Maybe Big Changes

Well, Nice Jewish Lady to the rescue again on Friday with a trip to the bank for money to pay the man with the food truck today.  And, Lunch Lady to the rescue again with her thoughtful gifts that seriously maintain this existence nowadays, along with her regular delivery.  Life’s inconvenient enough as it is, but when the bank account was checked to get Friday’s cash in hand, it was rather evident some government employee created an over-payment.  A call to their office promised that the over-payment would be deducted a little at a time.  Luckily it didn’t take an hour of waiting until a live person answered and equally luckily the building’s community telephone in the lobby is available for calling.

Homemaking/housekeeper was a half hour late Wednesday, but two hours of work did get put in, including (finally) some work on the horrible bathroom situation.  Another hit and miss clean up took up nearly all of Thursday.  Some personal care from a pay-for-it agency is due to come tomorrow.  Saturday, as usual, had only the club meeting and security check scheduled.  Since yesterday was a special holiday, Young Friend’s group made a fairly quick visit with an Easter basket full of good stuff like candy, fruit juice and a cupcake along with a small useful gift — no boiled eggs in accordance with the firm instruction to not bring any.  The visit was quick as the recipient has been on the sick list.

Stuff like an emergency contact still has to be found, and what looms ahead, possibly, may be a substantial money problem, apart from the “adjustment” mentioned above.  Given the pay-for-it personal care ordered, expected costs for a month (rent, telephone, internet) were estimated for April Saturday evening.  Some things were considered “generously,” but the shortfall was nearly $40 and staple groceries (toilet paper, soap, etc.) were not included in the calculations.  Substantial adjustments in ordinary living are likely just to break even.  There is emergency money in the bank, but that’s there for something like an expensive replacement, such as the currently growling microwave oven.

It’s said it’s darkest before dawn.  😦



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