January Relentlessly Marches On

They say that change is inevitable.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable.  For the present time, anyway, the format has to change back to the three paragraph one with an entire week crammed together rather than a little daily log.  It’s a case of being a little overwhelmed with (by?) life.  Just as example, the bank usually distributes two kinds of calendars, an ordinary wall calendar with pictures and a little thing about 2” x 5” if you leave the thing mounted.  The latter kind has been tucked in among the plants to mark off the days they were watered.  Well, this year not so as friend, who went to the bank in December, didn’t bring one back. 

As for the week that was….  Two things are uppermost in mind.  There is need to relocate for a week (as near as can be guessed) so the building management gets it’s new windows installed.  There is no just get up and go as there’s the matter of dealing with the scooter.  …And, moving everything away from the window area and packing….  There is also the medical concern.  With nursing services now at an end, the hunt began for the follow up and so far has drawn a blank.  What has been finally substituted is that the homemaker aide service is scheduled for two times a week, starting today, and lasting just half of the old time each day. 

In addition to that there are little things like that outdated insurance check (still not replaced) and the need for the rental money orders and it’s the third week in the month already.  There’s also the matter of adjusting if the lunch lady service is cancelled due to the weather – like today is supposed to be super cold.  There is no advance notice.  Fortunately, there is presently plenty of food around.  It is the same thing most of the time – two mini cheeseburgers, thawed.  It is fast and getting rather tiresome.  However, there are problems maybe developing, like a scooter wheel coming off, and there isn’t time for anything else. 

Winter is supposed to be fun.  


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