Life Went On….

It’s a good idea to look ahead sometimes, especially if there’s a load of stuff to do that needs some organization.  At the top of that matter is Wednesday as Young Friend is expected to make a sort of half visit amid the scheduled coming of the homemaking/housekeeper.  Plans were afoot to start getting a standing order of an item at the local supermarket.  Had it worked, then Lunch Lady wouldn’t be propping up the place short of a real emergency, but no deal.  Tomorrow nursing service is due for a clean-up, and Tuesdays can’t be used for a break at least at present.  At least the food truck has been around as of today.

The week that was was incredibly consumed in telephone calls that amounted to nothing but talk and notes that amounted to less.  Homemaking/housekeeping went well.  There was even some accomplishment on cleaning the refrigerator — not much, but at least some.  The apartment rent did get paid, so at least there’s still a roof above.  Nice Jewish Lady is still around, but it turns out she can’t help with expected problems this coming week.  The cushion that makes sitting for hours possible developed a hole.  Air escapes.  It was bought years ago, and something’s now needed to avoid a constantly sore bottom.

The nicest discovery in recent days was that Aviation Trial now has a facebook page and given some time it may be possible to have some contact with others.  A newsletter comes by email.  That has been coming for a while but it is just informational.  The picky little annoyance of the week was the light bulb that provided some of the light for the plants burned out.  Putting in a new bulb isn’t impossible, it’s just a lot easier for someone able to get in the space there and reach over the plants.  After some thought, there was a hunt for someone to do it.  The estimate was do that or maybe not get this done on time.

Helplessness is exasperating to the sincere.  😦



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2 responses to “Life Went On….

  1. Michael Bennett

    Hi Carolyn, I read your posts but although I comment rarely I do empathise. Hope you don’t mind me asking but do you not have family or relations nearby?

    • No way in this world was it planned to be this way, but the nearest thing I have to a relative is a cousin 200 miles away in Indiana that I last saw in 1982 at my father’s funeral, and we didn’t visit much then as I was rather busy. (I think she’s still alive.)

      I still have three friends, the nearest being a person who needs to keep oxygen in the house, and she is about 70 miles away. The other two aren’t in very good shape, either, and they’re even farther away.

      For 3-4 years I did have an emergency contact from a local church (Older Friend in the blogs) who did help a great deal and for some I-do-not-begin-to-understand reason he dropped me unceremoniously the Sunday before Christmas. At present I’m just hanging on with absolutely no one around.

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