Low Now Lower

Waking up at 3:00 a.m. isn’t bad if bedtime is 7:00 p.m.  The big problems with it include a lifetime of living late hours, stuff that still needs doing and more.  Sheer exhaustion made that happen Wednesday night/Thursday morning and included two bad rounds in the bathroom on top of big mess Wednesday.  The worst of the week was calling the doctor’s offices.  It was a totally confused and useless day-long thing dealing with that nurse.  (The question wasn’t answered and just may not be.) 

The best news of the week came Saturday.  “Official” word was that soon there would be staff change (that makes two of them that are leaving).  The new Helping Lady came Saturday and it was learned she really can’t be of much help, the notion when she didn’t make it two Wednesdays in a row.  The hunt for the aide service stuff, therefore obviously, continues.  The rent for June is due this week; the available day is tomorrow.  As usual, it was good of Older Friend to come visit yesterday. 

Young Friend isn’t expected to be around for at least another week.  Lunch Lady is due Friday (as usual).  Food truck’s due off schedule on Saturday.  Avon came okay.  They have clothes and dry skin stuff, so they are important.  The Advocacy Lady did some work on the situation, but it is too soon to know of any positive results.  It be a holiday time with no community event at the apartment building like a dinner.  The place’s a degree upset; residents’ association top officers resigned. 

It’s hoped everyone had a fine Memorial Day.Coffee cup 

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Everyday Life Gets Old

Another week has passed.  Everyone and everything is now more ancient than they were last week, including ongoing problems, medical matters and this humble site.  Those ongoing problems are reaching a new low.  The lady that was going to provide a little aide stuff landed in the hospital, the advocacy people weren’t answering email and a strange man came to the door on Saturday around noon and insisted he was a person to do those aide jobs.  He was totally unexpected and wouldn’t leave.

Since next Monday’s Memorial Day, assorted scheduling changes are already in play.  On Friday the Lunch Lady brought things for two weeks even though her visits are nowhere near holiday time.  The food truck is not coming until the Saturday after; plans for other food to run through the nearly two weeks need arranging.  The mixed up Avon orders are due this week.  Some sorting of Avon is still needed.  The Security Check lady may have developed a medical problem.  That is not certainty. 

Older Friend did come by yesterday.  At least there are basic supplies available, the trash got hauled out, the plants were watered and he switched the scooter batteries.  There has, of course, been little done beside just getting through each two minutes of each hour awake.  If Older Friend can make time at some time the food situation may be better; and, it’s the one bright spot in what looks like a frenzied time ahead.  That’s not all, of course, but there is only so much space here. 

May everyone’s Memorial Day turn out to be good.Fingers crossed 

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A Step Forward, A Step Back

Young Friend did indeed come.  The rent for June’s ready.  He also got a phone card, so the cell phone’s good ideally for a while longer than through June.  Wednesday a lady visited for the purpose of looking over the situation to see if she could take on some of the aide service stuff.  She is expected back come Wednesday.  This is not a certain thing.  Discussion was not too clear.  The Avon Lady got the wrong thing, discovered after the delivery.  The oven mitt got lost in the laundry. 

Older Friend did come by yesterday, but he had little time to finish off things in the afternoon as usual.  He brought some supplies.  Matters seem to be getting worse health-wise.  The congestion happens differently now.  This hasn’t been figured out.  Saturday night was very bad.  Among other things it was sleeplessness except for about three hours.  Lunch lady again brought some of her kind of eggs.  No way would it be safe to try to boil eggs; the scooter seat’s too low for the stove. 

Today was food truck day, so there is food to go with paid-up rent, the laundry done (even if the mitt was lost), the phone and paper products and the like brought by Older Friend.  For the moment, things are adequate if not great.  No work’s been done on the project and loads of other things that need to be finished.  There is still thought to put some good links here now and then, but not at the moment.  Aide service especially has to be arranged better.  At least the weather is better. 

New problems can come every day.Sad smile 


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Very Good And Very Bad

Tuesday evening was so peaceful it was incredible.  Yard work was done for a while (leaf blowing, etc.), but mostly a peace hung over the place.  The new HVAC unit’s in and working good and is quiet.  Wednesday was such a disaster the office staff was called for emergency help.  Thursday was also a mess when expected help sent a message that she was sick.  To make life interesting a spider came crawling by during a bathroom visit one day.  The fire department sent three trucks one time. 

Young Friend is expected tomorrow.  There are errands for his attention, like the rent money orders for June.  Lunch lady’s visit on Friday came as usual, and again she brought some her kind of eggs.  The security checks are going okay.  There’s a vague chance there will be an easing of the aide service deal come Wednesday; appointment scheduled.  Chasing down services has had money flowing from the cell phone pre-payment like it was water.  Older Friend has not been available for much. 

