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Lazy Day

There are times when one can take things a little easier, maybe do some things that are out of the ordinary or maybe just some things that were not a case of desperation yet. That “take it easier” notion may even be a reasonable necessity. It seems it was for yours truly today while not really known.  Case in point:  during a need to visit the little girl’s room this evening, there was a surprising sound that could only have been the heating/air conditioning unit. It hadn’t run all day.  It was assumed it had been shut off.  It obviously wasn’t. 

Now, if the thing was not shut off, there probably wasn’t a need for that first thing in the morning.  In other words, it wasn’t running. As shutting it off seems to help with breathing (because it gets too hot in the place), there is a keen awareness of the unit, only there was none early in the day.  There is still a state of recovery from events during the week.  This in spite of the fact that there was a nice rest time in the afternoon – a good lunch, window opened for fresh air, etc. The “state” may have been aggravated by too much computer.

The computer is “precarious” with more than internet connection. A mouse problem may also exist.  The more involved thing is, a page will materialize in part.  If it is just left to sit for maybe five minutes it finishes coming up. One can proceed from there. Since there was that much connection, there was a chance to post a couple of items in places like the bed bug information thread that has been started where the general public might be able to pick up a few ideas.  No visiting has been possible for some time.  That was good. 

Labor unions fought for break time for reasons. 


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Abbreviated April

April, 2011, is a shortened month. Seven of the twelve months of a year have thirty-one days and April, of course, is one that only has thirty.  In addition, since May 1 is Sunday, April’s last business day was today, the 29th.  April this year is similar to February. In order to maintain habits likely to avoid any late payment charge, the rent needed to be handed over already. No receipts are in hand or any such thing. It’s just a matter of handing over the money.  That was just something else to be concerned over this week. 

A noticeable thing of the day was that it was a “What day is it?” day. It was known it was Friday. However, if anyone had asked, a pause to remember would have been necessary. The mind was busy with the food truck was due today.  The rent needed to be taken to the office either before or after the food truck, and after wasn’t a good time.  The scooter was running low on energy again. The trip to the office (and outside) had to be done before the scooter was fed.  It would hold out just about that long. 

Friday also means try to get some of the pictures downloaded.  For some personally unknown reason the company that sends the stuff decided to spotlight the American Civil War.  A quick look last week led to the conclusion there wouldn’t be much; but, it still is good to look just in case. In addition, online news reports were loaded with interesting stories, such as the royal wedding, much of which was a little beyond reach due to the computer system. The local news did not get a look all day.  All of this was added to recent events. 

Old and slow makes it hard to keep up on things. 

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Personal Party Time

And, the official paper (passed inspection okay) arrived today.  It’s what counts. Personally speaking, the estimate would be it’s a case of just passable; but, both the owner of the place and the one who is responsible to the owner of the place are other people.  If it’s all right with them, the occupant of the place will happily tend to some other things.  The supermarket had frozen dinners on sale; among them the homemaker aide found some stuffed peppers. They went into the oven for a celebratory dinner this evening. 

There was reason to celebrate not only due to freedom from more inspecting – if “they” find something they do not like, it’s written up in a notice, the resident has two weeks to correct the matter and a second inspection is done – but because yours truly got to play on the computer a little bit again.  Oh, it definitely did not work in any way one might call superb, but there was enough connectivity much of the time to be checking the email (without paying the ninety-nine cents to get online with the mobile unit) and more. 

A piece of mail needed to go out today.  There absolutely wasn’t a chance of calming down enough to neatly put it together yesterday. It likely would have been all right if it went out tomorrow; but there had to be a try to get it out today, which meant put it together this morning before the mail carrier arrived.  Well, the address on the envelope wasn’t written too straight, and the words written looked like something was left out, but, it got done.  It took three trips to the lobby, two to see if the mail carrier came after the mailing. 

A celebration now and then is good. 

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Some Different Details

Well, at least part of the apartment building had an inspection and had the air filters changed. “They” would normally have come close to 12:00 p.m. as they start at the top floor.  They didn’t. They had lunch before they did the fifth floor. They want to see the bathroom and the kitchen.  It isn’t good to occupy the bathroom until they are gone, especially if one expects to spend some time there, because a couple of reasons for occupying the bathroom involve a measure of being unclothed.  The official papers come tomorrow. 

Fortune, heaven or whatever smiled on yours truly last night as the computer managed to connect to the internet as the commentaries for these weblogs got finished.  They were finished very late and a background question was, would the scooter finish it’s re-charging in time to scoot down the hall to post them before midnight.  They got posted in the apartment. The connection stayed during the day and that was another fortunate thing as the landlady could see that sittings in front of the elevators were not a standard thing. 

