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New Year’s Eve

Tuesday, Christmas Eve….  Homemaker aide dutifully came, ran errands, did a little laundry, carried out the trash … and presented a gift, a fancy box of candy, before leaving.  The candy hasn’t been tried as of this writing.  With that matter out of the way, since it wasn’t anything like sunset yet, there was an opportunity to send a few Christmas greetings to people online.  At least the ecards would be at the homes of the people on Christmas morning, except for one, although that should be there for about their noontime.  Nothing was sent in the mail; nothing was distributed in the building – too much physical effort needed. 

Wednesday, Christmas Day (Delayed)….  Well good intentions were all there but things weren’t too good.  Initially friend wasn’t expected, although Wednesdays in the evening are a normal time to stop.  He was coming anyway for others.  So, there was an unexpected visit.  In fact, he came twice, the second time with cake that cost too much.  The expected visitors with the Christmas dinner were about two hours late.  There were two of them.  Perhaps because they were late, a rush job was instituted that wasn’t very pleasant.  What was supposed to be special in a rare way was quite burned.  It wasn’t a good visit.  

Thursday (Delayed)….  At about 6:00 a.m. (or maybe slightly before) the plants were finally watered with their mid-week watering.  As the homemaker aide was present on Tuesday, plant watering was left to the resident.  And, the resident’s get to it powers were so limited Wednesday it took twelve hours to get the little job done.  It’s not surprising blog notes weren’t done, either.  At this point days are so unclear it’s not certain what day the nurse came.  It was this afternoon, a little earlier than usual, it seems.  A big new batch of irritation developed late in the day, about six hours after the nurse left.  It’s not good.   

Friday (Delayed) and Saturday (Delayed)….  There’s no real recollection of what went on either day.  The lunch lady came Friday and the lunch wasn’t eaten until Saturday evening.  Although there was a fast look through email and the like, no computer work got done.  There was also no wandering downstairs or tallying of funds that have been sitting for a week.  There was concern about the place that had the new irritation – it was pretty big and messy.  There was even thought to call the nurse until word came on Friday that the doctor planned to make a visit on Monday.  There was messing with online games. 

Sunday (Delayed)….  The money got straightened out in the morning.  There’s a a chance friend will go get something on Sunday, which was the motivation that got the money straightened out.  He was much later than usual; it seems another resident is in a rather bad way.  He had thoughtfully bought a big breakfast cake (the one from Christmas not being the greatest).  He also watered the plants and took the new one down to the lady who has been re-potting them.  Some matters may be drifting back to something more normal, not that it’s wonderful.  A little thought provided the means to investigate the burned treat. 

Monday evening….  The lunch lady came, before lunch was finished the doctor’s visit started up (he wasn’t around very long, but did seem to be checking things) and later in the afternoon the lady down the hall brought the new little plant in a bigger pot.  We talked a little about what might be done with the plants when the reconstruction in the apartment was going to be in play.  The day was okay; and, the aide is due tomorrow (today, Tuesday) instead of Wednesday as it is holiday time.  It’s nearly midnight, but even the commentary got done.  Things might be back to the point of barely manageable. 

There are people who don’t know what to do with their time. 


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Christmas Is Near

Tuesday (Delayed)….  Theoretically it should have been a mostly “free day,” or one when no one was expected to come by for some reason, so the day could be used in whatever way came to mind.  Only the afternoon and evening were free, as the lunch lady comes Monday through Friday.   However, a notice had come around from the building management….  Well, it looked friendly, but maybe it had papers or something….  Although forty-five minutes late for the meeting, it seemed a good idea to go see.  The meeting was to tell everyone they needed to vacate the place (individually) for about a week due to construction.   

Wednesday (Delayed)….  The homemaker aide didn’t show up.  The place being strewn with a week’s trash, among other things, friend was called.  He was called yesterday in the wake of the announcement to stop on his way home to read the papers.  Needing to work late, he had to come another evening to deal with what the aide didn’t do.  (Friday is usually good.)  No mention about next Wednesday was made with the notice that the aide wasn’t coming.  That had to be fished out of the office.  Appropriate or not, she’s due to come next Tuesday.  They did not ask, of course.  It was another vey upset day. 

Thursday evening….  Well, today really was a free day except for the lunch lady who was a bit late.  It wasn’t too free, as last week’s errands had not been tallied up yet and the food truck is due tomorrow, as well as friend to bring a few items and get the money orders for the rent and maybe even the post office mail.  The order for the food truck has yet to be made out.  At the current rate, it won’t get done until tomorrow morning – however, there was some freezer space created for some of it, how much money can be spent has been estimated, etc.  The first step is always getting started.    

