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Troubles That Are Different!

Tuesday started with a toilet that didn’t work right — limited service there.  When that became clear, a trip to the office around 1:30 p.m. (with a hope that maintenance would show up before there was a serious need for the thing) was in order.  And, yes, maintenance came and couldn’t figure it out for a while.  It seemed fixed when he left near 4:00 p.m.  An hour or so, maybe a dozen vinyl gloves and a pile of paper towels were needed to clean up the area.  There was a need for the thing near 8:00 p.m.  It wouldn’t stop flushing; eventually emergency maintenance was called.  They wouldn’t come until mid-morning Wednesday, July 4 — Happy Holiday, clean up the toilet again, and come afternoon, a need to change clothes again.  The only good thing about the day was that Nice Jewish Lady unexpectedly brought a nice lunch and cupcakes.

The doctor was re-scheduled for Thursday.  He did show up, not that it amounted to anything, and he showed up early during a bathroom visit.  To make matters worse, the message that he was coming went to a lady that wasn’t supposed to be getting any such thing.  Well, the hunt is still on for a new doctor, but an appointment was made with a hospital based place for August.  And, there wasn’t much choice as, of the three known places, it was the only one with an opening in August.  Now the deal is going to be how to get there, it being in another town downstate.  Nice Jewish Lady went to get stuff both Thursday and again on Saturday (money, vinyl gloves, underwear on order).  Aide service Friday was canceled; the trash pile over the weekend was huge.  As housekeeping was not done Friday, the errands were skipped today (no post office mail).

Today was food truck day.  Tomorrow a nurse visit is expected.  The rest of the week is not known yet.  That post office box mail hasn’t been picked up for going on two weeks again, and there’s a shortage of toilet paper.  With the aide not showing up Friday and the trash, etc., of necessity switched to today, the only way to get errands done is figure them for Friday — the entire deal is thereby upset and thereby “re-arranged” again.  There’s nothing stable in the business.  Really disillusioning was Saturday which included another day of diarrhea as well as a “visitation” that didn’t accomplish much and, as expected, no people interested in a club meeting.  To end the entry on the positive side, however, yesterday Young Friend’s friends brought a Fourth of July picnic lunch.  It was a nice thought much appreciated as such extra visits usually are.

The future can look very fearful.  😦


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An Eventful Week

Tuesday was election day.  The place underfoot is a place to vote.  People ran around the place more excited than usual, which makes it difficult to get around and get something done.  Tuesday night a powerful storm come through.  It was enough to be frightening.  Interestingly, a couple of people came in at “point x” and paid no attention to something taped to a window in the entry area.  As a last resort of sorts for an “emergency contact,” a U.S. Senator’s office was called, which was a waste of time.

Homemaker came Wednesday and took care of a couple of important things.  Wednesday evening a City Commission candidate visited and took some notes about the problems.  A speech was presented by a representative of the fire department on Thursday, but he didn’t touch the telephone problem.  That still has to be looked into with higher ups.  Lunch Lady isn’t too well these days but she stopped Friday with one of her gifts.  Saturday was a club chat as usual between the instigators.

Another visitor was scheduled for yesterday — results are pending.  Today, Memorial Day, is discussed in The Diary’s Blog.  Nice Jewish Lady kindly got stuff at stores a couple of times.  Nursing service is due tomorrow and rent has to be paid one day this week.  The food truck is due Saturday.  The assigning agency (for the other service, personal care) has now spent two and a half months “arranging” things with no results yet — just supposedly they are coming now and not as needed these days.

It’s hoped everyone’s holiday was nice.  🙂

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Upset Week Again

Tuesday the doctor did come.  Wednesday the housekeeper/homemaker did not come.  And, the Lunch Lady did stop by with one of her gifts, but not an edible one — that was promised for Friday (in the meantime something had to be scrounged up for some lunches as the prior batch of gift eggs was all gone).  With no housekeeping service, the post office box mail did not get picked up, nor was the trash hauled out until it was managed on Thursday, etc.  Nice Jewish Lady was again kind enough to get some of the things the aide didn’t get, like a bottle of pills and some coffee on Thursday, and the plants did get watered.  Of course, trying to cover what the aide didn’t do put a crimp in the (endless?) hunt for an emergency contact.

