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A Good Weekly Report

Tuesday night….  There’s important stuff that should have been done around, as usual.  The first fact is, a substitute nurse came yesterday, a sort of klutzy one, a sort of nice one but one that didn’t seem to grasp some things.  Net result:  patch job was needed by late this afternoon.  It’s depressing because it means it’s just a matter of days before the business will be in a God-forsaken stew again.  While it may help the spirit that the computer in some unfathomed way, given additional tinkering, started working okay again, that merely maintains a small measure of precarious status quo.  Of course, that is something.     

Wednesday night….  Nurse was unexpectedly early (at about 11:00 a.m.) before anyone else.  That was okay, except none of the stuff needed to be ready for the homemaker aide was ready.  The aide had to make out the lists.  While the nurse was working, the aide started laundry.  The mail hasn’t been picked up; there’s a something needs to be done about that.  It was expected that the new keys might be brought by the homemaker aide.  They weren’t.  That service, however, went well.  Regular friend didn’t come, so maybe he’ll get the mail on Saturday.  A call to the doctor is due from the nurse regarding new medicine. 

Thursday night….  The doctor didn’t call the drug store as of about 11:30 a.m.  — conclusion:  there won’t be a prescription, but it’s not sure until the nurse comes tomorrow.  Word came from homemaker service that the post office box lock is changed.  The supervisor will bring the keys tomorrow afternoon and agreeably offered to bring the mail.  Tomorrow what’s due is lunch lady, food truck, nurse and the homemaker supervisor.  That’s likely not all.  As the day was not busy, a visit was made to the office about getting another apartment.  The request made has probably been long lost in the staff changes.  They may show up. 

Friday night….  This is going too terribly well.  Lunch lady and food truck driver dutifully came bringing their stuff.  The lunch lady was an hour late — they gave her an extra chore.  Nurse and drug store lady both came.  The nurse came with good news:  the doctor was going to try something different.  A prescription was called in, the delivery of which the drug store got confused.  That was, however, sorted out.  The homemaker supervisor came with the new post office box keys and ten dollars to replace what was lost.  No one came when expected.  A lot got done.  Even friend thought to come by but that was nixed.

Saturday night….  Indeed, this is going too good.  Saturday is the only day that’s possible for a “sleep ’til noon” or such event.  It happened.  It was close to 11:00 a.m. when breakfast was downed.  In part, that was because of being up much of the night.  No money is laying around waiting to be tallied up.  New prescription medicine sits here to be tried — as usual it’s a 50/50 chance it will do some good, which is at least different from the current stuff which works “somewhat.”  That robbery incursion into life has been reversed.  The missing keys are replaced.  A better key chain is still needed.  And, best of all, work got done on other blogs. 

Sunday night….  This is getting to be unbelievable — six days in a row.   It is 7:00 p.m and not quite actual black sky night, but it’ll be that almost immediately and well before this is done.  This will be published when this day’s done, never mind Monday, lest the applecart get upset tomorrow night.  Tomorrow the lunch lady and the nurse are what is expected and that’s all; but, it’s foolish to expect things to go well.  There was the matter of checking things out in the office again.  Cash (change) is sitting here to be put away – friend came by and went to get a supply of bandages for tomorrow.  He also watered the plants.   

It can be scary when things work well. 


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Cut Short

It’s Saturday afternoon after a rather hectic four and a half (plus) days.  And, it’s not possible to do anything but estimate now.  The new nursing services were in place on Monday, and the nurse came Wednesday and Friday as well.  It was not the greatest.  For one thing she promised to bring some sample smear on creams as what’s at hand only works somewhat.  She said the hospital didn’t have any (it seems the doctor isn’t going to suggest anything without a report from the nurse as she’s to be monitoring things).  Nursing service may last another week.  They usually claim they won’t be paid by Medicare; Medicare says otherwise.  

Wednesday was particularly bad.  Nurse and homemaker aide came at about the same time.  The aide repeatedly interfered with the nursing.  After they both left and there should have been a chance to relax, the aide’s supervisor came t0 take care of sorting out details regarding the robbery and the missing keys during the trip to the bathroom.  She was not expected until Thursday.  Friend came by not on Wednesday, but on Tuesday as bandage materials were needed (as is vaguely recalled).  He did, however come yesterday to take care of getting some money, the rent payments and some more bandage stuff. 

Regular friend was given the lock to go change it, sometime Saturday; and a few items were named if he was taking another friend or two to the grocery Sunday, that be on their way back from church.  He messed with the computer for a little while and watered the plants.  Nursing services is expected Monday.  It’s hoped she will have some new medications.  The weather can make things worse since the temperature in the apartment can vary widely, and it’s well into October.  As far as getting anything worthwhile done goes,  it’s not likely soon – too much of the medical stuff presently. 