Friday (Delayed)….  It was a very busy day.  The lunch lady had a lunch more fit for another day, so something had to be fished out for lunch.  The order needed for the food truck had to be figured out.  Things bought had to be put away.  All morning and early afternoon were so used.  Then the nurse came.  In the absent aide matter, friend came in the evening, but he was too late to go to the bank for the rent money orders or to the post office.  He did take the list as it had grocery items on it that could be brought Sunday.  Both water and alcohol are nearly out and are to emergency supplies.      

Saturday (Delayed)….  As Christmas draws near, it looks like there is going to be very little of a “traditional” Christmas in the apartment underfoot.  Normal life’s spotty enough without something like the recent apartment announcement.  All the stuff sitting around needs immediate attention.  That blows all normal plans to oblivion.  With it being near impossible to think things through, trying to do a little something about the rather bland computer appearance that came with the thing seemed a good idea.  Christmas cheer on the desktop wouldn’t be a wasted effort.  Stumbling along, it took all day.      

Sunday (Delayed)….  Friend came late and without the few groceries.  Two of his other people had problems.  He then went and got said groceries and some other stuff he needed and came again, much later.  The revamped computer visuals, it seems anyway, are uplifting to the spirit.  Anything lifting the spirit is good.  The stuff brought by friend was emergency level stuff.  It was not everything in need of replenishing.  It looks like the list done for Friday is going to be strung out the whole of Christmas week.  Some people online got downright snotty.  There was unexpected involvement there.     

Monday (late, but not technically Delayed)….  Friend came again, late again, the purpose being to do more on the list that was left at home….  The money orders for the rent and some cash are now in hand.  A phone card, however, still needs to be bought sometime in the near future.  He plans to be around in the building come Christmas Day.  And, speaking of Christmas, there is a Christmas card for everyone posted in The Diary’s Blog, and it is a rather different St. Nicholas.  If someone reading this is unfamiliar with the other weblog just click on the link in the sidebar to see the Christmas card that goes with the comments carried here. 

May all who have visited here have a Merry Christmas. 


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Holiday Time, 2013

Tuesday night….  Everything Christmas should be well on it’s way.  Ha!  There is going to be little done at all.  For one thing, two things were learned yesterday in the trip to the office.  Moving to another apartment has been okayed.  If/when a suitable something opens up, things have to be in readiness, although it’s not too likely to be before the first of the year and maybe long after.  Secondly the lease papers were messed up.  The lunch lady didn’t come today, so there may or may not be a problem there – it won’t be known for sure until tomorrow  at best.  So, going into the holiday time is already that much occupied. 

Wednesday night….  Things are momentarily going pretty right for a change.  At the moment it is late, but still Wednesday.  Friend didn’t stop.  Nurse didn’t stop either.  But, there were still three people that came, the lunch lady, the delivery lady from the drug store and the homemaker aide.  Nurse wasn’t expected to be stopping.  Getting things from the drug store was a spur of the moment thing, in the mid-morning.  Vitamins were getting low, and the prescription cream won’t last too much longer.  (There was one pill left in one bottle  — they are not vital, but it doesn’t hurt to take them.)

Thursday night….  It’s a good thing nothing much was in the works for today – a drippy nose started in the morning and continued all day with periodic sneezing and by tonight coughing has been included.  Most of a box of nosey tissues even with tearing them in half got used up.  None were on the grocery list; there were three other boxes in the place, but at the current rate they won’t last long.  A lot of the day was spent online looking through things.  Included was a bit of a hunt for an item of special interest, so it wasn’t a day that amounted to nothing.  Also of interest was figuring out a game (and that is useless).        

Friday (Delayed)….  A disorganized day that should have been a breeze it was.  A short visit from both the nurse and the lunch lady was all that was expected.  Off chance, friend might have come since he didn’t come Wednesday (he didn’t).  Be it reasonable or not, it seems there was a panic attack.  When the nurse’s reading on the blood pressure gizmo was exceptionally high she took it over again, and a couple of more times after that it was still high.  It never hit normal.  Neither did anything like thinking – it wasn’t possible to think well at all (forgetfulness ruled the rest of the day and night). 

