Onward To Christmas

It’s December and time to run madly toward 2018.  There’s nothing wrong with thinking of the future even if it’s likely there’s not much left; but, it seems more fitting for the outside world rather than in an old folks’ home.  Clever Christmas decorations started going up at the “traditional” time (right after Thanksgiving) and Christmas stuff is in full swing, except for some real snow.  Super moon was viewed.  There was a visit to a community activity.  These are usually skipped for various reasons.  It was attended due to confused existence and wasn’t worth the effort.

The confused existence became an upheaval after Saturday night.  Older Friend came to the rescue insofar as possible Sunday, in addition to giving his usual help with supplies, etc.  Young Friend is not expected until next week.  Home health care continued with a couple of great ladies, but that’s probably about over.  There’s a little sadness over the fact that both regular November trips to the cemetery were missed, but it’s assumed the “spirit world” understands why.  The standard aide service did come on Wednesday and is again expected on Wednesday.

No food truck today, which means Lunch Lady should be coming Friday, which is good since all the ready-to-eat eggs are gone.  The computer situation is still unchanged, meaning there’s been little progress in things like restoring those hundreds of lost and often much needed bookmarks.  There’s been a tiny bit of progress with sorting through the accumulated email (over 10,000 messages is unbelievable, but, of course, the account is nearly 20 years old.).  Bookmarks, email and “The Project” are not the only things computer that need much more attention.

The past can be easy to find.  🙂


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Thankful For Thanksgiving

A nurse was scheduled to come Wednesday (like the doctor, who, as mentioned last week, came rather unceremoniously on another day).  She also didn’t come, but in her case she didn’t come at all on the grounds that the patient would be all right until this coming Thursday.  She had too many patients who would not be all right, and to an extent that’s true.  The regular aide came for an hour, got the mail, swept the carpet and left yours truly with an interesting problem that does not need discussion at the moment.  The Thanksgiving week service that did take place okay was the medical services aide that did (great) personal care Friday.

A lovely dinner arrived Thanksgiving day thanks to Young Friend’s organization.  It was good to have it not just because of the holiday but because there was a case of not feeling well at all Thursday, which extended beyond Thursday.  Thoughts of nursing home loom heavily in mind.  The dinner was traditional Thanksgiving dinner good enough to remind someone what “real” food was like.  The proposed club for loners did have it’s fifteen minute meeting on Saturday amid a big todo about Christmas decorating in the lobby.  The other member’s a nice lady.  Older Friend came by as usual with supplies and did plant care and trash service.

Today was food truck day with the usual need to make room in the freezer.  That did get done, but the entire refrigerator is in dire need of a sorting and pitching things that are too old.  There’s a remote possibility (very remote at this point) that Young Friend can show up before the first of December.  The rent has to be paid this week and the wireless bill’s due for next month very soon.  Older Friend already has a money order for that.  Sadly, it seems some dear online friends are slipping from view and nothing can be done about it.  Between problems like the cell phone (unresolved) and dealing with the computer there’s little chance.

Holidays can be a very good thing.  🙂

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Poetry (?)

When frost is on the car
Don’t leave the door ajar
As winter isn’t far.

Close the windows, too,
And, plan for life anew
In what you hope to do.

Author: me, and, well, it has to be posted somewhere beside the place where it was first posted (and immediately lost in the turnover), namely, facebook.  It was so published November 11.  At least now it’s not completely lost in the gale winds of existence.  And, since it’s here, here’s another:

Only a strong man dares to be gentle.
Only a wise man dare to be still.
Only a great man dares to be humble.
Only a good man dares, and he will.

Likewise author, me.  The second one has some age on it as (if memory serves reasonably well) it was written somewhere around 1958; but, it was not put out for publication until June 6 last year (2016) in a sort of private little message board (“Our Pages” in a hosting site called ProBoards).  The inspiration was my father who’s birthday was November 13.  He would have been 113 or 114 this year.  And, no, this is not the kind of stuff that is usually posted here.  The doctor came totally unexpectedly on Friday and upset the equilibrium.  The Lunch Lady also came Friday, off schedule, and also upset existence as room had to be made for the food. She did bring some eggs.

Young Friend was in the apartment building on Tuesday to see someone else and paused for a moment at the place underfoot — one bright spot in the week.  Another bright spot was Saturday afternoon when it became more evident that the new “Lone Ones” club may indeed be established among the residents (two members).  And, the brightest spot of all was also Friday as the aide from nursing services did a tremendous job of getting yours truly cleaned up.  The standing aide service person was an annoying pain Wednesday, to the point where a request was turned in to cut her time to one hour (in the hope she would quit soon). Older Friend came by three times with his usual helpfulness.

