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As Often, Changes….

Oh, would it be wonderful to get rid of aide service.  It was the day for the big (quarterly) reassessment.  To some extent it is understandable that companies need to look over matters every so often, but the reason is to see if all is going well enough.  No need to check in this case, as it certainly isn’t as is already known.  Friend’s been on the microwave hunt, so that matter is out of the way.  Young friend, who is expected tomorrow, hauled out the old one to somewhere unknown. 

The food truck and lunch lady came all right on Friday.  This week it’s Avon that is due (and, an aide just may turn up for an hour or so).  According to building gossip last night, the property manager (who was rather new) quit.  The assistant in the office has been on the job about a week.  A lot is surely in the works with housing just in that respect.  In addition, some papers to get in touch with some possible legal services were obtained from the building coordinator’s office. 

It was learned a contact finally established last week (after some weeks of trying) may lead to some help with that delayed special project always on hold.  Results won’t be known until well after Sunday (if then).  Friend said his new routine was okay, but it wouldn’t work good all of the time.  The power’s due to be shut off for four hours one day this week, the note being in error about which one.  One place says Wednesday but the date given is Thursday. At least the rent’s paid. 

There’s always change somewhere.Coffee cup   



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Disruptions Galore….

Disruptions galore ran through the week; there were more than the usual.  The biggest was based on the fact that friend has need of changing what was turning into routine.  At least one member of his “congregation” frequently needed items from the market come Sunday; so, friend willingly got things for other folks, too.  Going after his Sunday visit at noon was causing problems in home life, so the idea was to switch to Saturdays with the shopping.  It may or may not work out for him. 

Personally speaking, it was a poor time to be (very suddenly) moving the activity back a day.  However, there wasn’t choice as aide service hasn’t been dependable.  Indeed, the lady had personal emergency in this past week and was not in the place at all, which necessitated re-arranging those chores arranged for her still introductory visits.  A neighbor needed a small favor that took some time.  It’s not impossible to put in new light bulbs, just difficult, and helpers were not home. 

With the microwave out of commission, some meals weren’t done as expected.  The most irritating thing was the supposed need of the aide assigning agency (not the service agency) to make personal visits for an assessment, and the need to set up the appointment time.  It’ll be next Monday, at this point.  Both Avon and the lunches came just fine.  Young friend as well as the new aide and friend is due Wednesday, and it’s food truck week.  Fortunately, March 1 (rent due) is next week. 

One should always hope.Fingers crossed        

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Mid-February 2016 Is Here

One day (God willin’ and the crick don’t rise) there won’t be any more mention of aide service.  It is the new goal in life for now, at least with the current system.  It’s not the only goal, just one nagging one.  The building had a party or some such for Valentine’s day Saturday night.  It was skipped, the usual thing to do with events.  Another bad nightmare came in the afternoon Saturday.  It was food truck and lunch lady day on Friday (all is well there).  There’s food in the place. 

The new aide that came Wednesday (there was one, unexpectedly in a sense) is evidently brand new to the agency as well.  It be a guess she may last for three more weeks, hence that goal above.  Friend came Tuesday to bring the cash so young friend could get, on Wednesday, the money orders for the rent.  And, he also came Wednesday (he was here for someone else) plus on Friday as the front wheel of the scooter developed a problem, namely the nut holding it fell off, and yesterday as usual. 

Mid-February any year usually means a lot of disruption’s out of the way.  This year was particularly bad due to the deaths and illnesses of others.  Some letters were intended at least six weeks ago.  Recently even the neighbors had some concerns needing a little attention.  And, presently there is not even the microwave oven at hand, as friend could not take it apart nor get it to a repair shop.  He also has the Christmas plant brought during the holidays awaiting a re-potting service. 

Winter hampers life for many.Work     


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Three Holidays?

As noted in The Diary’s Blog, this week has three moments for celebrations:  Chinese New Year (today), Carnival time (Mardi Gras, tomorrow) and Valentine’s Day (Sunday).  Next week will have a legal holiday, Presidents Day.  In the place underfoot there is still Christmas stuff needing attention.  Word today was that a new aide is coming Wednesday.  Friend who has been doing a lot extra to carry the old bird can be asked for less if she’s half-way competent, which would be surprising. 

In the past week there has been a bit of scooting around with intent to find someone for some of the aide service, which is now in need of re-assessment.  The floundering around is just horrendous, not only making important stuff forgotten but now nightmares and sharp headaches develop.  A resident was asked to at least brush the hair, which was an aide job, for twenty dollars a month.  With nothing from the social service office by Tuesday, there was a very nasty yelling visit there.   

What all actually happened in the past week isn’t recalled at all well.  Avon came, and the lunch lady came (with one lunch dead).  Friend took the microwave to see if it could be fixed somehow, if nothing else at a repair shop.  It’s not back yet and may not be for a while.  The young helper’s due to return on Wednesday this week for two hours.  If the aide service is established, he may be canceled by his organization as others have needs.  These days there is little chance for rest. 

Winter should not be difficult for the experienced.Wilted rose  



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February’s Unbelievable Start

Stunned is the word.  That new aide came (early), listened to the procedural explanations with an amazed expression, and at the end of the “visit” evidently sent a complaint to her boss that canceled the service.  It is not “back to square one” as that’s lost in the mist.  It’s back to whatever was, which is not a certainty as to what that was.  Good thing friend, lady with lunches, food truck, etc., did come around.  The Avon is changed again.  Microwave’s broken (by aide?). 

So, as February begins, the rent is paid and there is food in the place.  Sooner or later the carpet will get swept and the trash will get carried out if there is enough asking.  Chance of getting aide service is based on luck.  Turmoil about this matter is getting so bad that things are forgotten to a point where everything has to be written down.  And, last evening a strange computer problem developed which took hours of trying different things.  At least it is working now. 

The young man who‘s been helping was scheduled for today, and he has been a help indeed.  Friend found a new person for his special activities right down the hall, a new resident in the place.  A promise was made to go see the lady (done).  Friday an inquiry was dropped off at the social services office that the building has (no answer yet).  Reportedly the woman there knows of other residents who (for a small fee) may do some of the stuff an aide would do at least for a while. 

Things can go in many unexpected ways.Storm cloud 


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