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Just Testing Here

There were plans to run a test to see about getting postings up.  The system vanished.  However, if this works, things may just barely be back in action.  Being certain about it won’t be for a while.

It’s hoped everyone has a lovely Labor Day holiday weekend.  🙂


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Massive Computer Failure

Computer problems are preventing weekly posting. Will be back as soon as possible.

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Autumn Already?

The big, big matter of lease renewal starts tomorrow.  That’s first a bunch of paperwork in the office.  They set a time to show up and say what to bring in advance.  If this is not too convenient, one must go make other arrangements very soon.  A problem arose not that long ago on insurance matters.  Needed information was on record in the files, but the office didn’t find it until a new copy was obtained.  And that isn’t all of the matter.  There’s also an upkeep inspection (Wednesday). 

It promises to be a super busy week.  The leasing stuff isn’t the only big thing.  In addition, there are plans to call the likely scooter repair shop to come and check out that problem when Older Friend can also be around, and this coming weekend will be the time for the deliveries by the Lunch Lady and the food truck.  (There’s always need to do some adjusting in the freezer for those.)  The computer has an update which is said (on the notice) to take a long time now delayed for a week. 

Young Friend did come and got the rent money orders plus some cash.  He did a few odd bits around the place as well.  Older Friend came Sunday with some supplies and also did some stuff like he usually does.  A note was sent to the Avon Lady about being very busy, and a note went up on a bulletin board for a new Helping Lady.  The latter probably won’t unearth one, but it’s worth a try.  The happy little lobby decorators have put out some pumpkin and leaf decorations suitable for October. 

Days and nights are what people make of them. Work 

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Back To Start?

A real bad thing:  young friend did not make it for the hoped for visit.  An emergency got in his way.  Another bad thing’s the fact that the new Helping Lady quit.  She can’t be blamed somewhat as the apartment building plumbing stuff just as the routine was to start threw everything out of whack for nearly the entire month.  Additionally, she was called for emergency help since being sicker also happened.  Older Friend went far above normal help making up for both those sudden absences. 

Both the food truck and the Lunch Lady were due like over the weekend and that went pretty well; but, there wasn’t a chance for looking into Avon things.  Matters such as phone card and money orders for the rent take precedence, not to mention too much about just trying to recover from being more sick than’s usual.  (Again, it’s a minor miracle blog posting both places got done, although The Diary has a rather poor topic.)  There hasn’t been a chance for scooter repair or computer update.  

On the bright side it seems someone has been found to get the post office box mail.  Actually it’s two someones.  It’s very possible that problem may be solved.  Young Friend’s still to come, he said.  The doctor should be coming fairly soon.  The weather has been good, but that means adjusting HVAC settings over and over again to compensate for chilly nights.  Special interests, of course, still are going nowhere.  They have not been forgotten.  And, there’s cash in hand with bills paid. 

Life can be a matter of hangin’ in there. Confused smile 

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