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Another Brief Essay

Today was food truck day again.  Making out the order and making room in the freezer as usual took time from recording stuff better here.  So did several other things during the past week, especially a badly upset stomach and chasing after the subsequent clean up.  Fortunately nursing service this week was good, and a new aide that might stay for a while is now on the scene; but, the latter’s just for two hours a week and the nursing service is about finished for this time around.  Physical and occupational therapy may be in the works.

Both the Friendly Visitor and the Helping Lady business seem to have died.  The new aide might manage to cover the latter and a new idea is going into the works that might manage to cover the former.  The cell phone still does not work right and there’s been no chance to do a thing about it, but the Security Check Lady is still managing to get through and there is now a working community telephone in the lobby.  Computer stuff also has had little attention, but getting online still happens.  The Diary’s Blog and the projects aren’t doing well.

Lunch Lady came Friday and brought a whole dozen ready to eat eggs.  There has been no word yet about Young Friend’s jury duty being finished.  Older Friend’s had to cut back on what he can do as personal needs are taking up his time.  He stopped by yesterday with supplies, but he wasn’t able to gather and haul out the trash yesterday.  He did come extra Saturday, since the grocery list wasn’t sent to him.  He also took home a huge plant to re-pot as that was falling over from too much weight on one side, and he watered the rest.

Sometimes one can only hope for the best. 🙂


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Sick Leave, Big Trouble

Today’s “essay” is brief for sure.  Regarding sick leave, things seem to be getting worse and there may be some sick leave.  And, screwed scheduling (Thursday’s nurse came Friday and supposed aide services never showed up on Wednesday among other things) does not help with possible recovery.  As for “big trouble,” in addition to the still present computer problems, the cell phone situation is a bit worse due to unwillingness to add money as well as opportunity to ask stuff.

The Diary’s Blog has a posting as that was started early.  It’s not done up neat or with pictures, but some words are there.  The cell phone does now seem to have some strange voice connection, but it does not work right.  The computer works with some jiggling around if the mouse stops abruptly, but that is far from easy to use.  A nursing visit scheduled for this coming week (plus physical therapist) is supposed to be the last of the post hospital stay home care and eliminates it.

Young Friend is reportedly tied up in jury duty, so he can’t help with anything at the moment.  Older Friend had some other requests for help and had to cut back some on what he could do.  The “Friendly Visitor” matter hasn’t been sorted out as of morning.  A Distant Friend is/was on a trip and not available.  However, it may be that the new Helping Lady can be called, and the Security Check Lady is still in contact.  Housekeeping and personal care is promised for Wednesday.

Things can’t always be good in River City. 😦

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New Major Disaster

A malfunctioning cell telephone is a major disaster under the circumstances at hand.  The phone’s a means for someone living alone and not too well to call 911 for help.  A landline near the bed might do during the night, while being around others (insofar as possible) during the day can also work, but that’s not as good as having a cell at hand.  “Others” may not know what to do, for one thing.  And, if the financial situation suggests just one phone, a pre-paid cell is the cheapest.  Well, it seems the microphone of the cell is dead.  Parts like the alarm still seem to work, but nothing that’s said is heard by anyone at the other end of the line.

The week has been bedeviled with things needing a phone from agency services not coming (the assigning agency finally emailed an answer to an email) to sub for Lunch Lady coming (she took the day off and a neighbor called).  To make things worse the building’s community telephone is out of order.  The Security Check Lady of course had to be notified.  Young Friend was reached and he took care of Security Checking re-arrangements.  Older Friend was also reached to handle some things as possible.  He even came yesterday evening.  Perhaps it was a premonition, a bad nightmare said the order in life wasn’t as thought.

The computer’s mouse doesn’t always work; but, on the bright side, with much ado a picture was set in The Diary’s Blog.  Figuring out pictures is a big problem.  The whole blog business may need to be changed.  Today was food truck day.  At present food is never a problem.  The nursing service did come as hoped (as no actual word got through).  The new little Helping Lady is evidently still available.  Money’s confused, mail has not been picked up for a week and “The Project” and promised helpful/interesting links can’t be covered while basic things like the telephone need attention.  The weather, however, has turned to fairly good.

Sorting things out can be a major item.  🙂

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Is It Monday?

Nursing service is using up the telephone money as well as creating disruption enough to make one wonder what day it is (never mind what time it is).  Just luckily Older Friend has been present.  He got the card to add more telephone money last time around, which came in several visits some this week apart from yesterday.  He also got the three weeks’ mail sitting at the post office.  A 2018 calendar was in it, put up by Young Friend on Friday (a good start on 2018) after he got rent money orders and prescription.   Continued existence is possible now that there’s telephone, internet and some basic concerns out of the way.

As has happened far too often, the week was a blur, in spite of the facts that there was no food delivery in the past week (Lunch Lady due Friday, food truck due next Monday), no housekeeping, etc., agency services or substitutes for those services and no events such as doctor’s visit or need to go to the leasing office.  One reason for the lack of clear recall is probably the uncertain nursing stuff.  Indeed, the nurse that came Thursday said that the future scheduling was set for Monday.  She was told to change it back to the initial Thursday, but whether that happens or not is yet to be seen.  And, Young Friend coming on Friday is rare.

There’s also a new person on the scene, for lack of a better description, call it a “Friendly Visitor.”  This definitely has to be sorted out as does a problem at one of the banks and some matters regarding the Helping Lady that’s new.  The plan for her to come on Wednesdays at least seems to have been shot down.  Agency services for housekeeping, etc., was supposed to have been set up, but they didn’t show up Wednesday as requested.  The computer situation is basically the same, although a couple of the old bookmarks have been saved.  The bright spot in all of this uncertainty is the helpful visiting of Young Friend and Older Friend.

One must always look for bright spots. 🙂

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Still Adjusting….

In regard to the seemingly endless “adjustments,” nothing much has changed except some names in the place underfoot. In a month Standard Time kicks in and there will be another round of “adjustments” to life as well as times. Lunch Lady, who’s keeping her job for the time being after all, came Friday (early) again with eggs. At least there’s a fast lunch or a quick supper. Older Friend brought supplies yesterday but couldn’t stay for things like the trash and plants due to a family commitment. The “reschedule” was set for today amid food truck visit expectations. He does help as he can, this week including payment of the bill for the wireless service and part of the rent as well as bringing the grocery supplies.

Due to the changing about, not just hours and things are confused but even days are mixed up. Young Friend offered to come this week, especially since he didn’t make it last week. Twice now the requested time has included a wrong day. Maybe somehow he’ll get money orders for the November rent in hand. The new little Helping Lady got sick and didn’t come as expected Wednesday. There may be some changes needed in that deal, but what, when and how has yet to be determined. Work is being done on some additional help from other sources. The computer system, of course, is new and not according to old habits, but even sites are problems, e.g., as noted in The Diary, posting pictures is an unknown.

Nursing service is still going on and not very well. Tuesday was eliminated and Thursday the nurse was late. A phone call (using up the pre-paid funds) was substituted for Tuesday. At least the nurse was better than one they have sent several times. There may be no more of the Tuesday scheduling, which is just fine since they didn’t properly come on Tuesday. The bright spot in all this, of course, is the new little scooter. It’s been working good. Several troublesome things have been eliminated due to that. Also, contact has been established with Young Friend #2 who knows about computers. Help with the computers may be just an email away, and a handful of the lost bookmarks are now back for use.

Doing something worthwhile is a positive thing. 🙂

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