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Super Miserable Week

It was a good thing some truly nice things happened this past week as some truly miserable things also happened.  The worst was a new pain, possibly a pulled muscle.  It is very hard to stand up to begin with, but at least it hasn’t been with pain of unknown cause in the back.  The local history site message board closed down.  Chances of finding people for this or the other thing just dropped to zero as of Friday evening.  While talk of another message board was there, a reality wasn’t. 

The lunch lady came of course but the word from her doctor is not good.  She needs an operation.  She’ll be off work.  Subs aren’t prompt and the service may have to be cancelled.  That means substantial adjustment when the aide service also isn’t reliable which is most of the time lately.  The driver of the food truck kindly provided four extra delivery bags.  They’re big strong bags with handles ideal for the bathroom trash.  A pile of those once collected had dwindled to nothing. 

The laundry, which it was hoped could be put off, got done by a neighbor.  That’s aide chore, but not a new aide as it is a thing that needs some experience.  Friend came Sunday but not Wednesday. Maintenance came to check a problem even though it was not by a proper work order.  And, that was yesterday.  It was nice weather out and extra effort made it possible to sit out front amid other people – it’s rarely been done in recent times.   There, of course, was no real cemetery visit. 

It’s hoped all had a good Memorial Day.Sun



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Mid-May Woes

It’s a pain when things don’t stabilize.  Here it is the late afternoon of Monday.  According to the current schedule (it’s hoped it can be maintained until it can be improved) comments for the week should be available for viewing in less than six hours, and the notes are just being started.  As example, the past Friday should have been a mostly “free” day to get a lot of stuff done.  Two people unexpectedly showed up.  It is not certain who one was any more, possibly potential help. 

The historic reference site is a bloomin’ mess.  One thing in that caused the waste of almost all of Saturday.  The endless problem of aide service has taken on new aspects.  It appears future dealings are going to be with intolerable office staff (estimation based on experience).  As usual, the lunch lady’s been reliable, but come Wednesday (aide day) she’ll be off to go to the doctor.  Lunch was cancelled for Wednesday; there’s supposed to be extra coming tomorrow to cover that. 

Friend has been extra helpful.  He came by on both usual days and ordered new batteries for the scooter as the older of the ones at hand seem to be almost gone.  It’s going to take some time when he brings them by.  He is putting in more time than he really has to offer.  The computer has sort of jammed up a couple of times and there’s a suspicion there may be problems arising.  And, medically things may be deteriorating.  That’s not certain, but the inhaler has been used more often. 

It seems some things can’t be sorted out.Storm cloud 

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And, Life Goes On….

The past week’s aide service was more of a disaster than what it usually is.  The errands were set at very minor and a good half hour more than usual got spent on them, which amounts to not much got done in an hour and a half of the three hours of service.  There must be an overwhelming demand as shoddy work is so common and it isn’t that hard.  It is, after all, fifth in the number of companies that have been tried.  And, asking around doesn’t turn up anything either. 

It appears there’s a medication needed, not a pill but a sort of inhaler thing.  A cane is a mechanical aid.  Things like a cold medication are temporary things.  Although not used with much regularity, it seems (like a cane) the inhaler will be a thing to have around.  Attempts to ditch it (like cold stuff) have so far failed.  The thing is, one has to keep buying the stuff to put in it.  Presently,it doesn’t cost much or take a lot of time.  (Diagnosis is generalized.) 

Friend came early yesterday, it being Mothers’ Day and family doings being on his agenda.  He got a list of stuff to do.  A bright spot was on the scene Friday.  A package from the food truck fell open, and a call to the company brought the driver back with a replacement just a hour or so later.  It wasn’t a thing really expected.  It is the second “good service” thing that happened recently. An attempt to get something done with The Project fell flat.  The lunch lady came just fine. 

Pretty weather can be misleading.Coffee cup

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All Upset

Tuesday began very badly with a behind sore in more ways than one, which was followed by a huge spider in the middle of the living room.  Help regarding spiders was sought, but none was given particularly quickly.  The aide came on Wednesday – she is pretty good – and what came back amid the goods of errands was an air pillow.  There was then some relief for the behind at least.  The new pillow makes for a somewhat wobbly sitting but with watchfulness there has not yet been a fall. 

As of Thursday evening another possible helpful friend may be on the scene.  If so, notes will have to be designated friend #1 and friend #2 or some such thing.  Presently, it is friend as before.  He came Wednesday in spite of inconvenience as it not only allowed for meeting “new friend” but also looking at possible spider entry sooner than expected.  Insecticide made sense, but the plan to bring it Friday was interrupted by the breakdown of his truck.  He sprayed Sunday.  

The lunch lady came just fine as did the Avon delivery.  That new friend has some business to attend to for two weeks or so and there won’t be any more about him for a while.  The shock that came through in the past week was that a game played for several years now was taken out of circulation.  It was never completed.  It was good for escapism when things got heavy or just boring.  There are other games.  It is not missed badly, but it is missed.  However, there’s more free time now. 

Changes come whether we want them or not.Coffee cup

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