Saturday night….  Well, yesterday’s panic attack seems to have sloshed well into today.  It wasn’t until this evening that things seemed to be okay – not that good but okay.  And, that’s only in the apartment underfoot.  A look outside the door, the one to the hall to see if any notices or Christmas cards were there, brought a sense of anxiety and it was nothing but a glance.  It’s like getting lost somewhere and suddenly realizing that while having no idea of what to do.  And, this goes no farther on Saturday, it is still being difficult to concentrate on anything.  At least a couple of basics, such as eating, were covered. 

Sunday afternoon….  Friend stopped as expected (only very big troubles would keep him from seeing “his” people on Sundays), and he was rather surprised by the problem that developed in the leasing office to put it mildly.  He decided to immediately go get a money order to cover the mistake made in processing the rental agreement, although it didn’t have to be corrected tomorrow (that was a point upon which there was insistence).  The anxiety business still lingers.  The nurse is due tomorrow  again.  It’s expected she will be coming fewer times.  In the near future, of course, the holidays will confuse a lot of things.  

Monday night….  The drippy nose active as a faucet needing repair is that way at the moment and has been so all day.  The nurse came by as expected with words about coming just once next week.  That has yet to be figured out.  If possible, if she could come some day other than the homemaker aide, that would be best.  A fast run to the office first thing this morning took care of that problem.  Friend’s concern about that has been covered.  Things are in such a disarray that it was a little near 4:00 p.m. when it was figured out that Christmas is next Wednesday, not Thursday.  And, nothing on that has yet been done…. 

The end of a year means changes are coming. 

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December Begins….

Tuesday night….  The evening had another case of suddenly realizing that today was about over and the day’s comments weren’t done.  Well, the internet access in the apartment came back in the late afternoon, so there was a mad rush to get some stuff (fun and work) done online.  It was after the doctor came, which was the main event since he ordinarily only comes once a month.  He had questions and they took blood.  In addition – before internet after doctor – the lady from down the hall who has been re-potting the plants brought the new little plant of this past Thanksgiving reset in it’s new pot.  She visited a little.   

Wednesday (Delayed)….  Somehow the day was tiring even though there was no nursing visit.  This time the next visit is scheduled for Friday.  People who came were the lunch lady, the homemaker aide and regular friend.  Exactly where the day went isn’t known now (Sunday).  Homemaker aide was full of energy.  More than what was expected got done.  To an extent she was like a whirlwind (it may even have caused the inability to function well later).  Friend got a small lecture as he wasn’t doing something in the best way that it could be done.  Such caused a small money mistake.  

Thursday (Delayed)….  There was heavy snow forecast and in a real surprise the nurse came by.  She was afraid snow would keep her from visiting all patients on her schedule for tomorrow.  That was okay, especially since the hands seem like they are flaring up again.  There was, however, such a state of confusion by now it couldn’t be remembered if the food truck was due without looking it up.  (Yes, it was.)   The lunch lady said there would be no delivery tomorrow based on that snow alert.  The day’s intention was an office trip to ask again about the move to another apartment and the rent receipt.  It wasn’t done.  

Friday (Delayed)….  The morning’s task was to throw together a food order, so if the truck came regardless of the snow alert, it would be ready.  It did and he was in a hurry.  After a breather there was still time to go to the office.  It was closed, at 1:00 p.m. (snow alert).  Furthermore there was a problem of some sort so one of the elevators was commandeered.  It was very disgusting.  December 6, is the day of St. Nicholas to some.  It being St. Nick’s day, regular friend decided to be a St. Nicholas devotee and unexpectedly came with an expensive box of candy.  It was nice to get a Christmas present. 

Saturday (Delayed)….  At the calendar week’s end, the front paws are worse, and the nurse is not due until Monday.  The week’s money transactions haven’t been sorted out and cigarettes are pretty low.  There is, however, food in the place.  A precious little was done in regard to anything else, and things like the office trip, if possible, will put a crunch in Monday.  Some of the day was spent doing things online, but exactly what isn’t known a day later.  Bedtime was somewhere about 7:00 p.m. as things during the week were tiring enough for that.  Christmas card time has come.  The tree or whatever it is on the hill is decorated with lights. 

Sunday night….  All unfinished blog comments have been finished off insofar as is possible.  One of the tales from the store blog has been copied to the history’s site – it took all morning as it was deleted and re-posted about three times for it to transfer nicely.  Friend came by, watered the plants and went for money.  He also got two cartons of cigarettes and something for breakfast.  There wasn’t an item done other than trying to get somewhere with the computer.  At the end of  a day that’s disillusioning, especially if it turns out to have been exhaustive.  At least a trip downstairs would lead to the outside world. 