Saturday there was a mess, but it did get cleaned up in time for the club meeting, which is still the two instigators.  The Security Check Lady has been getting through okay.  Yesterday there was a lot of back pain for some unknown reason.  It being Mother’s Day and there being quite a few mothers in the old folks’ home underfoot, there was some coming and going in the place with things like bouquets of flowers.  Visiting the cemetery, however, was, of course, pretty much out of the question, especially given the back pains.  At least as of today the food truck is now out of the way for a short while.  The most important event of the week was that the debit card was lost for a while, but it’s been found.  The account has money.

Nursing service (to help get cleaned up) is due tomorrow.  From the looks of things, the aide assigning agency isn’t going to provide anything in this regard in the foreseeable future even though it’s their job.  The Lunch Lady’s delivery for next Friday will come this Friday due to it being Memorial Day in two weeks, and the food truck is also rescheduled for next time.  Young Friend said he could come by for a while this Friday since his visit early in the month had to be cut short.  The weather, naturally, is getting warmer, and the HVAC settings, etc., have yet to be figured out.  As it is, things get a bit warmish in the afternoon, but nights are still cool enough to have the heat settings in operation.  Changing it daily is more to do.

Spring can be a nice time.  🙂

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Time To Sort Things Out

Nothing like fate, confusion or maybe people re-arranging someone’s life….  The foot doctor was scheduled to visit the apartment building.  Such does not come often and there be a dire need here.  First, the wrong day was what was kept in mind.  He was scheduled for Friday and what was planned for was Thursday.  Nursing service was notified and instead of scheduling for later in the day Thursday, the nursing visit was moved to this week.  At the hour in mind, it was learned he was due Friday.  Nursing service was notified aide service would be best late.  The message got lost.  The aide arrived early, which was okay as the doctor’s appointment had to be moved up two hours….  There was a presentation of services on Thursday, none of which was needed, but a plate of cookies was given away and gained.

A new housekeeping aide was sent for Wednesday, a young man.  This is for nothing but errands and cleaning and the like, and in the hour on duty the only thing he got done was the errands (par for the course).  The mail at the post office (including the small check coming) did get picked up.  He’s okay, however, a problem is foreseen if personal care starts being sent through that agency in a couple of weeks when nursing services is likely to end.  It would take two aides, one for each service, to do it right, which seems unlikely.  Tuesday as well as Wednesday is recalled as pretty good for a change.  Saturday from some unfathomable cause began like hanging onto a rope for dear life, in this case the scooter.  The instability was substantial but was survived.  The day’s scheduled “event” was the loners’ meeting.

Yesterday a new friend went to get money and a couple of other things needed.  He gets gas money for sure and the stuff was pretty essential.  Bank accounts still aren’t in the best of order, but at least there’s a little cash in hand.  Rent payments and internet service be matters for this week.  The nurse’s aide for getting cleaned up was scheduled for today.  Lunch Lady helpfully promised some stuff again beyond the call of duty.  Trying to replace Older Friend has been so time consuming that the Christmas decorations still haven’t been taken off the fir tree.  To make things worse, the air bed needs replacing and there’s no way at the moment to do it.  There’s only a substitution at hand which is only a “possible.”  Money comes Thursday, but the post office box rent is due in March.

January can be a time to just survive.  🙂

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Out Went The Old Year

Tuesday was eventful.  A neighbor got a few groceries to last a couple of days until more of “Life Without Older Friend” is figured out, which is always being figured out now.  The nurse’s aide, badly needed by about 1:00 p.m Tuesday came very late.  As Mondays are her regular day, while it is understandable, it wasn’t very comfortable.  Friday was a regularly scheduled day, but, of course, she was off again today.  A check was made with the drug store regarding their current delivery schedule (it was disrupted for a while) and their merchandise (some things weren’t available for a while).  Real panic started Wednesday when a burning cigarette was found on the floor, but there was no fire.

