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An Eventful Week

Tuesday was election day.  The place underfoot is a place to vote.  People ran around the place more excited than usual, which makes it difficult to get around and get something done.  Tuesday night a powerful storm come through.  It was enough to be frightening.  Interestingly, a couple of people came in at “point x” and paid no attention to something taped to a window in the entry area.  As a last resort of sorts for an “emergency contact,” a U.S. Senator’s office was called, which was a waste of time.

Homemaker came Wednesday and took care of a couple of important things.  Wednesday evening a City Commission candidate visited and took some notes about the problems.  A speech was presented by a representative of the fire department on Thursday, but he didn’t touch the telephone problem.  That still has to be looked into with higher ups.  Lunch Lady isn’t too well these days but she stopped Friday with one of her gifts.  Saturday was a club chat as usual between the instigators.

Another visitor was scheduled for yesterday — results are pending.  Today, Memorial Day, is discussed in The Diary’s Blog.  Nice Jewish Lady kindly got stuff at stores a couple of times.  Nursing service is due tomorrow and rent has to be paid one day this week.  The food truck is due Saturday.  The assigning agency (for the other service, personal care) has now spent two and a half months “arranging” things with no results yet — just supposedly they are coming now and not as needed these days.

It’s hoped everyone’s holiday was nice.  🙂


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Housing Goes To The Top….

Nurse did come Tuesday.  (It’s always nice to be all cleaned up.)  Wednesday wasn’t good, and neither was the rest of the week, much of it due to a need to be changing clothes but definitely that was not all of it.  Friday was especially bad.  As mentioned last week, the delivery of the lunches was rescheduled for Friday due to the holiday.  As her starting point was disorganized, Lunch Lady was near to two hours later than usual.  Young Friend had arranged to stop by about two hours later, and while things were ready for him, the apartment building management had an “event” at 1:00 p.m.:

The main entry doors to the place are technically locked.  Everyone has a key and a key card, one of those plastic electronic things waved in front of a tiny light which causes a locked door to automatically open.  All of a sudden someone decided the lock should be replaced.  Just by accident a notice for residents to get a new key was seen in the elevator.  But, that didn’t take care of the matter.  Friday another notice went up that new cards would be distributed at 1:00 p.m.  As Lunch Lady hadn’t arrived, there was a frenzied dash to get the new card, which didn’t work.  It had to be fixed.

The hope was to get some telephoning in to try to round up a local emergency contact.  That didn’t happen.  The two club instigators met on Saturday.  Nothing much happened yesterday or today.  The worst part of the week was that Young Friend had made an extra trip to be helpful, and between the Lunch Lady being late (with two special gifts yet) and building needs turmoil, it was almost a case of being incoherent about what he could do.  Just incidentally, the building needs for the week included bug inspection on Wednesday in addition to housekeeping (with little money for groceries).

Thought for the week:  hope tomorrow’s better.  🙂

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Upset Week Again

Tuesday the doctor did come.  Wednesday the housekeeper/homemaker did not come.  And, the Lunch Lady did stop by with one of her gifts, but not an edible one — that was promised for Friday (in the meantime something had to be scrounged up for some lunches as the prior batch of gift eggs was all gone).  With no housekeeping service, the post office box mail did not get picked up, nor was the trash hauled out until it was managed on Thursday, etc.  Nice Jewish Lady was again kind enough to get some of the things the aide didn’t get, like a bottle of pills and some coffee on Thursday, and the plants did get watered.  Of course, trying to cover what the aide didn’t do put a crimp in the (endless?) hunt for an emergency contact.

Saturday there was a mess, but it did get cleaned up in time for the club meeting, which is still the two instigators.  The Security Check Lady has been getting through okay.  Yesterday there was a lot of back pain for some unknown reason.  It being Mother’s Day and there being quite a few mothers in the old folks’ home underfoot, there was some coming and going in the place with things like bouquets of flowers.  Visiting the cemetery, however, was, of course, pretty much out of the question, especially given the back pains.  At least as of today the food truck is now out of the way for a short while.  The most important event of the week was that the debit card was lost for a while, but it’s been found.  The account has money.

Nursing service (to help get cleaned up) is due tomorrow.  From the looks of things, the aide assigning agency isn’t going to provide anything in this regard in the foreseeable future even though it’s their job.  The Lunch Lady’s delivery for next Friday will come this Friday due to it being Memorial Day in two weeks, and the food truck is also rescheduled for next time.  Young Friend said he could come by for a while this Friday since his visit early in the month had to be cut short.  The weather, naturally, is getting warmer, and the HVAC settings, etc., have yet to be figured out.  As it is, things get a bit warmish in the afternoon, but nights are still cool enough to have the heat settings in operation.  Changing it daily is more to do.

Spring can be a nice time.  🙂

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Another Frantic Time

Wednesday was rather overwhelming.  Given the nursing clean-up on Tuesday, some laundry needed to be done or soon there would be little to wear, but Kindly Neighbor who does the laundry had to do it Tuesday evening and bring it over on Wednesday.  That, then, had to be finished off.  It was estimated the clean-up alcohol would run out about Friday, but Lunch Lady who could bring it couldn’t come Friday for serious family reasons.  She brought it Wednesday on good-faith trust, cash in hand being nearly non-existent.  Aide service did come, but with little cash in hand, there be very few groceries.  And, Young Friend had to come (to go get money) as he couldn’t come Tuesday.

Thursday and Friday were sort of lost cause due to Wednesday’s confused state of things, which included just five hours sleep Wednesday night in spite of effort otherwise.  Young Friend figured out the the cushion for sitting and found a likely substitute (it’s not the same thing).  The drug store that sells those as well as the air beds used, however, had no such air beds.  They were called Thursday evening to find out about the beds.  There was assurance the air beds were then in stock, and there was a request for one to be put back for pick up.  Nice Jewish Lady was willing to go get it, but she returned with nothing.  On Friday a call back indicated Thursday’s call was partly ignored.

Saturday’s event is the club, which just seems to be having an occasional visitor rather than some potential members.  And, Saturday didn’t start well — there’s a panic factor in the medical stuff that has not been sorted out.  Sundays have no standard event nowadays.  Today was a day for a break.  The doctor visiting is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow with the rest of the week rather easy going at this point.  There may be a chance at serious efforts toward finding a local much needed emergency contact (or at least a “friendly visitor”) that might help with a few things around the place.  With Memorial Day on the 28th, life will be upset after mid-month with food matters if not more.

Days can be amazing.  🙂

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