And, to make a long story short this week – indeed things will be no longer than this last paragraph for good reason….  The computer came with Windows 8, but people have been unhappy with that.  The company offered those with it a later version, 8.1, free.  It was available Thursday.  Installing was started late to stay out of the mad rush.  It ran for hours.  Things were finished off Friday.  Well, it was nice for a day, then things started going wrong, and there was connectivity that didn’t connect.  Saturday and Sunday were given over to suffering with the computer.  Reason says to publish what’s here, if possible. 

It’s so easy to get into things. 

Special 3

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Nothing But Trouble

The week started on Tuesday morning just like any ordinary morning might but there was a “feel” of things not going as they should be going.  It turned out that there was enough in play to delay notes until Thursday (today) morning.  Nurse came, but the activities might be described as “testy.”  As suspected, the agency was really not too interested in providing services.  Unbeknownst to the patient, by Tuesday morning they had  instituted a “discharge.”  This led to “interesting” activities with the doctor’s office.  Yesterday, while running the errands, a petty thief robbed the homemaker aide at the supermarket. 

So, now it is Thursday and time to get ready for the food truck tomorrow.  Also, regular friend is coming by to go get money orders for the rent, that while those other concerns are taking both time and energy (of which there is little).  Beside that, last week’s cash action hasn’t all been tallied up yet.  Lunch lady’s car had a dead battery yesterday, so even she was later than usual.  And regular friend has added concerns as well.  Those should still be around well into next week.  Well, it’s a sure bet it’s not smooth sailing for other people, either.  It just might help if someone in the same boat came along…. 

Middle of the night early Saturday it is.  If the first of the week wasn’t enough, it was equally upsetting Thursday and yesterday.  Surprisingly, Thursday brought in a nurse from another agency, which was a short-lived service; some bandages were changed.  What was expected yesterday was the lunch lady, regular friend and the food truck.  Then, the new nurse came along and said she’d be returning in the afternoon.  Mid-morning a second flush of the toilet brought  an overflow; it was clean water, but all over the floor.  That brought in the lady next door and later maintenance.  And regular friend didn’t come.  

Sunday morning brought a state of peace – no solutions or resolutions for some concern or the other, just a state of peace.  That’s what Sunday mornings should be.  Saturday night brought another stink bug chase.  Sunday afternoon brought another stink bug in, and it ran behind the window blind out of reach.  When the new chase begins is unknown.  Friend did stop by and the plants got watered, s0 at least those should be okay for a few days.  The post office was called in regard to Wednesday’s theft yesterday, and the mail there is on hold.  Since it didn’t get done until yesterday afternoon, that’s not all arranged yet. 

Tomorrow is Columbus Day (legal holiday) so important stuff like bank and the post office things have to be done some other time.  Regular friend (who did not stop by Friday to go to the bank) plans to return tomorrow to bring change for a twenty, five dollars of which he gave to the neighbor lady who mopped up in the bathroom so it’s fifteen dollars coming and twenty going.  That doesn’t get bank stuff done, and he has an important funeral tomorrow.  There was discussion of a trip to the post office on Tuesday….  A new nurse may be coming tomorrow, a questionable thing – again, it’s a holiday. 

Well, it’s Sunday night.  At the moment there is an internet connection handy in the apartment, and good sense says to get this posted, up to date or not.  At least a few things have been noted.  If there’s a nurse, a visit by friend and maybe bug chasing tomorrow, there’s a chance it wouldn’t get done tomorrow.  There’s still a tallying up of recent money transactions to do as well, and it looks like it won’t get done tonight, although that would be nice.  If this “patient” winds up needing to do all of the bandaging, while it might not be impossible, it’s a sure thing there would be absolutely nothing else done. 

Some people appear to have a nice old age. 


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Changes Around

It’s Tuesday morning again.  What happened yesterday is nothing much even on the scene immediately at hand, never mind the world’s stage.  The nurse came, a now common event.  The bandaging business is accomplishing little.  What’s not sure is whether the doctor doesn’t want to do anything else or whether the nurse doesn’t want to check with the doctor.  In either case, things were painful almost all of the time thereafter.  Fortunately nothing much was on the agenda.  Today, however, the apartment rent should be paid – not that it’s  that difficult – but all things are hampered as pains make it hard to think clearly. 

Wednesday morning has come and with it immediate adjustments in ideas came along.  Firstly, with the cell phone fed some money, sailing down to a spot by the elevators was (fortunately) scrapped for the moment.  Email and news available on the telephone were glanced through and finished just in time to get word that the doctor is coming, so no nursing services and clean bandages.  As expected at the time the apartment leasing papers were done, they weren’t done right.  It has been so discovered by the building management, which was at the door first.  At least that may now be in order. 

