like a part time job of two hours per day.  And, computer know-how had to come first. 

Thanks to the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton county yours truly can get online and then some. Thanks to the Covington branch of the Kenton county public library (properly it’s the Mary Ann Mongan branch), there is an ability to create business letters (and more) as good as that of any youthful individual just getting out of high school clerical studies.   “The Project” did get a start.  Lack of an editor (or at least “critical reader”) created one hang up.  World interference created a second.  That doesn’t include the derailing by bed bugs. 

The bugs will be somewhere around – ideally at a distance, but probably not too far away – for the rest of this lifetime. An entire way of living is still in process of change to an unknown.  The world will continue to interfere even more so, if for no other reason, then the bugs; but, other reason is expected to develop, too.  As for an editor (or “critical reader”), that’s still possible, but finding one will not be easy – all aspects of the easy have already been tried.  As a song says, something has got to give….  “The Project” can’t be a time-set job.  (More later.) 

What seems easy can be complex.  


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Problem Solved–I

When it was started, the approach to “The Project” (explanation elsewhere) was mixture of “working job” and “classroom study” although it would not result in a paycheck or educational credits.  It was only known it would take time to gather information, so it had to be viewed as a job of sorts.  Furthermore, there wasn’t a knowledge of anything about computers; so, learning enough to use them had to be figured into the picture.  Given “pre-computer” knowledge and experience in office work, the first intent had been enough computer skills for a real job. 

College credit courses, even at state schools, ran into hundreds of dollars.  Other means turned into the library, which about then acquired computers for general public use.  The library offered internet access, period. And, if that was what was available then and there, that was the angle from which to start.  Ideally, finding out how to do a business letter was in there somewhere.  “The Project” naturally came out of the realm of “maybe someday.”  Retirement funds might be meager, but it was something that could be done until something else might be arranged.

At the time, the library in Cincinnati allowed less than an hour online; but, after an hour, one could go back online.  One could rack up about four “study” hours per day.  The move to Covington changed things; the time online was limited to an hour a day, although the computers could be in use otherwise for three more hours.  “The Project” was still viewed as a job, but severely curtailed.  Even with a personal computer there was curtailment as “keeping current” was needed.  It can no longer be seen as “a job.”  (More later.) 

At times one must change things to continue. 

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Maybe There’s Something In The Air….

So, it’s a Friday, only the composition is being done from notes and on the following Thursday. August 25, 2011.  There were only four things to “up-end” this Friday.  The norm or expected event for this day would have been the food truck. (One deal a day is enough.) It takes the ordering, the purchasing later and the putting away for a stop by the food truck.  What came to the door was a lady from the other end of the hall to say the service would be on Monday. Truck broke down.  Recent orders were small, but not the current one. 

The lease review had been set for the coming Tuesday. When word of an inspection on Tuesday (government this time) settled in mind, the trip to the office to cancel turned out to be an advisory to show up today and talk with the staff doing it. Upon arriving at the office, it was learned she had an emergency.  The solution to the problem was to show up later or on Monday. Scooter energy is a factor here meaning that had to be Monday, at which point it would come to a total of four trips to the office regarding the appointment. 

The big (unexpected) thing for the day, was errands. Virginia could get her mother’s car for yesterday or today.  Although food wasn’t an absolutely desperate need yet (the specials were things often in use), money orders for the rent were needed (so was cash) and a back up air bed is needed.  The errands had to be set early to be done by the time the food truck would have come.  The end result was that yours truly was up from about 3:30 a.m. getting things in enough order to stay operational for a while longer. 

Staying operational is important. 

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What To Do? What To Do?

Now is a time for six hands and three heads….  There has been no (known) connection, of course; but, this afternoon during calming of the nerves with a game, it said yes.  It wasn’t much of a yes.  It was gone as fast, then it was back and gone.  The postings were sitting in the tray.  The publish button got hit again and again for the first one.  Finally it went through very jerkily.  A second was tried. Ditto. Well, the ready all got set eventually.  And, that left the question of what to do in the next hours as it will die again. 

The plan was to start the grocery list.  A rest period is also needed anymore.  But, if there’s a connection….  And, there is still a choice as the pictures need checking, the weblogs need commentary, mail needs sorting (at least a little) and one very special message board item could have been posted.  The grocery list really can wait a bit, but not too long as there’s a new woman coming on Wednesday.  It has to be figured out to accommodate someone not familiar with a lot of details complicated by the no banking yet. 

It looked like for one whole day (yesterday afternoon until near the same time today) there might be someone in this building of nearly two hundred people (including some that wander in every day) who might be looking for a few extra dollars to do a few odds and ends for a decrepit soul.  She back out of the deal for tomorrow.  About four hours later she backed out of all but one little incidental item, which just might go soon.  So much for the bulletin board notice.  It came down yesterday and was back up this evening. 

There’s supposed to be an answer for everything. 


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There Are Events

It’s Friday night, July 8, 2011, as this is being written regardless of when it gets published; and, it is going to be written whether it gets published or not.  It can always be hand copied, if it is saved some place reasonable. The system seems adequate for that, yours truly is sitting on a re-charging scooter and things happened more than usual today.  There’s not going to be many commentaries written if there’s not publishing means; but, one or two won’t hurt if notable enough happening came to be. 

First thing in the morning a bunch of telephone time was used up in an effort to find some additional extra pair of hands or the like.  At a little after noon the man from the food truck arrived; a couple of dinners more expensive than usual were bought to perk up spirits. It’s been a while since dinner was salmon.  The idea’s timing was a particularly appropriate thing.  In the subsequent trip to the lobby it was found that the Aviation Trail travel brochure attached to the jobs notice had been torn off, wadded up and trashed. 

It’s possible that extra pair of hands at least for some things is now found.  That’s not sure.  It’s especially important since it has been established that the homemaker aide that had been coming is not with the agency any longer, possibly briefly, possibly for good.  In either case there’s a new woman coming next week and from then on unless something substantial happens.  Since the “extra hands” seem certain, the rest of the notice on the bulletin board was also taken down (and saved, just in case).  (Written for July 8, 2011.)

Changes can be seasonal.     

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July 5, 2011

Tuesday came and went.  There was connection for a while.  The chance to post a commentary was not grabbed while there was an opportunity.  Well, at times if there’s a connection they last a while. (Written for July 5, 2011.) 

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In Anticipation….

The moment of taking computer under hand isn’t either a Tuesday or a day after. It’s going on 6:00 p.m. Monday, the day before this Tuesday.  If the internet connectivity dies in a short while, there will be something to read come Wednesday morning. If the connection somehow stays alive, even if something monumental occurs, which isn’t likely, it can be mentioned later.  At least that seems to be the way this will work out okay.  (Well, it’s worth a try; even if it doesn’t work out well, there’s no great harm done.)

So, anyhow, this is Monday evening.  Commentary for Tuesday has already been written and posted in The Diary’s Blog. Another anti-virus update just came through, and those only hold things in place for so long.  There’s plenty of mess to clean up in preparation for Wednesday’s homemaker aide visit as nothing was done Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  A letter has to be gotten into the mail, which is a likely Tuesday chore unless it can be done after this is finished. A payment for the telephone also has to be poked into that system.

And, so what if it is a “pre-posted” commentary?  It’s only guessing at one day. Furthermore, unless yours truly drops dead (it’s always a possibility) or the building explodes or some such thing so those that survive have to be relocated, there isn’t likely to be much that is different from any other Tuesday.  The one thing that might take place is that the person from the homemaker aide service who can set up the additional service might show up; but, it’s not expected at the moment.  It’s not even sure she got the recorded message. 

Life goes on for the living. 

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