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A lot of things have been used to give people precise ideas of what time it is in the sense of hours. As once described, the thing on the table most used is a battery-operated digital clock that also shows the date and day of the week and announces the month if a button is pushed.  The year is also in the works.  With any digital clock, as the time is a precise string of numbers, periodically the time of day is also some other number imbedded in the memory.  One noted a great deal is “12:29” – the once house number of some relatives. 

Especially on a cloudy, windy moody day (such as today is), if there is likewise little urge to do much, it is not possible to look at 12:29 without thinking of an aunt and subsequently an uncle, cousins and other elements of life such as white picket fence and a gray stucco house in a faraway place.  The people, animals, etc., known at that 1229 are all gone from there.  Someone even said a fire ravaged it after it was sold, and it had to be torn down (it’s not visible on any internet bird’s eye map); but, 1229 is ever-present. 

In an effort to shake some of mood creating numbers, today clocks had some attention. Today there has even been a “damper” on the building as the office was unexpectedly closed. The analog clock at hand is now immediately in view – it is after all the way yours truly learned to tell time – with hope that the “imprecision” of “half past” or the like will help with the matter.  The digital clock has to stay as it shows the day of the week.  Meanwhile, the homemaker aide is due Wednesday and preparations are needed.

Life goes on…. 



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Starting A Week….

It was good that Sunday morning came with its usual promise of the world around at rest, at peace.  A promise of “precipitation” as in a dreary day also sat outside.  Dreary days have their value. They’re very mood inspiring.  Said inspiration, however, wasn’t sought right today.  The day begin in the frequent fashion of a dis-oriented and desperate need to run to the bathroom.  Run to the bathroom isn’t the least unusual, except that yours truly no longer can run.  By the time the bathroom is finished, there’s often panting exhaustion.

The scooter was happily full of energy, but one of the first things in sight was the disheartening view of a trash bag in need of tying up. Nothing was done yesterday but the scooter.  The day had to be a “day of leisure” after the homemaker aide (Wednesday), bugs hunt (Thursday) and getting the mail out (Friday).  That meant the other promise today was of stuff to do amid a disinclination to be doing. The grocery advertising had to be picked up; but, the trip down to the lobby area was very late. The run outdoors was like in autumn.

Rather unusually, that trip downstairs involved some brief chatting with some other residents that had some meaning.  Perhaps it was due to it being later than usual.  Most often any talk is a disjointed comment (the mailman was upstairs – so?) or ordinary pleasantries (it’s a lovely day out, isn’t it?).  It’s not any sort of real conversation. Today, however, there was something worthwhile said; and it was all because by noonish, there was a dire need to rest before going to the outside world to see what the weather is really like. 

Even nothing can become something. 

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Since such a need can arise at any time for anyone, it may be good to have a more detailed explanation of the business of “scooter re-charging” (not other stuff) mentioned here frequently.  Even if not a need today, odds and ends of the matter might be recalled and be useful some other time.  The topic is high in the mind as yours truly is sitting on the scooter at hand as it re-charges.  Now, it may be a tad similar to other battery operated equipment in some respects and different from other scooters, which needs to be remembered.

If the battery is nearly out of power (with the equipment at hand) it normally takes four to five hours for it to be re-energized.  It can’t be judged exactly because the gauge isn’t that exact.  One begins with a presumption of five hours of non-use.  Night time is not the best time if the thing is used for the likes of trips to the bathroom; it’s connected to an outlet. The best way to handle it is to park it in a spot where something else can be done, which is also accessible to more.  In the case at hand, it’s between bed and computer. 

In order take on a daytime state of little mobility, everything taking some degree of mobility needs to be out of the way beforehand or able to be put off until later.  In other words, breakfast and the trip downstairs were carried out beforehand.  (There wasn’t much that was going on downstairs; but, the morning newspaper delivery was at noon time as the truck broke down, which was interesting.  The newspaper no longer has money for truck maintenance?)  Messing with computer and hobbling to the kitchen for food was the day. 

One can’t always be doing things. 

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Out Of Step

If yours truly is lucky, the scooter will last through part of tomorrow. Going backwards, it looks like there’s enough energy in the battery to last.  Going as is normal, it looks like it won’t last.  There’s not a wish to let it re-charge during the night.  For one thing, it is hard to connect up.  There are three places in the living area where there’s a wall socket.  The rest are in the baseboard. The computer and a lamp are in one.  The sweeper and a lamp are in one. The heating pad is in the third one, which is behind the bed. 

It wasn’t possible to be concerned about essentials like the scooter today.  It was important to try to get out some mail, both email and other. The other was more important, but the email kept bothering the thought processes.  Before U.S. mail can go out, things must be found, things like envelopes.  They are in one bag or the other, not with anything like pen or stamps. Then an address has to be on an envelope – written, the typewriter is in storage in Newport. There’s often a preliminary, like the checkbook has to be balanced. 