At times it’s time to be different.
Thanksgiving blessings to all. 🙂


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Day’s List

Yes, day’s list….  Check scooter.  If the scooter battery runs out of energy neither it nor the rider goes anywhere.  Recharge phone.  If the phone has no energy at 3:00 a.m. there is no calling 911 for help at 3:00 a.m.  Eat.  It’s one element of staying alive.  Etc.  Well, So-And-So or Such-And-Such expects to call (or even drop in) and get an answer or something or needs to be called (or visited).  Sorry, but So-And-So is not top priority, and some kind of contact at someone else’s convenience isn’t the best of arrangements.  Something like getting the mail isn’t top priority, either, but it’s priority quite often over the convenience of others.

Check scooter.  Run the thing over an established area for judging the energy left in the battery to see the exact energy level showing.  An incline or a smooth, easy area won’t do.  If it’s not too low, adjudge how long before the battery needs to be replaced.  If it’s low enough, scoot over to where the exchange battery is, plug that in for a minute or so to bring it up to the “fully charged” indication.  Fiddle around to get the battery being used out, then fiddle around to get the proposed one connected.  Then plug in the one removed to charge it and look at it hours later to unplug after it shows “fully charged,” which may take a couple of looks.

It seems many don’t care (or grasp) that top priority is not them.  Credit to the current nurse who clearly understands that she’s present to help the patient.  Young Friend, who did come Tuesday and may come again this month, also clearly understands this, as do people like Lunch Lady who came Friday with another gift of a dozen already boiled eggs (she’s worth any return gift).  The nurse sent a personal care aide who understands it.  Someone who doesn’t understand it disrupted Thursday evening enough to upset many days ahead, starting with Friday.  At least Older Friend is around in a real bad situation.

Life goes on regardless…. 🙂

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And, Still More Brief

So, the world descended more and essays must still be brief, in fact obviously more so than before.  There is, however, this little bit.

Young Friend is due to visit tomorrow to go get the rent money orders.  Older Friend got supplies Saturday and got out the trash yesterday.  There were no food deliveries today or Friday as those are this coming week.  On Thursday nursing services came bringing an occupational therapist (which did little good).  Homemaking came and got the mail, swept the carpet and more.  The rents are paid.  Telephone stuff’s still not in proper working order.  Current Helping Lady and Friendly Visitor can be forgotten, but good personal care showed up today.

The proposed organization (set for Saturday) may indeed be activated, and there isn’t time to write anything more.

Sometimes things just aren’t possible.  😦

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Another Brief Essay

Today was food truck day again.  Making out the order and making room in the freezer as usual took time from recording stuff better here.  So did several other things during the past week, especially a badly upset stomach and chasing after the subsequent clean up.  Fortunately nursing service this week was good, and a new aide that might stay for a while is now on the scene; but, the latter’s just for two hours a week and the nursing service is about finished for this time around.  Physical and occupational therapy may be in the works.

Both the Friendly Visitor and the Helping Lady business seem to have died.  The new aide might manage to cover the latter and a new idea is going into the works that might manage to cover the former.  The cell phone still does not work right and there’s been no chance to do a thing about it, but the Security Check Lady is still managing to get through and there is now a working community telephone in the lobby.  Computer stuff also has had little attention, but getting online still happens.  The Diary’s Blog and the projects aren’t doing well.

Lunch Lady came Friday and brought a whole dozen ready to eat eggs.  There has been no word yet about Young Friend’s jury duty being finished.  Older Friend’s had to cut back on what he can do as personal needs are taking up his time.  He stopped by yesterday with supplies, but he wasn’t able to gather and haul out the trash yesterday.  He did come extra Saturday, since the grocery list wasn’t sent to him.  He also took home a huge plant to re-pot as that was falling over from too much weight on one side, and he watered the rest.

Sometimes one can only hope for the best. 🙂

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Sick Leave, Big Trouble

Today’s “essay” is brief for sure.  Regarding sick leave, things seem to be getting worse and there may be some sick leave.  And, screwed scheduling (Thursday’s nurse came Friday and supposed aide services never showed up on Wednesday among other things) does not help with possible recovery.  As for “big trouble,” in addition to the still present computer problems, the cell phone situation is a bit worse due to unwillingness to add money as well as opportunity to ask stuff.

The Diary’s Blog has a posting as that was started early.  It’s not done up neat or with pictures, but some words are there.  The cell phone does now seem to have some strange voice connection, but it does not work right.  The computer works with some jiggling around if the mouse stops abruptly, but that is far from easy to use.  A nursing visit scheduled for this coming week (plus physical therapist) is supposed to be the last of the post hospital stay home care and eliminates it.

Young Friend is reportedly tied up in jury duty, so he can’t help with anything at the moment.  Older Friend had some other requests for help and had to cut back some on what he could do.  The “Friendly Visitor” matter hasn’t been sorted out as of morning.  A Distant Friend is/was on a trip and not available.  However, it may be that the new Helping Lady can be called, and the Security Check Lady is still in contact.  Housekeeping and personal care is promised for Wednesday.

Things can’t always be good in River City. 😦

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