Again, Turmoil

The week was such a shambles it’s a miracle that anything at all is getting posted, most of the shambles being a result of the aide service business.  What has been happening (like on Friday) is not what advance notices said would be happening.  And, there’s no reason to use up all the space here going into the intricacies of that, especially since it isn’t too settled.  In addition to that, a real shocker came through from the doctor’s office — next appointment is scheduled to be covered by a nurse practitioner rather than the doctor.  What to do about that remains a question.

Young Friend came by and took care of some money matters.  Some money taken out of the checking account is now back in the checking account.  The Lunch Lady came Friday with a load of food as well as some of her gifts so there’s food, but the food truck due today didn’t come.  The post office box mail (not picked up since September 18) was finally picked up on Friday.  It even had a little money in it.  The weather has been nice.  There’s no problem about anything like the laundry yet, although that’s coming soon, possibly.  Things like toilet paper are present.

There is still some money (which is not straightened out at all) still owed, and it’s hoped that can be taken care of very soon or even the internet access may be lost.  A sad good-by was said to a couple of people, but on a more positive note in the realm of “The Project” and aviation stuff there’s a possible new contact, although the aide service “crap” is not allowing much time for any follow through at the moment.  Nice Jewish Lady has been very helpful again, and Buddhism has also come into the picture, but more about that some other time as that’s at a distance and may stay there.

Fortunately, tomorrow’s another day.  🙂


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