Thus, there was a state of being occupied while the landlady threw a party for the residents. There wouldn’t have been a participation in the party anyway.  It’s just the idea.  The party was conveniently scheduled the day after there was a bug inspection. It’s even more convenient in that the plumbing suddenly needed massive repairs. (She’s a pretty smart lady.)  So, some people went to party, but not everyone in the place, especially not any who went to work or who may have gone to a doctor.  Who went and who didn’t isn’t known. 

It’s good to know one is not alone. 

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Bug Inspection Day

A wonderful thing happened this afternoon.  For a few minutes, but not a known period of time, breathing was normal.  Very rarely is it so. Most of the time the nose is rather like someone who has a cold or some such thing.  Very little air gets in that way.  It also drips.  It doesn’t hurt in any way.  It just doesn’t work right.  Breathing often is a mouth-open panting after the slightest of activity.  It was a very unexpected thing, followed by a sudden realization it was normal breathing for the moment.  It’s evidence things could be all right.

As for the rest of the day, maybe if yours truly is lucky, there won’t be very many more such.  There’s no night time like normal.  From awakening in the middle of the night to over-sleeping, it’s not good order.  The bug inspectors were at the door at about 8:30 a.m. By chance, there was nothing like being in the bathroom at the time. A letter presumed sent evidently went nowhere as it was later found in draft.  A noon time attempt at rest was immediately interrupted by a tummy ache.  The computer died.  The ankle flared up. 

Maybe it’s because the inspection was scheduled for today that the building became a sea of activity. In the brief trip downstairs it was difficult to get around. Things in the aisle were being loaded onto a movers’ truck outside.  Meanwhile, incoming, two people (one on a scooter) were hauling a computer system in with a grocery cart and two more had one overflowing with groceries.  Why anyone would be running around with the bug inspectors due remains a mystery.  And, that wasn’t all of the activity. 

Any day can be hopeful.             

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Plodding Along

The day came and is going.  In fact, it’s almost gone.  One concern is out of the way – money orders for the rent. The one has to be in the mail Friday night for a pick up on Saturday.  The coming of the bug inspection tomorrow is not conducive to other activity, not that it’s expected to take particularly long.  No doubt some stuff will be left scattered around.  It takes too much to put everything back the way it was.  In fact, stuff wasn’t taken apart (tables unloaded, etc.) as previously directed, which may cause problems. 

The fire alarm went off again in the afternoon.  Now, the one in the afternoon may have been due to someone somewhere in the place getting confused and maybe actually having a fire.  That one in the middle of the night mentioned in the previous message could have been a mechanical thing from when they finished working.  That is, they restored the water, and it ran all over somewhere. The person just happened to be up and didn’t know what else to do.  That’s a guess; the matter wasn’t explored. 

The homemaker aide service went well. The regular lady was sent, just a little bit late but close enough to the appointed hour.  There was no wish to be sending a substitute to the bank.  That business was not finished off.  There’s still a need to go get some cash; but, that’s for another day.  And, at 7:00 p.m. yours truly was so done in that two and a half hours in the bed was barely enough. A lot of the groceries will be sitting around tomorrow.  No bugs have been seen, but the inspection team may still want to spray. 

Old folks want to be left in peace. 

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Best Laid Plans….

It was a miserable night indeed. Presumably the water was shut off at 10:00 p.m. last night as per the management’s notice.  There is no point in busily checking out such things. If the water is expected to be off for several hours, one merely draws water ahead.  Bucket is useful.  However, as insurance one might fill up a sink or bathtub just in case.  The water was due back on at 4:00 a.m.  What came on at 4:00 a.m. was the fire alarm.  It screeched the usual amount of time (fifteen minutes), followed by short bursts for a while. 

Now, the scooter was very low on energy last night.  It was decided to not re-charge it during the night, but, rather, connect it up for a “feeding” early in the morning.  As is recalled, there was a final wail of the fire alarm about an hour later, then the clock alarm, with the result that it was nearly 11:00 a.m. when yours truly finally did get awake.  Therefore, there was the “blessing” of questionable scoots until afternoon.  The trip downstairs did take place, but not exactly “well.”  And, of course, there wasn’t much activity after that. 

The goal for the day was to get ready for the homemaker aide due tomorrow. In addition to the grocery list, she needs to make a stop at the bank to get the money orders coming due. That takes letter writing, by hand.  Well, the list got figured out; but, that’s all.  And, it’s actually time for bed as most people would see it; but there is no getting there at the moment.  Even the blogs aren’t done at the moment.  There shall be some resting with hopes for the best.  It may yet be that a couple of refinements will help… 

Details are important.  . 

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