Maybe Big Stuff Interrupting Life

The big news of the week (it would be nice if some week would have no big news since it always seems to be negative) is the computer may die.  There’s a white line across the screen and friend said the screen may be going out.  Repair?  Expensive, he said, as did another computer knowledgeable soul.  Finding another computer is rather out of the question.  There was an organization that sold used ones.  The aide service sent new, and it’s fishy.  She seemed to think she was a sub. 

The one good thing in the week was that the lunch service was around at a relatively early time on Friday.  Government talk may be done for a while, but that won’t be certain until days from now.  The rent’s due at the end of the week (complicates Friday as both lunch service and the food truck comes).  Most important, the medical situation is such that changes are now in the weblog plans.  At least friend has been by and is into the plant care.  The previous aide over-watered them badly. 

There are actually five weblogs, but only two are “active” at present, this and The Diary’s Blog (link at right).  There is a thought, rather than repeated posting of “sick leave” notes both places, to try to write at least one and publish them on alternate weeks, i.e., do one week here, then next week Diary commentary.  They were combined once before, but differently, and at least that would maintain some activity and possibly a thought or two for someone.  That’s not certain yet. 

The future is always uncertain.Wilted rose 


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