As Often, Changes….

Oh, would it be wonderful to get rid of aide service.  It was the day for the big (quarterly) reassessment.  To some extent it is understandable that companies need to look over matters every so often, but the reason is to see if all is going well enough.  No need to check in this case, as it certainly isn’t as is already known.  Friend’s been on the microwave hunt, so that matter is out of the way.  Young friend, who is expected tomorrow, hauled out the old one to somewhere unknown. 

The food truck and lunch lady came all right on Friday.  This week it’s Avon that is due (and, an aide just may turn up for an hour or so).  According to building gossip last night, the property manager (who was rather new) quit.  The assistant in the office has been on the job about a week.  A lot is surely in the works with housing just in that respect.  In addition, some papers to get in touch with some possible legal services were obtained from the building coordinator’s office. 

It was learned a contact finally established last week (after some weeks of trying) may lead to some help with that delayed special project always on hold.  Results won’t be known until well after Sunday (if then).  Friend said his new routine was okay, but it wouldn’t work good all of the time.  The power’s due to be shut off for four hours one day this week, the note being in error about which one.  One place says Wednesday but the date given is Thursday. At least the rent’s paid. 

There’s always change somewhere.Coffee cup   



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