Abbreviated April

April, 2011, is a shortened month. Seven of the twelve months of a year have thirty-one days and April, of course, is one that only has thirty.  In addition, since May 1 is Sunday, April’s last business day was today, the 29th.  April this year is similar to February. In order to maintain habits likely to avoid any late payment charge, the rent needed to be handed over already. No receipts are in hand or any such thing. It’s just a matter of handing over the money.  That was just something else to be concerned over this week. 

A noticeable thing of the day was that it was a “What day is it?” day. It was known it was Friday. However, if anyone had asked, a pause to remember would have been necessary. The mind was busy with the food truck was due today.  The rent needed to be taken to the office either before or after the food truck, and after wasn’t a good time.  The scooter was running low on energy again. The trip to the office (and outside) had to be done before the scooter was fed.  It would hold out just about that long. 

Friday also means try to get some of the pictures downloaded.  For some personally unknown reason the company that sends the stuff decided to spotlight the American Civil War.  A quick look last week led to the conclusion there wouldn’t be much; but, it still is good to look just in case. In addition, online news reports were loaded with interesting stories, such as the royal wedding, much of which was a little beyond reach due to the computer system. The local news did not get a look all day.  All of this was added to recent events. 

Old and slow makes it hard to keep up on things. 


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