Northern Winter Solstice 2011–B

This is version “B” of the topic.   Or, maybe it is version “A.”  Time-wise, it is “A” bein’ as it is the first to be composed.  The Diary’s Blog has another version.  As that is supposed to be the more professional thing, technically that should be #1 or “A” in the order of importance.  Maybe in the end it doesn’t matter a lot which is which, it’s just that stuff might be said here that wouldn’t be said there.  And, it all might as well be gotten out of the way to allow for less cluttered commentary on the subject. 

As the sun set Tuesday, the Jewish Festival of the Lights (there are others) began ushering in a new life cycle in the northlands.  It is a time for assessment (at least personally speaking) of the way things are here and now – what’s the situation as the earth shifts to a new year in the natural order?  It’s the time before Christmas to the tune of a week or so.  Christmas preparations are “in the air” many places. People have their minds on the holiday, the legal part being on December 26 this year.  That isn’t when folk want to celebrate. 

The food truck didn’t come as scheduled.  The homemaker aide called in sick on Monday.  The computer quit working.  Gifts for some people didn’t arrive in the mail.  Christmas cards from unknown people did come.  The missing food wasn’t much, but it did make the money on hand a bit sparse.  On the Solstice itself that was set at “okay” by Virginia with a special trip. The missing homemaker, among other stuff, left yours truly sitting amid a week’s trash and laundry. Most, not all, of the trash is now in a big bag.  Someone may get it out. 

Beginnings are important. 


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