Maybe Big Changes

Well, Nice Jewish Lady to the rescue again on Friday with a trip to the bank for money to pay the man with the food truck today.  And, Lunch Lady to the rescue again with her thoughtful gifts that seriously maintain this existence nowadays, along with her regular delivery.  Life’s inconvenient enough as it is, but when the bank account was checked to get Friday’s cash in hand, it was rather evident some government employee created an over-payment.  A call to their office promised that the over-payment would be deducted a little at a time.  Luckily it didn’t take an hour of waiting until a live person answered and equally luckily the building’s community telephone in the lobby is available for calling.

Homemaking/housekeeper was a half hour late Wednesday, but two hours of work did get put in, including (finally) some work on the horrible bathroom situation.  Another hit and miss clean up took up nearly all of Thursday.  Some personal care from a pay-for-it agency is due to come tomorrow.  Saturday, as usual, had only the club meeting and security check scheduled.  Since yesterday was a special holiday, Young Friend’s group made a fairly quick visit with an Easter basket full of good stuff like candy, fruit juice and a cupcake along with a small useful gift — no boiled eggs in accordance with the firm instruction to not bring any.  The visit was quick as the recipient has been on the sick list.

Stuff like an emergency contact still has to be found, and what looms ahead, possibly, may be a substantial money problem, apart from the “adjustment” mentioned above.  Given the pay-for-it personal care ordered, expected costs for a month (rent, telephone, internet) were estimated for April Saturday evening.  Some things were considered “generously,” but the shortfall was nearly $40 and staple groceries (toilet paper, soap, etc.) were not included in the calculations.  Substantial adjustments in ordinary living are likely just to break even.  There is emergency money in the bank, but that’s there for something like an expensive replacement, such as the currently growling microwave oven.

It’s said it’s darkest before dawn.  😦



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Some Unexpected Things

A nice Jewish lady upstairs to the rescue….  It’s Lent and at least some of the Christian world has a tradition of fish on Friday.  These days the fish comes in frozen (TV) dinners from the supermarket, sometimes from a carry out kind of restaurant that has them.  As the housekeeping aide was overwhelmed by the weather (or some such thing) this past Wednesday, there was no trip to the store, hence nothing but macaroni and cheese for Friday unless someone in the place would run down to a nearby restaurant.  The Christians were busy with stuff like looking for money, but the nice Jewish lady went to the carry out….  That, of course, was not the only thing upset by the week’s housekeeping non-service.

Mid-week there was a very bad night when it seemed impossible to get warm (no problem with the blanket or the HVAC) which involved a panic kind of shaking.  There was barely four hours in bed before the only thing to do was get up, and it was necessary to change clothes both before and after.  What happened and why is an unknown.  Some rest was caught up on Friday and Saturday while still in sort of a daze — a serious call to 911 may not be far away.  It may not have been anything but nerves as the thought that came was “nervous breakdown” due to useless telephone hours about the screwed up personal care services as well as the missing housekeeping and minor things like the need for a new air bed.

The little meeting went well Saturday, so the little Lone Ones club isn’t quite dead yet.  A new but distant friend has entered the picture, which at this point isn’t in any way organized.  The coming week promises to be a horrible mess with food to put away etc., coming at the end of it in addition to Young Friend’s organization bringing some Easter remembrance goodies, although sometimes the visits are canceled because the recipient isn’t up to any visits from others.  The accounting situation has not improved.  The rent, etc., needs to be paid, hopefully on Thursday.  One nice thing has been that the birthday bouquet of flowers didn’t all die off for almost two weeks, a cheery thing in troubled times.

Ancient Greeks said things change constantly.  🙂

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And, Days Become Weeks….

So, today was the day for the food truck.  To get food off the food truck, there’s a need to pay the man.  And, paying the man was possible because the Lunch Lady went to the bank and got some to do so, dropping it off when she came Friday.  Today should have been a day for the likes of a clean up by a personal care aide.  It didn’t happen as the agency replacing the “agency that was” didn’t have a lady to send.  Yesterday was thoroughly involved in getting this and the other little literary gem set up.  Many times the other could easily be set up earlier, but events throughout the week make it impossible.  Things weren’t planned to be this way.

