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Life Goes On….

The Fourth of July frequently means fireworks.  It seems like that’s noise that’s inescapable and here it’s a mostly across the river thing so anything ground level is not seen.  Ground level stuff can be great.  Helping Lady came yesterday due to emergency situation.  One can chalk up the blogs getting done due to her coming.  Older Friend brought groceries, etc., but he had to make two trips due to the emergency.  The trash was enormous.  No doubt about it, things ain’t goin’ too right. 

The Security Check Lady called as expected.  She’s good.  The Advocacy Lady matter is not finished.  Lunch Lady, of course, didn’t come as she wasn’t scheduled.  Avon has finally come a week later than expected.  That’s a confused situation, and a present (as mentioned last week) is needed for Older Friend’s birthday; it is in less than two weeks.  Young Friend’s visit should be soon; he usually makes it early in the month.  Rent and wireless bill should be in order, although cash is not. 

The residents’ association is apparently still organizing but the new building manager’s evidently now on the job.  A water shut off’s again planned for Wednesday.  Last week’s shut-off was survived okay, but that doesn’t mean the next two will be easy.  The doctor’s due this month, the food truck’s due next week.  The Project, of course, got little attention, and that promise of worthwhile links also has to wait a bit.  Even the calendars have yet to be changed (important and forgotten). 

May everyone’s Fourth of July be good.Sun 

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A Little Good News

While the past week had it’s share of “condition attacks” (it may be more than just an inability to breath as there’s often more to it) things look a little brighter.  Older Friend said someone he knew might be able to help with some aide services for a small fee.  Another unexpected knock on the door turned out to be someone that scrubbed rugs (needed).  Follow up can be anytime and no need to hunt that up.  Young Friend, maybe, will be able to come once more before the end of the month. 

The coroner visited the place underfoot Friday.  That’s about someone who died, of course.  It’s about a yearly event.  The fire department comes about once a week, but the EMTs are not needed all that time.  The coroner’s worth a mention since it seems like that office was on site not too long ago, possible inquiry there.  It’s too many.  The residents’ association is still under discussion.  There are plans and maybe by month’s end something will be decided.  They can be a social force. 

Lunch Lady came as expected and brought eggs again.  They are almost an essential to life; it takes the whole live-long day just to get cleaned up about once a week.  Pre-boiled eggs be fast food for sure.  Tuesday’s appointment seemed to go to an interested individual who will be back tomorrow.  Results are anticipated.  The money’s still a mess, and mail pick-up’s an ongoing problem these days.  It did seem like it was time for bug inspection.  Adjustments to cover July 4th are in play.

It’s hoped all fathers had a great day.Gift with a bow Birthday cake 

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Low Now Lower

Waking up at 3:00 a.m. isn’t bad if bedtime is 7:00 p.m.  The big problems with it include a lifetime of living late hours, stuff that still needs doing and more.  Sheer exhaustion made that happen Wednesday night/Thursday morning and included two bad rounds in the bathroom on top of big mess Wednesday.  The worst of the week was calling the doctor’s offices.  It was a totally confused and useless day-long thing dealing with that nurse.  (The question wasn’t answered and just may not be.) 

The best news of the week came Saturday.  “Official” word was that soon there would be staff change (that makes two of them that are leaving).  The new Helping Lady came Saturday and it was learned she really can’t be of much help, the notion when she didn’t make it two Wednesdays in a row.  The hunt for the aide service stuff, therefore obviously, continues.  The rent for June is due this week; the available day is tomorrow.  As usual, it was good of Older Friend to come visit yesterday. 

Young Friend isn’t expected to be around for at least another week.  Lunch Lady is due Friday (as usual).  Food truck’s due off schedule on Saturday.  Avon came okay.  They have clothes and dry skin stuff, so they are important.  The Advocacy Lady did some work on the situation, but it is too soon to know of any positive results.  It be a holiday time with no community event at the apartment building like a dinner.  The place’s a degree upset; residents’ association top officers resigned. 

It’s hoped everyone had a fine Memorial Day.Coffee cup 

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Everyday Life Gets Old

Another week has passed.  Everyone and everything is now more ancient than they were last week, including ongoing problems, medical matters and this humble site.  Those ongoing problems are reaching a new low.  The lady that was going to provide a little aide stuff landed in the hospital, the advocacy people weren’t answering email and a strange man came to the door on Saturday around noon and insisted he was a person to do those aide jobs.  He was totally unexpected and wouldn’t leave.