What routine there is during the day was, of course, disturbed. The little journey to the outside world was mid-afternoon. As it seemed to want to start to rain, no hanging around outside was possible. A couple of electronic letters got sent.  One could have been done by telephone, but by email is better. One wasn’t necessary, it was just a little polite pleasantness that can make someone happy. One had to be done by electronic means as it went to a far distant land to a person who left no street address.  That one may be needed. 

Small accomplishments are accomplishments.    


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Inspection Preparation

Homemaker aide came – a bit late but a day early, inconvenienced though a few people, including her, might have been – and as seen fit went to the post office and the supermarket. First she listened to why a lot depended on her, namely, yours truly was about ready to scream earlier.  Indeed, there was a dissolving in to some yelling at “nice lady.”  She came to the door.  She has the same inspecting for tomorrow.  Maybe her apartment is in perfect order.  She evidently arrived intent on chat.  It took more than an hour to calm down. 

Homemaker aide listened, ran the errands and cleaned a lot more than usual in the remaining time.  Well, she swept the kitchen – that was not only seen but was assisted.  And, she mopped. It, too, was seen. And, after she left, a look around suggested it would be wise to sweep again.  Where the stuff came from is an absolute mystery unless it fell out of the mop. There was no dust in the second time, but there were nearly as many slivers of this and that.  Ditto it was with the bathroom.  Grocery bags and items were not put away. 

After a pause to recover from the second round with the bathroom and kitchen, the idea was to get a cup of coffee (fish a cup out of a bag) and strategically relocate some of the unpacked grocery bags over some spots on the rug.  Cup in one hand, bags in the other, a precarious pushing of the lever to move the scooter worked for ten feet.  Then the machine hit dead stop sloshing the coffee around a little creating some more spots on the rug.  And, there was nothing handy with which to mop it up.  (The battery was dead.) 

Only one person wins in competition. 

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Spring In Full Swing

Easter Monday “eve” – it’s past sunset Sunday – is at hand.  Dinner is in a pre-packaged tray in the oven.  Weblog entries for Sunday are “published in waiting,” ready for a more normal hour. Being a little consistent can be a good thing.  The day (Sunday) was so still it could be called motionless.  In a last desperate pitch, yours truly managed to download about a half-dozen charming Easter images from last week’s collection down by the elevators. It was possible only because the scooter was re-charged in the morning. 

The coming week’s events are supposedly determined. There’s no point in listing them as it probably won’t happen that way, at least not any part yours truly has in mind.  The trash, meanwhile, seems to be accumulating more rapidly than usual.  The usual troubles in regard to actual walking (rather than “scootering”) seem to be just as bad as usual if not worse.  Some months ago a back supporting thing (not a brace) was bought to see if that helped matters any at all.  It was finally decided to try it (too early for any results). 

Monday daytime did come and ran rather like other days of simply getting started. In mind, however, were things like the several trips to get a few of the pictures copied using up scooter battery energy and the fact that the homemaker aide is due tomorrow to spiffy up the place for the coming management inspection on Wednesday. A list, trash, etc., is due tomorrow, and it must be a short list to save time while there’s really no inclination to do anything.  There’s only a hope the scooter battery will last through the morning. 

There’s a great big world outside.  

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Personal Background

It really isn’t too difficult to find someone in the United States that is not equipped with extensive Christian background. The people are from most anywhere in the world.  They likely know some things of Christianity, but not a lot.  On the other hand, in various pockets of the humanity, the place is over-run with Christians of various types. Black, white, Native American and anything else that has been near has been touched by the Christian missionaries of the past.  It may be a jumbled collection of information, but it is a collection. 

Cincinnati has a lot of Baptists, but yours truly once decided to find out how many Roman Catholic high schools there were and lost the count somewhere around nine – people have to pay tuition for their children to go to them.  Maybe because the fifty miles was hard to travel by horse, Dayton is not so well stocked, but the southbank’s just about like Cincinnati, complete with cathedral (historic) barely two miles from the one in Cincinnati. That’s two cathedrals, both of them legitimate, with bona fide bishops in charge. 

It’s Christian holiday Easter Sunday in Covington, and a rainy one at that. Various doors in the apartment building have displayed some thoughts about the matter such as bunny rabbit and Easter basket displays (no Risen Christ noticed). However, one day last week one person came to the door wanting to know if there was a wish for a little Palm Sunday palm in view of the Christian “background.”  (No.) The personal Christian Easter special was always a giant chocolate covered fruit and nut candy egg.  It’s been a while….

There are sterile times. 

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