Autumn Is Near….

It’s not the weekend yet.  As this week’s notations begin, it’s only Wednesday in the night, nearing the witching hour.  The internet connection has been meager for several days, but with the current computer it’s possible to again get a little online time by going down the hall to the area in front of the elevators, the way it was done with the “old, old” computer.  That does a job on the energy that’s in the scooter batteries (as before) but now that’s not so bad as there’s a second set of batteries to set in place when the batteries in use are running low.  (Each little thing helps these days, and that’s a big thing.) 

And, it’s now Thursday afternoon….  On the agenda is the food truck tomorrow and a visit from maintenance.   The visit from maintenance was requested twice earlier in the week and there was a third trip to the office today for same, which place was closed.  The first request was simply for maintenance to check around the windows to see where/how bugs are getting in, but the kitchen light bulb has burned out again and that didn’t get in the request.  Telephoning is day’s big deal today.  It seems “nursey” decided to clear out yesterday, and decided to declare some mis-information to adult protective services. 

It’s Saturday in the wee hours now.  Yesterday a trip down to the elevators for a computer connection paid off big as maintenance was seen heading for another apartment.  Soon after the light bulb was changed, two bugs were caught, and an examination of the windows for a hole took place.  There’s no need for an office trip for a while.  Although the bandages were pulled off the hands (they seemed well enough) there are tiny signs of deterioration.  As there wasn’t contact from the doctor’s office, further nursing is evidently a dead issue at the moment.  It’s back to self-medication.  Stuff was ordered from the drug store. 

Current events can’t be pre-written.  “The Unknown” (The “X” Factor) is nearly always in play.  The outcome may be as expected, but the unexpected drawn in somehow will usually alter things enough that future activity is changed and it’s those things that need to be noted.  Things can, however, be pre-published, the best that can be done being an educated guess at the expectations.  Although it’s Tuesday that’s publishing day, this will probably be posted tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday is an absolute unknown.  Among the expectations ahead (starting Monday) is a bid for another doctor and nursing service. 

It’s now Sunday afternoon.  There’s time for a few more words.  Regular friend paused on the run at noontime saying he would come back around 6:00 p.m. to really see how things are.  There’s a waiting.  There was a trip outside to look for someone to finish a conversation properly.  It seems to be starting to be a usual thing that come the weekend the money hasn’t been tallied up.  It happened this weekend as well.  …maybe tomorrow.  The weather is expected to be cooler – a good thing — but the nose seems to be getting drippy again.  That leads to fearful thoughts about what will be under the foot bandages, now do it yourself…. 

Sometimes things have to be abbreviated. 


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