The birthday stuff came early, late Tuesday instead of Thursday which was, as expected, a rush and miserable day.  It was a very good thing that the things were early.  The bouquet of flowers acclimated and spread out by Thursday morning to be a lovely sight to behold first thing in the morning, and breakfast was the delicious birthday cake.  At least the morning was great.  The young man doing the “homemaking” chores on Wednesdays, as usual did great (at least to all outward appearances) with the errands, but he seems to be a bit clumsy with directives in and about the place.  He may be rushing too much.  It needs some analysis or the like.

Bad news came about a friend.  No one, not even the other instigator, showed for Saturday’s little club meeting, and the question now is what to do about it.  An extra-ordinary amount of time (like hours) is being spent every day on the telephone (and in email) to see about the needed services.  So far there’s been no adequate solution found.  At least telephoning can be done on the community phone in the lobby or the bill would be astronomical.  Not only is the financial accounting still not straightened out, but cash in hand is getting low and it’s only mid-month.  One person who might have been of some help with some things is moving.

Looking to tomorrow isn’t always hopeful.  😦

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Heap Of Trouble

Well, Tuesday’s supposedly a day for some rest.  Nothing’s scheduled but the security check in the evening, a phone call that can be as short as two minutes total time.  If things aren’t too bad, it’s also a chance to take a look at sites by people who thought enough of the current blog postings to at least hit “Like.”  Well, big, sarcastic laugh.  Pest control had to go through amid the morning rest.  Internet service also had to unexpectedly call then.  Young Friend rather suddenly had time to come, and he was the best person to take care of the rent payment on the post office box and a couple of other things.  Nursing service absolutely had to come to present discharge papers.  A telephone call had to come on that, too.

Wednesday, in addition to the housekeeping services, government inspectors came around.  For some unexplained reason, this business involved four people from the building management as well as the government person and they saw fit to arrive during a bathroom visit.  After that was established, they came back later.  The housekeeping aide forgot to mention there was no mail at the post office and it was necessary to round up the information after he left.  He did get an air filter sitting idly for a month now set up and working.  Thursday the doctor came and some plans are for an x-ray tomorrow.  Nursing aide came Friday amid a horrible bunch of phone calls connecting to recorders if at all and some paperwork.

Saturday was calm, although the other instigator seems to want to be out of the club business.  It’s still not certain whether or not that’s dead.  Yesterday was peaceful enough for a chance at a little recovery, but there’s little beside trouble ahead, birthday or not, starting with today, the last apparent day for personal care services (at this point).  A nurse was also due.  A birthday party visit from Young Friend’s organization is expected at some time, possibly tomorrow in between the x-ray session and the Tuesday security check.  The Lunch Lady is due Friday with dinners and the food truck is due next Monday.  There’s been no time for getting the accounting (or even cash in hand) in order.  And, an office trip’s needed.

Many people have their world crash sometime.  😦


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Some Good, Some Not

Rent’s paid, so there’s a roof above for another 30 or so days.  Homemaker aide came okay on Wednesday so two weeks’ mail, month’s prescription and four days’ breakfast came into the place.  The rug got swept and the trash got carried out, too.  Lunch Lady also stopped by on Wednesday with another of her thoughtful extras and some eggs, so most of lunch for a couple of weeks is at hand.  She also had advance notice that she was quite likely to have a substitute (with ten dinners due) on Friday.  Fortunately he came before the nurse’s aide.  Tuesday was a blur, as is recalled a bunch of useless telephone calls and email messages and other ultimately apparently useless stuff.

Wednesday was a good day, but more days like Thursday and Friday could possibly result in a relocation to a funeral home.  It was possible to clean up the personal care mess of Thursday by about 10:00 p.m., but the one on Friday needed help.  The condition was still active Saturday.  At least this coming week there is reliable, capable help scheduled.  The personal care, however, is scheduled to be discontinued as of next Monday.  Saturday’s little club meeting went better than expected, but it may not pan out to be better.  Yesterday, although quite upset, more basic supplies came, like vinyl gloves, that might last the rest of the month, maybe a little longer (a worry).