Monday (Projection)….  The lunch lady and the nurse should be around, but it’s wintery outside so either may be late.  The weather forecast promises a drop in temperatures for the middle of the week, not tomorrow, which should be in the 30s near the freezing mark.  With luck there will be a useful trip to the office.  A swift nose out the door, since it’s close, is worthwhile just to be out there briefly (like for a few seconds).  Much of the rest of the day will likely be spent with the computer as there is always email to sort.  Ideally, the money should dealt with as there has already been one mistake. 

Life is often a matter of staying afloat.      

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Thanksgiving Week 2013

Tuesday night….  Happily, two important Thanksgiving remembrances sent via email got picked out.   It took a lot longer in the doing than expected for several reasons.  The first idea didn’t work and neither did the second.  The third was at least eventually workable, however, it hasn’t been used in years.  Technically, it was hard to use because “how” was forgotten.  People are due again.  Things are not ready  for the homemaker service.  Two or three papers around a couple of months now got pitched.  The papers pile is horrendous, but most often they do not get attention as there’s too much to do. 

Wednesday (delayed)….  The nurse came today, as expected, but she will not be back until Monday.  The hind paws have improved, so it’s okay.  Since someone is expected to bring a Thanksgiving dinner, there still won’t be a “free day.”  The homemaker aide came, also as expected but a half hour early.  As she felt sick, it made sense to tell her to go home.  She stayed a about an hour, got the rug swept and the trash out, but no errands were done.  Calling friend bought in a carton of cigarettes and a promise of errands for Friday.  Shortly after the nurse left there was a terrible attack of something.  Wisdom suggested mostly staying in bed. 

Thursday, Thanksgiving day and a special anniversary (delayed)….  Since there was the strange attack, little was attempted especially in view of both the visitor and the fact that internet connectivity was again lost.  The guest with the special Thanksgiving dinner (and another little houseplant) was delightful.  She acted as if she wanted to help in other ways (like The Project), but it would be a first time for any such thing.  There was connectivity until about mid-morning, then there was a trip downstairs to get it in the lobby (a table to work on is better than a lap by the elevators).  Supper was skipped; bed was needed. 

Friday night….  Whatever has gotten worse is still around.  The attempt to catch up on notes ended about halfway through yesterday.  The attempt to pick up on some online stuff (again in the lobby) ended before things where half done.  The attempt at breakfast amounted to two smallish cookies.  Regular friend went for things in desperate need, so the week’s errands were covered minimally.  One of the rent payments also went to his care.  Both hind paws also seemed worse this afternoon, so they got smeared up with some medication whether the nurse and doctor would think it best or not.  It helps to know if one is coming or going. 

Saturday night….  The witching hour approaches and, once again, there’s notion in mind that the day amounted to nothing.  As there’s (once again) no internet at present, unless there’s a trip somewhere like down to the lobby where it’s colder than in the apartment since people continually come and go, what’s related to it get’s no hands on attention.  It’s probably not too important on a Saturday from any angle, but that’s beside the point.  There was about an hour downstairs, and most of the day’s activities (what there were) consisted of blog words, which can be done without connectivity.   …Been late all day.

Sunday night….  Regular friend came, talked a bit and watered the plants.  There was little else for him to do, he having been around on Friday.  The internet isn’t available yet in the apartment underfoot.  There were lobby trips to get online a little while.  Since the offices in the lobby (there are two down there, one is  for a social worker of sorts) will be open tomorrow morning for business, it isn’t good to be down there then.  The Diary’s Blog got an advanced posting and the edge is too jagged, but tinkering takes a lot of time.  It’s not likely to get done.  The blog for the history site got an addition in spite of circumstances. 

Monday night….  Well, surprise!  It’s Monday night.  Lunch lady and nurse came and word came that the doctor was coming tomorrow.  Some more was added to the now defunct contest entry (it wasn’t very good, but at least something could be added to make it long enough to post it) then there was a race downstairs as it is still a condition of no internet access … and in the totality of this day’s activity it was forgotten that it is Monday and this little paragraph wasn’t done and if it is to be posted for tomorrow, there has to be another trip somewhere at midnight, or thereabouts, no editing out jagged edges, etc.  Surprise!  It’s Monday. 

Noisy people can be distracting.   

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