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Problem Solved–II

To continue (this is part 2), “The Project” was initially envisioned as something in the way of a job – given some “right” circumstances eight hours per day along with all the standard break time, lunch hours and whatever else.  If that were the case, the thing might have been finished off in a couple of months.  That was not the case even remotely, and not just because of a lack of any computer skills.  In the beginning what was realistically estimated was something like a part time job of two hours per day.  And, computer know-how had to come first. 

Thanks to the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton county yours truly can get online and then some. Thanks to the Covington branch of the Kenton county public library (properly it’s the Mary Ann Mongan branch), there is an ability to create business letters (and more) as good as that of any youthful individual just getting out of high school clerical studies.   “The Project” did get a start.  Lack of an editor (or at least “critical reader”) created one hang up.  World interference created a second.  That doesn’t include the derailing by bed bugs. 

The bugs will be somewhere around – ideally at a distance, but probably not too far away – for the rest of this lifetime. An entire way of living is still in process of change to an unknown.  The world will continue to interfere even more so, if for no other reason, then the bugs; but, other reason is expected to develop, too.  As for an editor (or “critical reader”), that’s still possible, but finding one will not be easy – all aspects of the easy have already been tried.  As a song says, something has got to give….  “The Project” can’t be a time-set job.  (More later.) 

What seems easy can be complex.  


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Problem Solved–I

When it was started, the approach to “The Project” (explanation elsewhere) was mixture of “working job” and “classroom study” although it would not result in a paycheck or educational credits.  It was only known it would take time to gather information, so it had to be viewed as a job of sorts.  Furthermore, there wasn’t a knowledge of anything about computers; so, learning enough to use them had to be figured into the picture.  Given “pre-computer” knowledge and experience in office work, the first intent had been enough computer skills for a real job. 

College credit courses, even at state schools, ran into hundreds of dollars.  Other means turned into the library, which about then acquired computers for general public use.  The library offered internet access, period. And, if that was what was available then and there, that was the angle from which to start.  Ideally, finding out how to do a business letter was in there somewhere.  “The Project” naturally came out of the realm of “maybe someday.”  Retirement funds might be meager, but it was something that could be done until something else might be arranged.

At the time, the library in Cincinnati allowed less than an hour online; but, after an hour, one could go back online.  One could rack up about four “study” hours per day.  The move to Covington changed things; the time online was limited to an hour a day, although the computers could be in use otherwise for three more hours.  “The Project” was still viewed as a job, but severely curtailed.  Even with a personal computer there was curtailment as “keeping current” was needed.  It can no longer be seen as “a job.”  (More later.) 

At times one must change things to continue. 

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Minimal Accomplishments

Tomorrow is Veterans’ Day.  November has been here for almost two weeks now and there seems to be nothing to show for it.  In fact, there is a measure of falling by the wayside if you come right down to it.  This in spite of there being not only a homemaker aide (of sorts) once a week but someone more to do the errands. It was originally set up so that the homemaker aide did the errands, so now there is more time put into getting things done.  Even trips to the lobby and outside as in workplace break time have been practically cut out completely. 

This, of course, has been touched on before.  Some things take thinking, such as getting the check book in order. A grocery list takes even more thinking; it takes thinking ahead while the check book only takes dealing with numbers. Somehow thinking seems to be too much effort.  It isn’t that it doesn’t kick into play when seriously encouraged.  It’s that it doesn’t kick into play unless so encouraged.  A lot of times recently the only thing in mind has been to hit the bed for rest.  The time there soon enough turns into dozing off. 

It’s getting easier to use the new systems, but it seems that it’s still all confusing or at least not handled very smoothly and efficiently.  The only other thing that might have an effect on life and times is that it hurts even trying to stand up, the actually standing up never really taking place that well. In certain positions, like sitting on the scooter and working at the computer, existence is completely free of anything like aches and pains.  Well, regardless of being able to move around much, at least the scooter got a re-charge today.  It’s good for a day plus. 

A clear head is valuable.      

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Taking Stock Of Things?

It would be nice to know what happened.  Here it is mid-afternoon and nothing’s putting yours truly into a nervous frenzy about needing to be done.  Of course, a little reflection brings up such facts as there’s not a lot of cash in hand for orders from the likes of the drug store and the free pictures in the email still haven’t had a look.  Actually, since the email was hacked Sunday night, a note to everyone in the contacts list explaining that would be sensible if not just polite.  That has not been done, either.  How to say what is a question.  

The Diary’s Blog has been without a commentary for several days now.  And, the errands were done two weeks ago – the food’s been eaten, the money orders are gone, but the change, etc., still wasn’t put away until it became necessary to sort through it to find enough money to pay for the pizza ordered a little while ago, a needed thing as much of the food is gone….  So, anyway, as a result the payment receipt pin number for continued cell phone service is put safely away – poking it in will be at another time.  There’s still money on the telephone. 

