Inspection Time And More

End of the month is time for rent payment and looking to next month.  In this case next month is short so what’s done ahead makes things easier during the month.  There was finally some chance to talk with Helping Lady.  Things aren’t good.  It is likely there will be need for other arrangements apart from a couple of small things, maybe even those.  Advocacy Lady also has had a serious concern develop.  Young Friend did manage a visit.  The plan’s for him to come next week, not this one. 

Maintenance did inspect Thursday in preparation for “official inspection” on the 15th (another inspection) and for which an additional visit was decided on to fix that matter put off in the recent past.  It really isn’t that important and again an indefinite time’s there, this time spanning two weeks.  Older Friend came extra times again; Friday visiting really needs a change.  Lunch Lady came Friday, of course, just fine.  There were no problems in the security calling.  Those were okay. 

Come Thursday Avon is expected, then the food truck in a week from today both of which take planning.  Bits of Christmas, a couple of items, are still in mind as are several other items including, of course, The Project.  The outside “sits” aren’t being done as it’s too cold and getting all bundled up is too complicated, though not really impossible.  Things are just a little too disorganized to take time for it, but the bulletin boards are checked.  Matters like the plants must be first. 

Every day brings something different in some way.Thinking smile 


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