Some Unexpected Things

A nice Jewish lady upstairs to the rescue….  It’s Lent and at least some of the Christian world has a tradition of fish on Friday.  These days the fish comes in frozen (TV) dinners from the supermarket, sometimes from a carry out kind of restaurant that has them.  As the housekeeping aide was overwhelmed by the weather (or some such thing) this past Wednesday, there was no trip to the store, hence nothing but macaroni and cheese for Friday unless someone in the place would run down to a nearby restaurant.  The Christians were busy with stuff like looking for money, but the nice Jewish lady went to the carry out….  That, of course, was not the only thing upset by the week’s housekeeping non-service.

Mid-week there was a very bad night when it seemed impossible to get warm (no problem with the blanket or the HVAC) which involved a panic kind of shaking.  There was barely four hours in bed before the only thing to do was get up, and it was necessary to change clothes both before and after.  What happened and why is an unknown.  Some rest was caught up on Friday and Saturday while still in sort of a daze — a serious call to 911 may not be far away.  It may not have been anything but nerves as the thought that came was “nervous breakdown” due to useless telephone hours about the screwed up personal care services as well as the missing housekeeping and minor things like the need for a new air bed.

The little meeting went well Saturday, so the little Lone Ones club isn’t quite dead yet.  A new but distant friend has entered the picture, which at this point isn’t in any way organized.  The coming week promises to be a horrible mess with food to put away etc., coming at the end of it in addition to Young Friend’s organization bringing some Easter remembrance goodies, although sometimes the visits are canceled because the recipient isn’t up to any visits from others.  The accounting situation has not improved.  The rent, etc., needs to be paid, hopefully on Thursday.  One nice thing has been that the birthday bouquet of flowers didn’t all die off for almost two weeks, a cheery thing in troubled times.

Ancient Greeks said things change constantly.  🙂


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