Just a bit of explanation here….  No mornings are “good.”  And, it seems there’s no way around that.  For one thing, standing takes much, much effort even momentarily, and it’s needed to get from a sitting position on the bed onto the scooter, which includes turning around.  It also take much effort to get into that sitting position.  Mornings immediately start with nearly total exhaustion, and this is the kind of stuff that brings nursing homes to mind.  It’s surprising that making it, still half asleep, through the bathroom to coffee in three hours is managed as often as it is.  There’s no set time for this.  “Awakenings” come at most any time up to about 8:00 a.m.  And, just try to get some people to grasp the notion of “not functioning until about noon.”

The sort of “free day” of Tuesday was upset by a nurse coming mid-morning in a new clean-up service.  (See above re: functioning.)  It is a bit expensive, and it’s probably not going to work out as she has “better” but unspecified ideas.  However, at $25, it is worth a try.  Tomorrow Young Friend is scheduled to come to tend to the rent money orders for May.  The Wednesday housekeeping visit was okay.  Thursday was shot down with another massive clean-up job and a required call to the housekeeping service assigning agency; of course the woman wasn’t available when she said calling was okay.  Friday was disturbed with an appointment for the apartment.  Saturday’s club was better.  Yesterday and today were used for telephone calls and blog postings.

Since there’s no serious emergency contact at present to handle anything, there was a call to the coroner’s office out of which what surfaced was the idea of checking around about funeral homes.  While there should be “enough there” for something, there may also be a need for some kind of prepayment.  And, given the telephone problem, there came the problem of dealing with people upstate in Ohio.  So far, email hasn’t done well and a sick friend got called into the picture, which isn’t good.  The whole matter has been in the background for a long time, but now it’s been activated to add to the array of continuing concerns.  The project is never forgotten and the intent to share valuable links still exists, however, various fundamentals still sit in the pathway.

At times it’s necessary to move rocks.  😦


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