’Tis Thursday night, and it was with astonishment that the bubbles (or whatever they are) were seen skimming across the top of the weather forecast.  It happens when things are updating, and there is no updating anything without an internet connection.  It seems like it’s been a month since there’s been a connection.  It’s been trip after trip down the hall to get one by the elevators….  It was not a good day, partly because the hind paws are in a painful state.  There’s not much point in dwelling on the really depressing things at the moment (maybe they’ll vanish; if not they can be unearthed later).  Nurse is due tomorrow…. 

Saturday night is here.  It was rather hot in Covington, and it rained.  Still, there was a trip outside.  About the only time to get out of the apartment is if no one is due to come by.  People come for a reason, and there’s discussion (conversation is tiring in itself).  There was a somewhat unexpected visit from the lady helping with the plants, but it was early and the trip outside was late.  No one was sitting around; the seats were still wet.  The nurse dutifully came yesterday.  Her plans don’t sound good.  Regular friend came and brought money from the bank, that being a need.  The evening finished with a bug chasing. 

It is Monday night.  There was a Sunday, and it was pretty nice.  Some long ago unfinished business got done even though the week’s finances were left undone again.  That was a wonderful change of pace and got rid of some nagging back in the deep recesses of the memory.  It got the mind off of nursing services.  It was very important to get the mind off of medical matters as it was presumed a lot of trouble was in the making.  There had to be some telephoning to both the doctor and the nursing office to head off what the nurse was planning.  One whole hour, comparatively early, was used up trying to find people not there. 

Sometimes things have to be left. 

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A Little Miracle Included

Hmmm….  Here it is Tuesday morning again, just not as early as last Tuesday, as the computer is taken under hand.  Of course, there was no inclusion of Monday after the “events.”  Event number one was nursing services to change bandages, which went better than usual.  Event two was a trip to the outside world that was just at the right time to run into someone in the hallway giving away packages of cookies.  Interested parties walked away with two which might cost around five dollars at a supermarket.  Some reports have suggested direct sunlight is useful against the type of skin infection present.  A little shouldn’t hurt. 

Well, it’s Wednesday morning.  Nurse, homemaker aide and lunch lady were the only things on the schedule.  And, the lunch lady said (yesterday) that she would be on vacation for the rest of the week, so lunch will be later than usual.  Arrival should be during aide time rather than nurse time.  Both need to be watched, but the aide needs the most watching.  Friend’s important errands on Friday have to be put away yet.  Attempts yesterday to do something about the swelling around the right leg were interrupted by a bug chase.  Maintenance did spray something smelly around the windows.  Evidently it’s no longer effective. 

Friday morning….  Yes, there was a Thursday plagued by a bug (insect) crawling on the ceiling overhead when there was a dire need to rest a painful swollen foot (same bug as Wednesday).  The bug was finally caught.  So, today the nurse, the food truck and the lunch person comes and nothing’s ready for the first two.  In addition, the mail-in rent should be gotten into the mail tonight (write enclosure note, etc.).  There’s still no easy internet access.  The doctor should have been a priority call and wasn’t.  The cell phone payment hasn’t yet been logged into the system.  The police were in the office. 

Saturday evening is what it is.  In a surprising collection of events yesterday the nursing services went well, the food truck came early (perhaps into the future as well) and the rent payment got into the mail.  Rent payments institute a sense of freedom.  The lunch was much later than expected, but that turned out all right, too.  Tomorrow regular friend should be around.  Theoretically at least the scan should be discussed.  On the whole there is no concern about “ordinary life.”  On Monday the nurse should be coming, and there really should be calls to a couple of places, like the doctor’s office. 

There were some standard problems today (Saturday), like the air bed had to be replaced as it got a hole in it.  But, there is at hand what might be called a miracle if one views it so.  There was a gamble with the computer.  “Systems Restore” as most should know takes a computer back to previous settings.  That didn’t seem to be the thing to do.  There’s another thing called something like “refresh” that keeps getting advised.  Something needed to be done as some things appeared to be stuck and so forth.  The whatever may even have had an effect on the online connectivity, that is the lack of it. 

Well, what seemed to be a good idea knocked out almost all of the start page and desktop shortcuts.  One program knocked out of the system was the one used to compose these commentaries.  The beginning of this, all of the Diary’s blog, and a long entry for one of the other blogs was deemed gone forever.  A download of the program was no problem.  It’s that all that was written in draft was presumed gone.  It is a re-installation that’s being used.  Somehow it was all saved, and not in the hosting site, WordPress, as is known.  It’s not Monday night.  It’s not even Sunday, but publish right now will be since it seems possible. 

It isn’t necessary for everything to be understood. 

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