There has been a “feasting” most days on a huge bag of potato chips brought as a gift by the food truck driver.  They are a bit rare as they’re cooked in peanut oil and aren’t common in the immediate area.  Something special is needed at times.  A problem of some kind seems to be growing in the computer.  It needs, maybe, technical tinkering.  This month’s prescription and some vitamins came today from the drug store.  Avon comes this week.  The weather has been okay.  Money’s confused. 

Having goals helps with staying reasonable.Work 


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May Day

The doctor came on Tuesday.  He wanted blood.  In addition to that he thought an X-ray would be a good idea.  The X-ray man showed up unexpectedly Wednesday morning.  He called, but his message didn’t get relayed by Older Friend.  Young Friend did come Wednesday.  He got the mail and other stuff Older Friend wasn’t able to cover this week.  Word came that the Avon item wasn’t sent.  The rent did get paid Thursday.  The big pay-it item with problem is the wireless bill as it needs a check. 

The search for aide service stuff goes on of course.  There’s been a new reply this past week:  “Call Monday” (today).  The money on the telephone is going fast.  The lobby phone can be used, of course, but it really isn’t that convenient as it be noon before stuff like breakfast is out of the way due to the two-three morning hours in the bathroom.  There’s another big inspection coming tomorrow, this one by an upper level of the corporation that owns the apartment building just checking. 

Older Friend did come by yesterday, so there are supplies and the trash got hauled out.  Aviation Trail’s finally a subject for The Diary’s Blog.  It’s been hard trying to figure out an angle there.  (It may not be the greatest thing ever written, but at least something got written, this while things like an email Avon order and food truck order were piling up for this weekend.)  The HVAC unit malfunctioned again so a trip to the office was in order.  Fortunately temperatures weren’t bad.

May day used to mean help, help.Coffee cup 

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More Upheaval….

A frantic Saturday morning it was.  The light bulb burned out again in the kitchen.  While it’s not impossible to see, when something like that burns out, it takes maintenance to do the replacing.  It’s near the ceiling.  Best alternative’s a tall man willing to be helpful.  As maintenance would be days away most likely today (at the earliest), there was the hunt for a tall man.  It did get done.  Older Friend is tall enough, but due to serious commitments he could not stop this weekend. 

Lunch Lady was off sick.  Stuff came okay.  She said she’d be back today.  Her eggs were all gone.  Avon’s coming this week and the food truck’s next Monday.  Young Friend may be around come Wednesday.  The doctor’s due soon.  The scooter is worse presently.  There is a flurry of activity about aide service; advocacy is debatable at the moment.  A guess says it will be stewing in some way until at least mid-May if not later; and, nothing positive personally is expected out of it at that. 

The rent has to be paid this week.  Although the cash on hand again (yet) is in disarray, at least the rent money order’s a thing in hand.  So’s the current insurance check.  Once again too much is going on the cell phone.  If it keeps up, another payment will have to be added soon.  There is one bright spot amid the negative.  The residents’ association’s very vaguely considering a job bank which may turn up enough help to scrap the aide service matters.  That’s to be cleared this week. 

It’s hard to believe some things happen.Fingers crossed 

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Taxes And Easter Done

There was a sense of finality in the air as 5:00 p.m. came in view on Thursday (no idea why).  The week had a lot of papers for housing in the clip by the door like “make an appointment for” and assorted messages.  One two-line note at the end yet was about parking in the parking lot.  That meant immediately hunting up Young Friend (as someone was coming yesterday with Easter stuff), Older Friend (coming any time) and, since Avon was due that afternoon, catching him entering to warn him. 

As frequently happens, given the personal problems along with such things, the week was a blurry mad dash of details missed that soon take on sizable importance.  A most alarming one is when the cell phone re-charge is forgotten until late as it’s not sure for the night if it’s not charged.  The pull cord in the bathroom would be the other way to get EMTs at night.  It may be twenty feet to that.  By Saturday night a few items of concern got sorted out, but not well.  Office visit to do. 

Lunch Lady made a special visit with eggs.  Young Friend’s to visit possibly tomorrow.  Older Friend thoughtfully brought a dinner from his family’s feast as well as helped in the usual ways.  Another possible aide service popped up Friday and (as before) disappeared.  Advocacy Lady needs to be contacted but she is out-of-state on important matters.  Food truck day was today.  Avon needed to be emailed as there was too much to-do going on Thursday.  A Good Neighbor came back from a trip. 

Problems can be more complex for old folks.Work 

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