Today was food truck day and the clean-me-up nurse’s aide was also scheduled.  Much is due this week, including an unspecified visit from the nursing service tomorrow.  And, of course, the coming switch to Daylight Saving Time will cause some confusion before next Monday.  Word hasn’t come yet from Young Friend (who usually comes early in the month) as to when he might have time to visit, but the organization is expected to send someone not this week but next week for a birthday visit.  The hunt will continue for an emergency contact since nothing has turned up yet to replace Older Friend.  There is also a hunt in the works for a replacement for the nurse’s aide.

Days ahead can easily be fearful.  😦

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Some General Messages

A NOTE FOR THOSE GETTING THIS LITERARY MASTERPIECE BY EMAIL:  as you may have seen, yes, there was a “typographical error” last week.  It wasn’t really a “typo,” it was an editing error.  The thing’s read over a half-dozen times, including after scheduling in a preview, and adjustments are made.  And, it is usually allowed to sit for a while between re-reading as mistakes aren’t as vivid if the same lines are read repeatedly.  The only excuse for errors is:  being tired and bedeviled can make it hard to think precisely.  There’s always a final check after publication.  If there’s a mistake, there are two choices:  let it go or correct it, depending on how bad it is, and the online copy has the correction.

Regarding current events underfoot, there’s no shortage, of course.  The homemaker aide called in sick, which scrapped Wednesday errands and more introduction to the part of the deal that’s housekeeping.  The trash was not taken out until Friday; the nurse’s aide kindly took all that was handy.  The carpet wasn’t swept.  The post office mail wasn’t picked up.  The more interesting aspects of the matter include the fact that given someone to do errands, the food truck fish dinners were skipped in favor of those from the supermarket.  For Friday’s main meal, Lunch Lady came to the rescue by getting carry out enroute to deliveries, so it wasn’t macaroni (it’s Lent and a matter of being defeated).

The big deals here are the hunt for an emergency contact, which Older Friend was, and a newish hunt for assorted help around the place due to things like discharge from medical home health care after the hospital stay of a few months ago.  The nurse’s aide and physical therapy are falling off the calendar.  Even the lady that has been doing the laundry is gone until about Easter visiting family hundreds of miles away.  In brief, nearly everything is upset except (at this point) the food truck.  At least in an earlier time frame the little lone ones club is still alive.  A lot of time (and even too much money) is consumed in telephone calls and email that in the end doesn’t amount to a hill of beans (as is said).

Presumably it’s a something to be alive.  🙂

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Big Changes

Horrible week it was.  Of course there were a couple of nice things.  There have always been a few nice things in a bleak world.  Yesterday was indescribable at this time.  Saturday, the only day to really grab a good moment of rest (nothing pressing to do but sit at a table for 15 minutes in case someone comes by for the club) was bad.  First, in the midst of that moment for rest, nursing service came with a paper that had to be signed because an appeal was called in due to the promised discontinuation of same.  He got me out of bed for it.  Secondly, no one came for any club chat, not even the other instigator. The time for it is now changed.

Today was food truck day.  It was most welcome as easy breakfasts and the ice cream supply were about gone.  The Lunch Lady came Friday with untried meals due to menu changing that knocked out the most used meal.  She’s a very thoughtful lady who not only maintains the good egg supply but recently solved another important concern several times now.  None of it is “her job”; some people out there do want to help others along their way.  Both physical therapy and nurse’s aide also came, and both of those people are not only very good at their jobs, they also want to help others.  Physical therapy even fixed a piece of equipment.

The homemaker came Wednesday for an added hour.  While the errands were done well again, the housekeeping may not go so well.  The assigning agency representative came Thursday for an extended largely confused review interview (at point “x” it appeared endless) as did what might be called a so-called nurse.  And, there’s been enough trouble that Tuesday’s batch of rather unnecessary email is out of mind.  The coming week is going to be loaded with disturbing things and the re-arranging of needed services.  There’s also a good chance there’ll be needed services that won’t be obtained when needed.  And, it snowed Saturday.

Daylight Saving Time looms ahead.  😦

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