Since next Monday’s Memorial Day, assorted scheduling changes are already in play.  On Friday the Lunch Lady brought things for two weeks even though her visits are nowhere near holiday time.  The food truck is not coming until the Saturday after; plans for other food to run through the nearly two weeks need arranging.  The mixed up Avon orders are due this week.  Some sorting of Avon is still needed.  The Security Check lady may have developed a medical problem.  That is not certainty. 

Older Friend did come by yesterday.  At least there are basic supplies available, the trash got hauled out, the plants were watered and he switched the scooter batteries.  There has, of course, been little done beside just getting through each two minutes of each hour awake.  If Older Friend can make time at some time the food situation may be better; and, it’s the one bright spot in what looks like a frenzied time ahead.  That’s not all, of course, but there is only so much space here. 

May everyone’s Memorial Day turn out to be good.Fingers crossed 

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Some Things Are Okay….

Young Friend managed a visit this week; the rent money orders for May are safely in hand.  He might manage to come a second time this month, he said.  He will be badly missed when he at last has a chance to follow his dream of a career in the U.S. Navy.  That should happen by the end of the year.  A lady was interviewed to be a new Helping Lady.  She seemed interested, but it is not all cut and dried.  She had to cancel her first visit.  This month’s inspection for pests (bugs) was done. 

The telephone (cell phone) got a lot of use again for various offices this time most of which wasn’t worth the effort.  The mention here is only because it was done.  Older Friend as is usual these days watered the plants and brought some supplies for the week.  This time he also got the prescription for the inhalant gizmo, the only prescription that’s really used.  So the monthly stuff is covered including a payment for the cell phone.  Avon is due this week, the food truck next Monday. 

Health-wise things were quite bad over the weekend (Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday).  The doctor is supposed to come around near the end of the month.  Among other things, energy seems to be waning.  If it doesn’t clear up, a drastic change (like moving to a different type of housing) is in mind.  The place underfoot doesn’t maintain some services (like security checks are from the outside world).  There has been no chance for the likes of good links or “The Project” in this week. 

Happy Easter to all.Bunny 


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Birthday, Plus

Wednesday was birthday number 81.  One grandfather, and he be all that is known, lived longer.  He lived to be 82.  It is a scary thing to outlive parents at times.  If they died due to natural causes one would have to wonder.  A grandparent’s but one fourth of one.  Young Friend’s people visited and brought fresh flowers, some gifts and a little cake.  The flowers are still alive.  The cake, of course, is all gone.  There were a few cards as well from unexpected people like office staff. 

While what might be called “close in” folks made the birthday nice, there are and were problems beyond, like aide stuff.  A really nice offer was made by Advocacy Lady to do some of the more important errands and more this week.  She’s supposed to come by tomorrow for that.  Older Friend put in extra time as well as his usual Sunday visit again.  Lunch Lady will not be coming this week as she is taking vacation time for important personal matters (she did bring eggs).  The Avon came okay. 

Today was food truck day.  It was most timely that he brought some extra bags with the order (as he sometimes does).  Every week one is needed and what was around was all gone.  (That’s considered last of the birthday gifts.)  On the whole, things were extremely hectic throughout the week with some confusion about banking stuff.  The “sick leave” sign almost got posted for today’s message.  Avon had to go by email again.  There’s been another big round of telephone calls to vital offices. 

Old age can lead to slow thinking.Confused smile 


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Presidents’ Day

The great inspection is over.  The spot underfoot wasn’t one picked for a check this time.  Computer choice is what tells the person where to go.  It was a worry since the bathroom’s one place in need of a cleaning.  Reviews take place several times a year by different authorities.  With that out of the way, there might be more peace for a time.  The search for a helper, of course, goes on with no reply yet from the ads or agency-type requests, and no contact from Helping Lady. 

The Avon item was shorted.  It wasn’t essential.  As nothing was delivered, a new order (sometimes it is important needs, but sometimes it’s other stuff) went by email which saves on writing it out.  Food truck was due today.  The Lunch Lady’s visit brought eggs again.  An emergency (of sorts) developed with the possible “great” visit and another agency scheduled visit for Thursday.  Evaluations and reviews can make people nervous wrecks.  On Friday Older Friend rescued things. 

The winter’s about over and there’s been no snow, apart from some few flakes a few times that melted immediately.  It’s a scary idea to think it will be a very hot summer.  Old folks don’t do well if it is hot.  (They don’t necessarily do well even if it isn’t hot.  Saturday was typical for that.  Light bulb replacement amid the plants from the scooter isn’t very easy, took much effort.)  It is also Presidents’ day; what’s been up in the lobby spaces is St. Patrick’s Day stuff. 

There is such a thing as being too early.Birthday cake 

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