The thing is, there’s no sense of “that needs to be done” even if it does need to be done.  Most likely it’s a matter of giving up on some things ever being done. That is really not good.  It may be realistic given the age and condition of the doer.  A few more modest goals might be the way to go here. What those might be has yet to be determined.  It’s a sure thing the likes of entering county fair competitions (once a real fun thing) merits forgetting if some other things are going to be done in this lifetime.  That’s a regretful thought. 

Re-assessments are due at the end of a year. 

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New Resident

It hasn’t been a month (it seems) since all kinds of things have been changed, not just over-all but also on the fifth floor of the apartment building.  The sale of the building was less than a month ago bringing in changes like the now gone bulletin board that had all the notices on it amid announcements that there would not be changes. Interestingly enough one by one the decorations are disappearing from the doors.  The new rules didn’t say there should be none.  The rules as outlined were that there could not be anything taped or nailed to the doors. 

The bare doors are not the only thing different on the floor.  Curiosity causes a passing glance at the apartment of the big gun on the floor who died last month.  That one now does have a decoration on it, which suggests it has been rented out already. Whether that’s someone new remains to be seen. A wreath hangs on one of those hanging devices that fits on the top edge of a door and hangs down one side ending in a hook on which to hang something.  Whoever is there knows not to be nailing or taping things to the door. 

It’s really rather hard to pass that now re-rented spot without thinking of the one who died.  She had a scooter, had a big interest in cooking (good cook), had cats (technically one, but there were three there)….  She had a load of pills, but was a vibrant person.  In her own way she was intent on living life to it’s fullest as long as possible. More important, she was very good at making her presence known with the likes of both the management of the building and the residents’ groups including the residents association.  It didn’t pay to cross her. 

Go with the flow can be difficult.     

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A Monday Again

Well, two big things had to be covered today, a scooter re-charge (three hours of near immobility) and homemaker aide service (generally three hours of scooting to and fro around the place insuring a need for a scooter re-charge). There’s a lot involved with each of those activities that would not be done like right now, only it is necessary to do them at the same time. Even if they are not full (as example) trash bags have to be tied up some in order to get the stuff more efficiently in the large bag that includes boxes, jugs, etc., that is hauled out by homemaker…. 

As yours truly is only good for one or two hours at a time, six hours, even if just three at a time, is overdoing it.  Thus, something like a commentary here can be started, but there’s a good chance it can’t be finished in any kind of a timely way (like now).  It would be nice if things could be figured out a little better.  Certain things have to be in play, however.  Things started off all wrong again as the lady showed up fifteen minutes early during a bathroom visit. Nothing else was ready either.  She got sent to the post office.  (Errands are not to be done.) 

The scooter is getting to be a real concern.  In all probability a new one is needed (or at least repair service is needed), and the manufacturer didn’t list the likes of any repair shop. Buying another one is not a big problem and may even be good, but it’s something else to occupy thoughts.  That is not good as other important things are forgotten, like it was forgotten to ask the food truck driver if he would be coming this Friday which is a legal holiday.  It might be worth calling, but first money (already paid) needs to be poked into the cell phone – just find receipt. 

Being alive is something. 

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Ah! The Needs!

‘Twas a lovely day in Covington again – sunshine, temperatures into the 60’s(F), sort of gentle breezes and the like.  Sadly, there is not likely to be many more of them and in old age thoughts drift to the possibility that there won’t be any more of them at all.  Well, it’s true, especially if one is a bit decrepit. Given a chance at such, it made sense to take  time to appreciate it.  The window was opened to get in the spring-like air and there was a short time spent just sitting outside.  “Other things” have already been long delayed.

The friendly visitor came by, and that was appreciated.  It may not be something that goes on forever; but, it’s here and now and it does ease up on some concerns in regard to emergencies of any kind. The in house mail box was cleared out; the week’s advertising (again strewn about on a bench, the one in the entry way) was picked up. It’s a fat bundle in preparation for holiday sales. There was a dutifully proper pause at the “re-established for use” display bulletin board.  It’s in a dark, short hall corner.  It’s not possible to see the upper part from the scooter seat.

The best thing about the day may have been that it was possible to go downstairs with no concern about scooter power.  There will be some of that tomorrow.  At the  moment it’s too hard to think about things, it being late and getting chilly for the night. At times it is especially hard to think when what’s in sight is something not done of what really should have been done like yesterday. It’s easily seen as it’s in plain sight taped to the wall, sitting in the way and/or hampering activities immediately needed.  (At least one commentary is done.)

Why some are preserved can be a mystery. 

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