Disruptions Galore….

Disruptions galore ran through the week; there were more than the usual.  The biggest was based on the fact that friend has need of changing what was turning into routine.  At least one member of his “congregation” frequently needed items from the market come Sunday; so, friend willingly got things for other folks, too.  Going after his Sunday visit at noon was causing problems in home life, so the idea was to switch to Saturdays with the shopping.  It may or may not work out for him. 

Personally speaking, it was a poor time to be (very suddenly) moving the activity back a day.  However, there wasn’t choice as aide service hasn’t been dependable.  Indeed, the lady had personal emergency in this past week and was not in the place at all, which necessitated re-arranging those chores arranged for her still introductory visits.  A neighbor needed a small favor that took some time.  It’s not impossible to put in new light bulbs, just difficult, and helpers were not home. 

With the microwave out of commission, some meals weren’t done as expected.  The most irritating thing was the supposed need of the aide assigning agency (not the service agency) to make personal visits for an assessment, and the need to set up the appointment time.  It’ll be next Monday, at this point.  Both Avon and the lunches came just fine.  Young friend as well as the new aide and friend is due Wednesday, and it’s food truck week.  Fortunately, March 1 (rent due) is next week. 

One should always hope.Fingers crossed        


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