Somehow with the help of the nurse’s aide, the trash of nine days did get hauled out on Tuesday, but how that can be handled in the future hasn’t been figured out.  Neither is the plant care figured out.  In addition to the other concerns, both the air bed and the scooter battery re-charger reached the end of life expectancy.  A new air bed has to be found, and they haven’t been too available.  Outside it snowed a noticeable amount.  The temperatures were near zero, and it’s a bit surprising people got around.  Lunch Lady was apparently heaven sent on Friday as she came with an air filter and clean-up alcohol even though she had no lunch delivery.  The clean-up alcohol from the drug store is another kind.

There was a “Lone Ones” meeting on Saturday that ran over-time.  There was also some confusion with a subsequent and unexpected visitor which knocked the “breathing treatment” capsule business three hours off schedule.  While that didn’t seem to have a major effect, it is best to have something like that at a more or less regular time.  Yesterday morning had another “middle of the night wake-up” and something different was tried, which didn’t work.  The apartment rent is paid and the food truck did come all right on Saturday.  The big thing looming in the week ahead is whether the internet and storage payments have been made,  and, if not, getting them paid as well as getting ordinary stuff.

May it be a good year for all. 🙂

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Christmas Is Mostly Over

Some Christmas wishes didn’t get sent as planned.  Too many things interfered.  Indeed, if last week was turmoil, there’s no knowing what to call this week.  Early in the week it was learned that a very special (and often helpful) person was in surgery and is sick.  Wednesday someone left a mysterious package at the door.  At first it looked like it was actually meant for a neighbor, and there was a to-do about exploring the matter.  And, now what to do with the stuff has to be figured out.  The nurse’s aide was needed early on Friday, and she had to come late.  At least someone can come to help get cleaned up (at least for a while yet) when things are worse than usual.

With the holiday today (a Monday) the church-goers had two days of it in a row and looking for someone to do an extra errand was something one could just forget.  It being a holiday as well as the normal day for the food truck, the holiday got preference and the food truck won’t be around until a very inconvenient this Saturday.  Lunch Lady had no delivery, however, she kindly made a special trip with eggs.  The nurse’s aide who would normally come on Monday is scheduled for tomorrow.  The little club meeting on Saturday turned out great as a new lady showed up.  That was the bright spot of the week as the anticipation was that this week there would be no one.

Young Friend’s group took on the matter of making sure Christmas was not a day to be alone, although that isn’t always a bad thing.  The feast dinners they bring several times a year are nice, and are like one would have at a family event.  The rent has to be paid this week.  Someone to get supplies still has to be found as Older Friend can’t manage it very well any longer.  Money, as seemingly always now, is still in disarray.  Essential matters such as the computer and telephone are not getting needed attention.  Obviously a posting did get done for each of the active weblogs (just a hoped for accomplishment these days).  …But, the bad is not so bad as it snowed Christmas Eve.

May everyone have a wonderful New Year.  🙂

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Onward To Christmas

It’s December and time to run madly toward 2018.  There’s nothing wrong with thinking of the future even if it’s likely there’s not much left; but, it seems more fitting for the outside world rather than in an old folks’ home.  Clever Christmas decorations started going up at the “traditional” time (right after Thanksgiving) and Christmas stuff is in full swing, except for some real snow.  Super moon was viewed.  There was a visit to a community activity.  These are usually skipped for various reasons.  It was attended due to confused existence and wasn’t worth the effort.

The confused existence became an upheaval after Saturday night.  Older Friend came to the rescue insofar as possible Sunday, in addition to giving his usual help with supplies, etc.  Young Friend is not expected until next week.  Home health care continued with a couple of great ladies, but that’s probably about over.  There’s a little sadness over the fact that both regular November trips to the cemetery were missed, but it’s assumed the “spirit world” understands why.  The standard aide service did come on Wednesday and is again expected on Wednesday.

No food truck today, which means Lunch Lady should be coming Friday, which is good since all the ready-to-eat eggs are gone.  The computer situation is still unchanged, meaning there’s been little progress in things like restoring those hundreds of lost and often much needed bookmarks.  There’s been a tiny bit of progress with sorting through the accumulated email (over 10,000 messages is unbelievable, but, of course, the account is nearly 20 years old.).  Bookmarks, email and “The Project” are not the only things computer that need much more attention.

The past can be easy to find.  🙂

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