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It’s Nearly Autumn

A good “thinking” month dawns ahead.  Actually, August didn’t seem too bad, but there was, as usual, little movement out of the air conditioned apartment, so there was little experience with actual weather outside.  Septembers always seem a little short on time.  Lunches and the food truck came great on this past Friday, but friend had a sort of emergency Wednesday and didn’t stop.  The newest aide has now been by three times and has located the supermarket to use for those errands. 

The past week proved to be fairly uneventful, and some of the computer concerns were tackled.  As the browser in use seemed to just die away, another browser seemed like a good idea. An unusual problem of sorts rested in the fact that there are an estimated thousand bookmarks/favorites installed.  One try at transferring them had them thoroughly jumbled.  One by one it was something to clear out before trying again. The ones used every day are now arranged for easy daily use. 

The hunting continued for something other than the unreliable aide service.  It might take moving to another place.  In the meantime things like “The Project” have (sadly) fallen by the wayside.  There’s no doing anything until something changes a little for the better.  The first of the month being tomorrow the rents have been in mind. A little of the jumbled up money got sorted out.  It took an hour to figure out an envelope of notes with five dollars and twelve cents in it. 

Nightfall can promise peace.Money 


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And, life Goes On….

So, it’s Monday and two weblog commentaries go public.  It is in spite of a computer that’s not working very well.  In fact it wasn’t working at all for about three hours except for the scans for problems like malware.  Computer access is means to what’s going on in the world, television being outdated means these days.  That on top of a bad weekend. Yesterday’s supper was eaten at about 8:00 a.m. today as an evening nap extended to about 3:30 a.m.  (But, that’s life these days.) 

Friend came during the week and yesterday.  Yesterday he came equipped with stuff for plants. Some of those may be dying it seems, as one did, a pretty little thing just starting out in life.  He also brought a contraption that will be a help with at least the laundry.  Avon came and left a shopping bag good for something as well as the order.  The aide didn’t get much done, but there’s no longer expectation of that service being of much value. At least the trash gets taken out. 

Not only is August a long month, but the calendar layout this year makes for an easier time with the necessities like going to the bank.  It’s not that way every month.  In addition the weather was rather nice recently, which is good since there’s been enough noise around (especially today with sidewalks dug up) that it would nearly drown out a low-flying jet.  There’s serious need for change in the housing situation, so a lot of time was used in things like online searches.

Autumn is a time for clear heads.Coffee cup 


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Run. Run.

Disorganization of the first order goes like this:  moving to another spot on the map about 36 inches (or more) away from a current spot requires a mobility scooter or some such.  While there are purely mechanical contraptions, they’re hard to use and aren’t beyond a desperate situation.  The scooter runs on battery that has to be recharged.  Now that cannot be done in an orderly fashion like 9:00 p.m. Sunday as energy use varies depending on activity.  Battery changing interrupts things. 

Not only is it necessary to adjust things to accommodate that battery business but also that of the cell phone, the link to 911 emergency that can be taken to bed.  Cell phone is on the battery recharge list, too, but it’s different as there is no second battery to which it can be changed.  Now, that’s basic disorder of essentials, and more might be said of this rooted disorder business, but then there wouldn’t be space for a few words about the week’s happenings. 

This week it’s Avon coming and possibly a new aide.  As usual any more, a new aide showed up Wednesday with no advance word and couldn’t finish all that was lined up as she was new.  It was kind of her to work over-time (to be made up later).  The past days are somewhat a blur as the medical condition became much worse.  Friend came Sunday, but it’s not remembered what other day(s).  Some of the plants are very sick.  The money’s in disarray at the moment.  (And, that’s not all.) 

Sometimes there’s no chance to plan ahead.Clock

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More August Things

It’s hot in the apartment, but given the pounding of an HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) unit that has a bad noise condition, it has to be tolerated to an extent.  It is not too easy to do that if one has difficulty with breathing under ordinary circumstances.  If one is to sit in the place and be able to think (not to mention much about sleeping) at times it has to be shut off.  At least it is not near so bad as the old apartment which got all late afternoon sun. 

It was Avon week, and that went well.  The lunch lady was on the job again on Friday. It was wonderful to have an idea of when those items might arrive.  She even brought some of her range free (home developed) chicken eggs.  As usual the aide service didn’t go particularly well.  It would not be so bad if the assigning agency hadn’t put a new employee on the job around February, which individual is dis-inclined to do much without considerable pushing and unnecessary delays. 

In view of the above, considerable time has been consumed in trying to run down alternative things.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time for the likes of once prescribed exercises, some extra rest, and other important things.  Friend has put in a little extra help again with small emergencies.  He is doing much more than he was originally asked to do.  The big thing of the week is this Thursday with the leasing business.  The food truck is due Friday.  Maybe all will go well. 

Sometimes it seems things don’t change.Coffee cup 

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Now It’s August….

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were pretty bad, such that for Saturday earplugs were unearthed from the pile.   Among what things probably have an effect on life and times is the HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) unit.  It currently makes a lot of noise.  Maintenance has checked it more often than it should be checked and claimed it was a newer unit as compared with some in the building.  Apparently nothing will (can?) be done about it short of shutting it off. 

The food truck and the lunch stuff both came Friday okay.  A few things were missing from the truck order, but no problem is in that.  Friend came both Wednesday and yesterday and as usual was helpful.  The new aide was okay, but as usual that service is uncertain.  Attempts were made to find other help that merely led back to what’s already in play.  Avon may be back in the picture.  An order was called in just in time, a bad procedure as the back up still isn’t done. 

The doctor finally came on Wednesday (it’s been three months since he was around).  It appears the government question is now okay, but promptly Friday morning a notice came from the landlord that it was time to start lease renewal including a morning appointment near mid-month needing a change, so trip to the office is needed.  At least the rent is paid for this month.  The computer may have righted itself.  Life goes on, but this being gets more behind with things each day. 

The older one gets, the slower one gets.Snail 

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